15 January 2018

Week #73

The Prophet of MY Youth

Just a fantastic week,  and honestly i kind of forgot what happened..... YES we did travel again but this time it was just for zone conference in Takoradi so that wasnt too bad. the conference was combined with 2 other zones so all of western region, it was great to see soo old friends but ill be honest i really knew no one at the conference.... about 70 percent is under 6 months old so there are just soo many new faces that have come in the last 6 months. The Ghana Cape Coast Mission is changing and moving forward and i am just soo grateful to be apart of it. the conference was all about our teaching skills. honestly i dont know much about levels of teachers and stuff but i do know that elder jeppson has gone from not even knowing how to start a lesson or instruction to something i love and look forward to everyday. teaching is fun!  so the conference was great to continue to become the perfect teacher like our savior jesus christ.

speaking of great teachers lets talk about our 16th prophet of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, what a man, gets me even emotional just thinking about how much that man did for this world, he gave it all for his savior and the people that he loved so much. we were fortunate to actually watch the funeral via satellite so it was awesome to hear from the first presidents on there unconditional love for such a great man.

i was thinking about what is the biggest thing president monson did that really effected me?? now i could obviously say that hes talks and stories of the army are what made me love him but i think the biggest thing president monson did that affect my life was to be the one to receive the revelation to change the mission age to 18 instead of 19. i remember being so young when we were watching general conference and the prophet stood up and gave that announcement, my dad said, "Peyton your like 4 years away!!! thats sooo close?!?!?" i remember thinking are you crazy dad, im like 14..... thats SOOO far away... Dads are too wise  and little did i know how fast the time would come and instead of schooling and then leaving on a mission, i got to receive my mission call still in HIGH SCHOOL! a cherished memory i can never forget!

to think that if i had to wait a year (me being super young) at this time now i would only be on mission about 5 months..........AHAHHA you get the picture. how grateful to know that this church is lead by living prophets who personally know the savior and heed to his counsels and words. even though a prophet is nearly just a mouth piece for the Lord, they become some of the greatest giants among men. i will miss president monson but no one has the right to even ask for another Day for that man to serve, he Gave his whole life to this church! i love him and am eternally grateful for his love he has shown me through his words and the inspired leaders he has chosen. God be with us all till we meet him again.

i love you all once again.

elder jeppson

1. takoradi (nicest chapel in ghana) after zone conference, love all these servants of god
2. Sister sandra got her mission call to Benin!! shes sooo stoked! shadrack(last weeks opening) and sandra will be the first elder and sister to serve out of the Brenuakyium branch!! so excited for the both of them!
3.went on excange with wendel and classically before you start a lesson about 230920948 kids come and sit around you till the mothers kick them out lol
4-5..............................well you see i wasnt a fan of my hair cut so i wanted to trying something new HAHAHHAHAHAH man (give me 2 years and youll see that hair in blonde) hehehehehe

08 January 2018

Week #72

more traveling

so the "cars" we use to get around ghana are called, Tro Tro's, the best way to describe them is a boiling hot tin can with a lot of duck tape to hold them together, there average money making speed is like 125 kph, moving on some of the crappiest roads in the world. not only do they take more then one passenger but on occasion you find one can take actually almost 20 people in a small van. the reason im telling you this cause i had to go to travel to cape coast AGAIN, this time  for MLC, so it included a nice 23 cedi tro ride for 5 hours there and 5 hours back, lets just say my legs lost feeling after the first 20 minutes and my butt was sore for a few days after, again you just gotta love ghana! hahahah sooo blessed to serve in such a wonderful country!

elder piutau and i met this exceptional young man on the road side named desmond, he is 13 years old, he asked us to come to his house, we said SWEET! hahah we start a lesson with him and we asked if he had read the pamphlet of the restoration before, hes like YES, joseph smith and the book of mormon are inspired from God. we were like what the heck this kid is SOOO prepared for this gospel! well as the lesson went on we found out that hes actually a member and has been coming to church every sunday for the past year............ yea i felt a little embarrased we didnt even know our own member hahah but we just continued to have lesson with him.

even after we walked away from his house we just laughed on how funny that was, we thought we had found the ONE. HAHAH but thats why god is tricky and i think he has a good sense of humor, the coolest part about this story is that the next day at church guess who walked in the chaple door? you guessed it, desmonds' mother and Aunt!!

i didnt really notice them when we were teaching desmond the day before, they were pounding the usual FuFu so we had our lesson, greeted them and left. After church they told our relief society president they loved the church and they will be coming to church from now on... like i said god works in funny ways, we had a good laugh cause we taught desmond thinking hes just a golden egg ready to hatch hahahah and now we get to teach a mom of part member family with a 13 year old aaronic priesthood holder. Missionary work is just toooo goood. 

excited to see what else god has in store for us this week. Couldnt be happier brothers and sisters.

love you all, thanks for everything!

elder jeppson

1. shadrak got his mission call!! Nigeria!! sooo proud of that guy!
2. hahahah welll lets just say i got a hair cut cause i really really needed one, hahah guess youll just have to wait to see the result of the butcher hahahahh (MTC DAYS)

03 January 2018

Week #71

The Love and Appreciation of 2017

HAPPY NEW YEAR! can you believe its 2018!!? in 2017 i spent 5 months in assin fosu, 6 month in nkanfoa, and 1 months in Tarkwa. whats crazy is just how fast all of that went!! all of those hundreds and hundreds of hours spent under this ghanian sun telling people about the greatest gift you could ever want. I am so grateful for 2017!

the lessons i have learned, the experiences i have had in this last year, a single email home each week to say the things ive learned is SOOO little on all the wonderful things im learning. I LOVE MY MISSION. its has been by far the greatest decision in my whole life to come and serve. and lucky for me i got to serve in the greatest area in the world! HAHAH

all the companions, all the members, all people ive met was for a reason. i wont know the full effects of my work but it doesnt matter cause its not about the numbers of what I did or what WE did. its all about the journey and the depth of your testimony of the savior jesus christ!

i was just informed a member i knew back in fosu that left on mission to nigeria when i was serving in fosu. the day after christmas, died in his sleep. as sad as that is to have a close friend of mine to die while serving his mission. i get great comfort knowing that his missionary work hasnt stopped. he is now on the other side of the veil continuing to help the gathering of isreal. Im gonna miss Maxwell and all of fosu will too but he did what he was asked and god has a greater purpose for him.

Once again thanks for all the support all you that read this email every week. i feel your presence through your prayers, YOU are the reason this work can be done, through your prayers, god inspires men to look for the truth, a truth that will set them free. Thank You.

love you all!

elder jeppson

1.new years parade
2. YSA activity
3. just cheesin
5. for 1 year i have crossed out day after day this calender my sister sent me. cant believe its all done!!
6. FIREWORKSSSSS !  hahaha
7. just a cat we thought about eating
8. our branch president and his wife dancing at the new years party hahahaha

9. added a picture of the article in the church news about Peyton's friend

25 December 2017

Week #70

And His name shall be Wonderful

Merry Christmas! I hope all is going well all across the world on this special day! cant believe today is actually christmas.... Feels like we just had christmas! hahaha yesterday it snowed about 3 feet of fresh pow, so me and the boys this morning had to go out and shove..... JUST KIDDING!! but the dang Sahara desert is killing tarkwa with its dust! so some how we had a sandy christmas and it was not white but like a brown orange?? ahhahah ghana is special so we get cool christmass! hahahahah 

well as i think about what i can share about the savior on his "birthday" (thats another discussion) i would like to share about what i know about the single most important moment in the history of mankind, that is His Atonement and what it has done for me. 

something got my mind running a few weeks ago when i hear a comment during institute, now most people and even missionaries teach that the atonement of jesus christ started with his suffering in Gethsemane and ended with Resurrection on the third day, which is absolutely TRUE! but i dont think our savior would ever go through such pain and agony with out a reason why and even how as WE humans would benefit from his priceless sacrifice.

i believe that the words and teachings of Christ are Part of our Savior Jesus Christ Atonement. His words are the treasure map to access his atonement, he has given us common men to use his sacrifice in our lives so that we too may also eternal life. yes the sealing of the atonement is his death. but christ words, teachings, stories, parables, are the way that we can use it. 

ive learned to cherish the words of christ. we on this earth have soooo little of all of the words that christ spoke BUT we do for sure have enough! the atonement is REAL! but it only works if we study for ourselves and find how to access such a gift from our God. i love the christmas season, even though in ghana i dont feel like its acutally christmas hahahha its still fun to celebrate and remember such a miracle our christ was to us. 

I LOVE YOU ALL. i am so grateful for my family! as i just talked to them i know that they are in gods hands and they are my backbone, without them i am nothing and i am grateful of the knowledge of eternal family. Let us all share our knowledge of our savior even after christmas has come and gone, i mean who wouldnt want christmas 365 days a year!!!?? hahahaha

much love as always

elder jeppson

1.president bought piutau and i some FUFU soooo nice!! hahaha
2.Trainers follow up in Cape Coast!
3. well.........this is traffic in ghana... no one is moving btw for about 10 minutes, like a bad jigsaw puzzle gone wrong. hahahah 7 hour tro to tarkwa............yummy
4. me trying to get festive hahah
5. baptisms on xmas eve!! soooo perfect!
6. HAHAHAHAHAH carols night was soooo funny! fat ghana momis singing christmas songs in fante is just tooooo good
7.SLAYER!! hahaha just boys playing a nice nerf war on christmas morning
8. made some breakfast burritos for xmas breakfast!! 

18 December 2017

Week #69

well hahahhah idk actually

honestly this week was just too fast or somehow sooo long im just getting more confused as I sit here and think about it hahahah

nevertheless, I think elder piutau and I had a good week. I finished up my exchanges with the district and we said good bye to elder bills..... man that guys is a legend! (he'll be in eagle on jan 18) hahahah

really got nothing much to say. xmas season is not an easy time in Ghana to get new people to come to church cause bro............. THE PARTIES THESE CHURCHES THROW........... but we are doing our best to help people know the truth and join us for another great sacrament meeting on xmas eve instead of a free concert for like 4 hours. HAHAHA

ill write a better email next week but I just want everyone to know that Ghana has started its hammatahn and guys.................. if the sun keeps it up im gonna have to bye some new shirts from having to wash the BLACKNESS off my collars.......... those things are getting sooo weak and are hangin on by like a thread! hahahh mission is sooo fun. those little experiences are just priceless!

alright!! till next time, enjoy a wonderful Christmas holiday. nothing beats this time of the year.

love you all!!

elder jeppson

1. ohhh the stuggle of a camera man is also in Ghana! hahah
2. piutau chllin while im in my favorite room regretting my lunch, breakfast, snack, ect hahahah

11 December 2017

Week #68

growth and change

last monday we got on a tro and took a good 2 hour ride to TADI! hahahh we spent the night in the senior couples house. we watched the Christmas devotional with a side of popcorn!! the music finnally made me feel like its actually christmas time hahahha and the best BEST part of the night. GOT TO SLEEP IN AC!!  man the way we cranked that thing on cold!! all of us somehow got sick and it was soooooo cold it was unbearable!! felt bad for elder massaquoi (from Sierra Leon) coughed the WHOLE night! hahahha but we had to enjoy the AC while we had it!! hahahahah oh we are soooo dumb sometimes! lol the next day we went on another tro (2 more hours) to CAPE for the xmas devo for tarkwa zone!! it was soooo great! love our zone and inspired mission president! drove all the way home 6 hours in a tiny car on ghana roads............. YEEEEEEEAAAAH BAABBBBBBBBBY, we died

the highlight of the week was i got to go on exchange with elder Bills!! been almost a year since we went on our last exchange wayyy back in assin fosu! soooo cool how much we both have grown in the gospel and our way of teaching in just 1 year!! im sad to see elder bills go home this Wednesday, especially cause he'll be in Eagle in january!! but i truly have seen a powerful man finish his mission strong and complete submerse himself in the work of the lord. i am striving to be like him and finish strong!! BUT MAN the way that guy can speak the Fante! makes me look like a kid! soooo cool! wish him all the best and his someday future wife! ahahahhaha

funny story had like fufu like 2 or 3 times this week given to us by members, but one of them was a massive fufu dinner with palmnut soup, now for the 4 of us it was relatively small, but the MEAT!! it was tooo much!!! like 6 fishes (2 different types) cow skin, they call it goat fish but i think it was just goat, and then cow knee...... yes COW KNEE's!! hahaha the funny thing is all of the meat is preety good, (cow skin makes me gag small but its normal lol) but the cow knees are absolutely DISGUSTING!! and none of us could eat the 2 big ones he gave us so we do what all missionaries do when they cant eat it........ find a place to hide it! hahahah

i guzled my water sashay down and then we stuffed it into the bag and asked our brother for more fufu, he was stoked and went to the kitchen and got us more. while he was in the kitchen i ran out the door and chucked that sashay with the knees in it SOOOO FAR!! i swear it had to be like 50 yards!! hahahah quickly came back and sat down for MORE FUFU!! hahaha man the way i was full but it was sooooo funny!!!

gotta love these people! they truly are the happiest people in the world! 

love you all

elder jeppson

1-2 us at the xmas devotional in CAPE!! enjoyin the spirit of our leaders and even got to watch the polar express!!! 
3.  the legend bills and i! 
4. ohhhh elder piutau. chilin in primary room cause for some reason they are the only class in our whole church that has AC.......... i know im confused my self why they get it.... hahahahha

04 December 2017

Week #67


I went on a couple of exchanges with some of my district members this week and i thought id be somehow teaching them but man the way they taught me different ways of teaching styles and examples i love it! and to add to that elder piutau and i were able to get 9 NEW invetagators this week........ SOOO much we hope we can meet with all of them this week haha the work is moving and so is time... kind of weird how that works.

one of these brand new investagators taught me something and made me look at the role of the holy ghost a little different. this man that we met and taught was named Joanna, 35 year old man that lives, works, sleeps, and eats inside this little 2nd hand clothing shop thats part of the old train station here in tarkwa

what ive come to realize that everyone knows a part of the truth of the everlasting gospel and even if its not 100 percent correct they know there God in a small small way. everyone comes from some church, hears some man preaching on the streets, or a radio broadcast, ect. and off what they hear becomes part of there view or opinion of who god really is.

as we asked joanna about who God is and eventually we asked, "Joanna to you who is the Holy spirit??" he paused for a moment i assume to collect his words into english, he humbly replies, " the holy spirit is the one who remembered all the words that jesus christ said when he was on the earth and when we need answers or help the holy spirit will tell us what to do and remind us of those words jesus said when he walked this earth. "

i was in amazement and awe, never in my life i have thought of the holy ghost like that and its soooo true what brother joanna has said. that holy spirit was THERE with christ as he spoke to the disiples. he remembers EVERTHING christ spoke and when we asked the father questions he grants the spirit to give us a small portion of Chirsts words and for all we know that simple answer could change the way we are and how we act. so grateful for Joannas words, i love how i learn when im teaching. it makes teaching sooo much more enjoyable! hahaha

also got the opportunity to conduct 3 baptismal interview this week for my first time ever! what a treat that was. one of them a 10 year old Innocent little boy made me tear up and get very emotional, as i asked him about the law of chastity he told me how he as a small little boy was gonna live that commandent that god gave him. his answers were sooo sincere and real, he talked about having happy thoughts and remebering that hes gonna have a family one day and he needs to prepare for it.

God speaks even to the smallest among all his children. so glad i get to witness his work and his glory as he teaches his children how they can return to his presence, lives are changes and the knowledge of His light becomes sooo real its impossible to hide.

God bless you all! have a great, loving, grateful week. some are in the dark, while you are in the light, offer a hand and help and bring someone into the fold of christ.


elder jeppson

1-2. sister phylis, one of our most progressing investagators, shes sooo sweet and loves the temples!