19 February 2018

Week #78

"repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand!"

Brothers and Sisters, like all the missionary emails you read, the work is divine and people all around the world are changing and following the example of jesus christ. i love it!

for the second time on mission i have completed reading Jesus The Christ. i have a firm testimony that it is not just a book but actually scripture sent from god. the book the second time through was sooo much better and easier to follow along. over the past 3 months of reading it ive been trying to seek this jesus, i still dont know him enough but if i hadnt read that book i would never EVER be as close to him. the knowledge i now have of his life on and off the earth, is one of my most greatest possessions, i invite all to read it, dont get scared by the number of pages or the english in the first 50 pages, THAT BOOK IS AWESOME!

something that i would love to share from my reading is in the very last chapter of the book.  elder talmage explains the difference between the Kingdom of God, and the Kingdom of Heaven. something that i always thought was the same thing. he taught that the kingdom of god is actually the church of jesus christ upon the earth. and the kingdom of heaven is what we are preparing to receive if we do all that god asks, the celestial kingdom.

in the 65th section of the doctrine and covenants, verse 2 states "the keys of the kingdom of god are committed unto man on the earth, and from thence shall the gospel roll forth unto the ends of the earth..." we know those keys are the priesthood, the priesthood allows men to act in gods name and perform the ordinance which god himself commanded us to do. the priesthood is what governs the church of christ, whether is a calling or the sealing of a man and a woman, the same keys are used for the work of salvation.

in verse 6 of the same chapter it continues, "wherefore may the kingdom of god go forth, that the kingdom of heaven may come, that thou o god, mayest be glorified in heaven so on earth..." we are preparing for the kingdom of god, during the millennium christ will complete the work of the kingdom of god on the earth but we are asked to move the work forward as fast as we can, to hasten and act, for the kingdom of heaven is coming, sooner then we know... and if we and our friends are not ready we will have missed the opportunity to be apart of the kingdom of heaven! so what must we do? Repent! and help the kingdom of god spread to ALL the ends of the earth! we can do it brothers and sisters, we can have gods kingdom grow to cover the whole world but it takes one small effort at a time.

 i just did the math and elder vincent, the africa west president has formed 62 STAKES in west africa in just 5 years.......... in the next few month three more stakes will be made, to have the number of stakes in west africa, 100! LETS GO TO WORK AND MAKE IT 200! so awesome!

sooo grateful for this book and i will continue to read it all throughout my life. thank you all for your prayers, but make sure you also dont just pray for the missionaries around the world, but pray for yourself to have the same experiences of missionary work in YOUR life. love you all!

elder jeppson

1-2.driving some boncu for like 40 minutes.....i dont know how the mas do it here, youll find a like 45 year old ma driving boncu all by themsleves hahahah love these strong people. some random mome called us to eat some fufu, you know we were down. hahaha
3-8. we have a member that everyone litterly calls him "french man" anyways he used to do illegal mining back in the day and so hes pretty rich hahaha so we went and did a little service at his fish hatcheries, thousands and thousands of talapia! we just enjoyed sooo much at that place! love french man! hahahaha
9.tupola bought a grill so we just enjoyin

12 February 2018

Week #77


elder king and i went back to cape coast for Missionary Leadership Council on wednesday!! well the tro ride sucked as usual but the meeting made it all so worth it. as i sat in the meeting i thought to myself what organization, or church in the world has their representatives in a certain part of the world, meet together once a month to discuss the needs of the mission and how we can be more effective teachers...... KIND OF CRAZY! all this work just to help people find and know a single message is true, its just shows me how serious this work really is and how blessed i am to be in the middle of it.

ive notice that my sweating habits in the last 2 weeks have gone out of control the moment i get out of the shower i sweating drop after drop off my nose hahah and i dont stop sweating till either we find a AC lesson in some nice house or that night when i take another shower hahahah idk what is wrong with me ive never sweated this much in my life!! friday night their was a high voltage and all the power in the area went out....... slept a good 15 minutes that night. looked at my bed and just a nice big sweatstain of my body on my bed hahahahhahahahhhah whats cool is that even though i had -2398723% energy to do the work, my companion and i had 5 solid lessons that day and i wasnt even that tired. God really does help us through this even the impossible, two, 10 hour days in the hot sun with only 15 minutes of sleep in over 40 hours. impossible with out god on our side!

that night i found out it was my companions 23rd birthday!! what a lucky guy i am to serve with such a devoted companion, with everything that had happened he could of made up excuses to take a nap all day and get some sleep back, he had a good reason. but even on his birthday, he wanted to serve the lord. i love elder king and his example to me. 

this week im gonna finish Jesus the Christ. im JACKED! hahahah love ya

elder jeppson

1-3- MLC, and my TCs
4. sweating 
5-6. elder king is 23! hahahah 
7.traditional sunday night dinner but this time........... elder tupola bought cheese......... YES CHEESE!!! sooo dang good

05 February 2018

Week #76

repeating history again. hahah

for those who read my emails just dont laugh to hard when you hear that for the second time in my mission.............. im moving down the street to my "new" area!! HAHAHAHAAHAHAH for not even 50 cents i can take a taxi to my new area. their are 2 branches in tarkwa, brenu-aykium and tamso. ELDER JEPPSON IS NOW IS TAMSO!! hahahahh and on top of that im now a ZL for the tarkwa zone, which includes 4 more cities..... 

but wanna hear the best part??? my new comp, is elder King! the man that replaced me in assin fosu!! he acts and dresses just like elder adu-gyamfi, my companion in assin fosu and we served in that area for almost the same amount of time!! MY LIFE IS BEING REPEATED ALL OVER AGAIN! hahaha

so yea thats how my life is rn.... im excited to work with elder king and im glad im in tarkwa a lot longer now but ill be honest the area is rough..... hahahah so tamso is like the rich area, (yes this is a mining town so these people actually have real money and nice as heck houses) so preety much saturday i walked like 10 miles, sweated proboly half a gallon a water, and saw 1 person. so elder king and i are gonna work out buts off to get this area pumpin, and get people out of ther massive airconditioned housed so we can teach them the greatest message of all time!!!!! hahahah

sometimes, i feel that god wants to see how commited we really are, i might be in tarkwa almost a year.... its not gonna be easy but i know i alone can ot finish strong but with the savior im gonna give it all i got till that last lesson somtime in august. " its not about me its about them" what i think ill be saying to myself the next few months, its for the people of ghana. its for the children of god.

my prayers to you all! thank you so much for all the support!

elder jeppson

1.king and i
2.call me if you need some bamboo lol
3.met gifty, she was making some local brooms made out of palm tree leaves, so we sat and helped her out
4. its restoration (get money) so we went and got a nice burger hahahaha

29 January 2018

Week #75

"its not the mission president, its the lord"

we had such a great week! have 5 new investigators, and Litis this homie with this big ole Afro came to church again so we are excited to see him progress towards his baptismal date. 

president called me on friday night to say i was going on transfer, and he told me he saw my email and knew i wanted to stay and be in the area for at least 1 more transfer, but he said, "its not me, its the lord elder jeppson". ayyye its not easy. so im excited to see where i go, but man the way it was hard to say good bye to the members yesterday. 

thats missionary work for ya, right as things are doing great and life is good, they send you to go do the same thing in another area hahahah this is the lords work, and i love it.

elder jeppson

22 January 2018

Week #74

;) a quick one

well i love you all, we put in some work this week, contacted sooo many people and were excited to see what happens this week! went on a exchange with an elder that replaced me in fosu. named elder King, from seire leion, we always tease eachother cause in the mission im known as the KING OF FOSU, cause i was there for soooo dang long but since he replaced me when i left i tell him that the true king came to fosu! hahah love that man.

well all i can say this week that was a big highlight was i got to wash my branch presidents 2016 Ford Edge, and honestly it was the greatest time of my life. i miss washing cars, call me weird, i do not care, washing cars is AWESOME! hahahah and i also went golfing for the first time in almost a year and half today..... YEA BOIIII STILL GOT THAT TIGER WOODS IN ME. hahahahah jk it was rusty and i know imma be sore tomorrow but man i enjoyed sooo much. 

transfer news this week.... oh i better stay. haah h

sorry its a short one. love ya

elder jeppson

15 January 2018

Week #73

The Prophet of MY Youth

Just a fantastic week,  and honestly i kind of forgot what happened..... YES we did travel again but this time it was just for zone conference in Takoradi so that wasnt too bad. the conference was combined with 2 other zones so all of western region, it was great to see soo old friends but ill be honest i really knew no one at the conference.... about 70 percent is under 6 months old so there are just soo many new faces that have come in the last 6 months. The Ghana Cape Coast Mission is changing and moving forward and i am just soo grateful to be apart of it. the conference was all about our teaching skills. honestly i dont know much about levels of teachers and stuff but i do know that elder jeppson has gone from not even knowing how to start a lesson or instruction to something i love and look forward to everyday. teaching is fun!  so the conference was great to continue to become the perfect teacher like our savior jesus christ.

speaking of great teachers lets talk about our 16th prophet of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, what a man, gets me even emotional just thinking about how much that man did for this world, he gave it all for his savior and the people that he loved so much. we were fortunate to actually watch the funeral via satellite so it was awesome to hear from the first presidents on there unconditional love for such a great man.

i was thinking about what is the biggest thing president monson did that really effected me?? now i could obviously say that hes talks and stories of the army are what made me love him but i think the biggest thing president monson did that affect my life was to be the one to receive the revelation to change the mission age to 18 instead of 19. i remember being so young when we were watching general conference and the prophet stood up and gave that announcement, my dad said, "Peyton your like 4 years away!!! thats sooo close?!?!?" i remember thinking are you crazy dad, im like 14..... thats SOOO far away... Dads are too wise  and little did i know how fast the time would come and instead of schooling and then leaving on a mission, i got to receive my mission call still in HIGH SCHOOL! a cherished memory i can never forget!

to think that if i had to wait a year (me being super young) at this time now i would only be on mission about 5 months..........AHAHHA you get the picture. how grateful to know that this church is lead by living prophets who personally know the savior and heed to his counsels and words. even though a prophet is nearly just a mouth piece for the Lord, they become some of the greatest giants among men. i will miss president monson but no one has the right to even ask for another Day for that man to serve, he Gave his whole life to this church! i love him and am eternally grateful for his love he has shown me through his words and the inspired leaders he has chosen. God be with us all till we meet him again.

i love you all once again.

elder jeppson

1. takoradi (nicest chapel in ghana) after zone conference, love all these servants of god
2. Sister sandra got her mission call to Benin!! shes sooo stoked! shadrack(last weeks opening) and sandra will be the first elder and sister to serve out of the Brenuakyium branch!! so excited for the both of them!
3.went on excange with wendel and classically before you start a lesson about 230920948 kids come and sit around you till the mothers kick them out lol
4-5..............................well you see i wasnt a fan of my hair cut so i wanted to trying something new HAHAHHAHAHAH man (give me 2 years and youll see that hair in blonde) hehehehehe

08 January 2018

Week #72

more traveling

so the "cars" we use to get around ghana are called, Tro Tro's, the best way to describe them is a boiling hot tin can with a lot of duck tape to hold them together, there average money making speed is like 125 kph, moving on some of the crappiest roads in the world. not only do they take more then one passenger but on occasion you find one can take actually almost 20 people in a small van. the reason im telling you this cause i had to go to travel to cape coast AGAIN, this time  for MLC, so it included a nice 23 cedi tro ride for 5 hours there and 5 hours back, lets just say my legs lost feeling after the first 20 minutes and my butt was sore for a few days after, again you just gotta love ghana! hahahah sooo blessed to serve in such a wonderful country!

elder piutau and i met this exceptional young man on the road side named desmond, he is 13 years old, he asked us to come to his house, we said SWEET! hahah we start a lesson with him and we asked if he had read the pamphlet of the restoration before, hes like YES, joseph smith and the book of mormon are inspired from God. we were like what the heck this kid is SOOO prepared for this gospel! well as the lesson went on we found out that hes actually a member and has been coming to church every sunday for the past year............ yea i felt a little embarrased we didnt even know our own member hahah but we just continued to have lesson with him.

even after we walked away from his house we just laughed on how funny that was, we thought we had found the ONE. HAHAH but thats why god is tricky and i think he has a good sense of humor, the coolest part about this story is that the next day at church guess who walked in the chaple door? you guessed it, desmonds' mother and Aunt!!

i didnt really notice them when we were teaching desmond the day before, they were pounding the usual FuFu so we had our lesson, greeted them and left. After church they told our relief society president they loved the church and they will be coming to church from now on... like i said god works in funny ways, we had a good laugh cause we taught desmond thinking hes just a golden egg ready to hatch hahahah and now we get to teach a mom of part member family with a 13 year old aaronic priesthood holder. Missionary work is just toooo goood. 

excited to see what else god has in store for us this week. Couldnt be happier brothers and sisters.

love you all, thanks for everything!

elder jeppson

1. shadrak got his mission call!! Nigeria!! sooo proud of that guy!
2. hahahah welll lets just say i got a hair cut cause i really really needed one, hahah guess youll just have to wait to see the result of the butcher hahahahh (MTC DAYS)