23 April 2018

Week #87


well shoot.

hahahah saturday i found out im leaving tarkwa!! i was sooo suprised that i was leaving before elder king, this place has turned into one of the coolest places to serve in this mission, cant believe im leaving it sooo soon, well its been 6 months but it feels soooo sooon! hahah

elder king and i did soooo much this week, in the next few weeks we (not me anymore) are gonna soak some people!! hahaha we went to zions camp on saturday to get me my mind off home! hahah till the day i die ill always say ghana is just beyond beautiful! i love the bush, so peacful, just gives you time to think. gonna miss french man and his wifes food hahah

something ill assign you guys to read as a little homework hehehe is 1st corinthians 9:23-27.

think of race, only the one who crosses the line first gets the prize first right? but paul is trying to teach us something wayyy greater! he uses the wording ''striveth for the mastery'' he teaches us that all men run the race and its not about who gets to heaven first, but its all about self mastery, and become better within ourselves. 

let us run the race inside ourselves to always be pushing ourselves to run faster, work harder, to overcome our temptations and weaknesses. in the end youll be judged not compared to what others did or placed in their race. youll be judged compared to how you were to what you became, did you try? did they become closer towards the savior? did they set goals and plan to improve? it comes down to integrity and the purity of our hearts, are willing to go through the hard, suffering pain of real work to become worthy to enter into his presence? only one way to find out.

paul concludes that we are not looking for a corruptible crown, that is, of this world. we should not be pushing ourselves to be viewed by the worlds eyes as successful or ''did it right''. we are looking for that INcorruptible crown that only the father may place on our heads, by doing the fathers will we may obtain that prize. i love pauls wise words of caution and help. love the new testament soo much!

let us all make personal goals to become better in what ever it may be! i know the lord will bless us.

have a great week! talk to you from my new area!! hahaha

elder jeppson

1.i made it tooooo the wedding just in time. hahahha love lexie, congrats!
2.maame fed us the spine of the palm tree, preety good
3. finished the roofing this week!
4-7. just some families im really gonna miss from tamso branch
8-9. ohhhh how it makes me sad to think im leaving elder king....
10+ I CAN SAY AS OF TODAY I HAVE GOLFED 9 HOLES IN GHANA AFRICA!! man it was a blast and yes we lost ALL of the balls they gave us to use, little rusty hahah still killed brown and harris though hahah

16 April 2018

Week #86

been a long time...

Edmond was baptised!! what a great experience that was to be apart of such a faith devoted son of god to see him converted into the church of god. soooo proud of him and cant wait till he recieves the priesthood next 2 weeks.

this week was full of sooo many meetings! zone conference, exchanges with the APS, baptsim, first session of district conference, and then sunday drove back to tadi for the general session of tarkwa district conference!! soooo cool to see 250+ people come from just 4 small brances and 1 group, let the growth grow into a stake of Zion!!

all i have to say about this week is elder jeppson trying to understand the principle of sacrifice. that was the topic of almost all our meetings this week, ohhh how sad i am to miss my elder sisters wedding this saturday, ohh how much i would love to sit in that sealing room and watch lexie be sealed for time and all eternity, ohhh how id love to give her husband a big ole hug, ohhhh how much ohhhhh how much i would love to even smell some of the food that will be prepared this week, but why cant i?

ive learned this week, im not supposed to be in the meridian idaho temple this weekend, im meant to be in ghana continuing to do the lords work, to Sacrifice this small thing so that one day others can see the importance of the restoration of Jesus Christ church. to sacrifice this is nothing compared to what my forefathers sacrificed to join this church, to cross the plains to come to zion, sacrifice really isnt a sacrifice afterall, the things im learning about my self because of this experience will be a for ever memorable experience.

LEXIE GOOD LUCK AND CONGRATS! soooo proud of you and trace (who ever that is) hahah jk enjoy the party, send me lots of pics, just know the spirit of elder jeppson will be wrapped around you full of tears for you did it!

thanks for all the prayers you send my way, i hope i can send more back!! have a good week! love you all

elder jeppson

1-2. took a small trip out to Zions camp to teach french mans grandson joseph hahah

3-4. combined zone conference in TADI sooo good to see my boys
5-6. down by the tracks heheheh
7.edmond was baptised!!! sooo proud of that big man!
8. pretty cool right??? hahahahh wish it was mine
9. someday ask me to tell you this mans conversion story.... change your world i tell you. :)
10. the powerful tarkwa district
11. throwup or breakfast??? you tell me hahahah

09 April 2018

Week #85

uhhhh yea another week

soooo i kind of forgot everything i did this week. all i remember is going to cape for MLC and seeing elder nelson with his long hair made my whole week hahah love that guy.

we finally had ward council!! first time since ive been here. meetings are soo soo important in the church, when they dont happen, the work is frustrated and it becomes the missionaries and the members. when in fact we are a team and should be one!! so it was great to work with branch this week to get some WORK GRINDING!!! 

The apostle paul, when teaching the people in greece at Athens, says something that really struck me, "for as i passed by and beheld your devotions, i found an altar with this inscription, TO THE UNKNOWN GOD. whom therefore ye ignorantly worship, him declare i unto you." acts 17:23

the athenains had soooo many god soo many that they mad an alter to a god that incase they forgot a god they would just say that he was part of the unknown god. paul reconized that these people were very religious or "careful in divine things" but they had been led to not know the one and only true living god. that is the one paul wish to speak of. to teach them the simplicity of worshiping the true god. 

let us not be distracted by things of the world or anything that might cause us to forget our father in heaven, for he is nott unknown to those who seek him. for he is waiting for us to reach out to come and know him and his son. remember that god has sent sooo many people before us so that no matter where we are in our lives he is there, weather it be a poster about jesus healing church or a Jehovah witness knocking on your door. all are alike unto god and all things point to him, the Father of All, so listen.

if you need me ill be here lol

elder jeppson

yea for the first time on my mission i didnt take any pics lol sorry <3

03 April 2018

Week #84

my last conference in ghana

dear family and friends,

god speed the right, what a blessing it is to continue to see the restoration of the gospel come to life, we are led by men not called by themselves but have been chose and anointed by the lord to lead and guide his church in these last days, how blessed we are to see the truth unfold.

few things i like from conference.

casualness leads to causalities - we cant just chill and lean back and do nothing, that we lead us to make mistakes, be active STAY active.

make a 1000 mistakes before you make one right choice- i dont have an acurate count of all the mistakes ive made but its alot, but as me and you repent we can eventually make 1 right choice, which leads to another and then another, the path back to him

god will not force us into his life, we must go to him and allow him into our lives- lots of talks of how we can receive the holy ghost and how we can learn to obey its gently yet soul piercing  voice, takes time and me personally im really really trying to get this one down, but man its not easy. small small well learn as we humble our selves and allow ourselves to be worth to receive guidance by our father in heaven 

conference was awesome!! hope you all listened if not, get to work!! read read read!! hahah love you all have a good one!

elder jeppson

1. on exchange with elder ball and hes in the bush so he offerd to pay for my lunch if we could go get a pizza.... you already know i was down.....hahah
2-3. king wore some slippers to proselyte on monday hahaha
4. Saturday morning session... lol try doing the solemn assembly in a hot cafe in the middle of tarkwa hahah people looking at us like were mad as we sustain the computer screen hahah good stuff
5. dont worry i shaved it. but DANG
6. even me i cant believe we found this gem....... a real golf course!! cant wait to play in a few weeks!

27 March 2018

Week #83

the ants go marching 2 by 2 hurrah, hurrah

I walked in the sun

made some really good tuna spaghetti 

had a strange convo with a pastor who says we dont need to repent

took a narly fall and smashed my ear on this bridge, got home and my leg was bleeding. good memories not to be forgotten

had a full out Muslim investigator come to church again

went to axim for baptismal interviews

i still love you all 

sorry my emails havent been the funnest lately lol

god bless

elder jeppson

1-4. went back to zions camp with the district!! soo much fun! lol

19 March 2018

Week #82

elder jeppson

well i just want each of you to know that i love you! have a great week! all is well in Zion! working with a few people, hopefully in the next few weeks we can see a baptism. love ya!

elder jeppson

1.said goodbye to elder singer this week
2. new shoes lol 

12 March 2018

Week #81

busy, Busy, and more BUSY

i didnt even get a full day in the area this week! the way i missed the area, but hey when you are called to do something you gotta do it! hahah elder king and i went to MLC in cape coast this week, and then had our exchange with the assistants, great to be with my TC elder smith, guy is a legend hahaha then we went ALLLLL the way to the farthest part of the mission, nkroful to do some baptismal interviews! we got back late friday night and the next day was missionary saturday so the members came and we did a bunch of splits with them and they proselyted with us, showing us less actives, friends, and fellow shipping our investigators!! such a great time, my first split on mission! we had a branch party at the end it was a fun time! 

the way this week flew, busy missionaries, i swear the time goes tooo fast! hahahha welll king and i got the news we are staying another transfer together so we are super excited! love this man and his devoted example to me, most mornings i wake up and hes already at his desk studding hahah im just trying to keep up!

well all i will say is push on. life can be soooo full of challenges, we might feel that we are too busy for the little things, i ask each of us that when we find our selves beyond busy and stressed beyond anything to STOP. think of the savior and just kneel down and offer a pray of peace and gradditude. it sounds simple but i promise each of you that do this that their will be an overwhelming peace and joy come upon you that your life will seem to glow because the spirit is now with you and hes their to help you and your busy life. try it.

thank you for all your prayers, elder jeppson couldnt be happier!!!

elder jeppson

1. MLC, love the inspiring council i get to be with once a month
2-3. elder smith and i on exchange in cape (beatiful cape sunset)
4. off to baptismal interview!!
5. bro amposah and i on splits!
6. i call this a funny, stupid hahhah better angel moroni then some naked person hah
7. cleaning the baptismal faunt late at night lol