18 June 2018

Week #95


as mormon stated to his son moroni, "i know that it is a solemn mockery before god, that ye should baptise little children..."

okay so lets say, we were told hes 10 by his mom who is a member and wanted him baptized... later found out hes 8 so we said hes a child of record bishop can interview him and we can baptize him with out canadite brother bernasko.. so after such a great wonderful service we chop niiiiiiiiccce FM, we get a call..... the kid is 7 and turns 8 in august not 9..... OHHHH MY GOSH! the wayyy me and my comp were dying, we felt sooo bad! i literately baptized a kid!! hahaha looks like were gonna have to wait till august and do the baptism again for brother benjamin! (got a nice pic ill send of him) lol

nevertheless.... this week was BOKO!

went for my finishers wanted, crazy the last time the provo 9 will be together in ghana. our group set some pretty crazy goals we are hoping to accomplish in 10 weeks. for the 17 of us going home in august we want to have 91 baptisms as a group.... gonna be hard. but i know my TC group can do. those guys are my brothers. love them sooo much and am forever grateful for there influence on my for the past 2 years. PROVO 9.

question from pres: what legacy will you leave in the ghana cape coast mission?

i hope to leave a legacy that not only will the missionaries that i serve with wont forget, but also the members and people of ghana that i came in contact over the time ive been here. i hope they will never forget that tall white, bleeched blonde hair guy that always is walking around "in dis ghana sun" as they would say hahah 

lots a great lessons. love my comp! small small we are hopeing to soak some people! 

love and pray for you all as always.

elder jeppson

1. hahahahha how i feel after a long dayyy!!!!!!!! hahahahh
2-5. FINISHERS WANTED! man look at my brothers! soo cute. signed the shirt of finishers... some legends on that shirt.
6-7. bernasko and yes the legend!!! (that face you make right before you baptise a kid...) hahaha

11 June 2018

Week #94

the killer has arrived...

hahahahahha the killer aka my last companion! elder mashale from south africa!! super sweet guy! who i knew wayyy back in my fosu days! super happy to be with him!

lol i dont know if its just me but i saw like 34564 butterflys this week. kind of cool if your into that kind of stuff. also little depressed Kentucky Fried Chicken just got build in Taadi.... yeaaaa theres like a -24% chance ill ever get some ahahaha sooooooooo that kind of sukkkkkkkks hahaha

great week! elder mashale is putting me to work!! in 3 days we had proselyted over 30 hours! just the comp i need to help me finish strong!

 sorry i dont have much to share. we had a good week!

bro bernasco is being baptised next week. hes given up alchole but owns a bar and he really wants to find a different buiness cause he knows if he becomes a member and encourages people to stop drinking people will be chastizing him for owning a bar.. its not easy but i love the willingness of a converted saint. he said, "i know this church is chists', so i must change and do the right"

gotta love these ghanians and there god fearing conversion tha they have!!

i love you all

9 weekssssssss

elder jeppson

1. hahahahha how i feel after a long dayyy!!!!!!!! hahahahh

04 June 2018

Week #93

Elder Katcher, Africa West 1st counselor

i dont even know where to start...

elder katcher came and chastized the heck out of us... hahahha jk

we were sooo blessed to have a mission tour with him though, he gave us soooo help and correction to make our mission experience sooo much more meaningful and effective. but man lemme tell you that guy is soooo straight nooo joking around with him. only he can joke hahahah little stressful being around him also for the MLC we had this week. sweet guy though.

we had stake conference on sunday and i got to seee almost all of my members from NKANFOA!! ohhhh ohhh the way i happy to see them! miss that place sooo much. 

GUESS WHAT?!! freaking president called saturday night and is taking my companion away to be the AP!! hahahahahhaha sooooo proud of elder nemet! guy is gonna do such a great job!! just a little sad hes leaving.... that guy has taught me sooo much and im really gonna miss him!

elder katcher taught me a little bit about what Believing can do for the work of the lord. he asked our mission if we could get 10 new investagators a week.... everyone said yes because whos gonna say no to a general authority. BUT a few people including myself felt that that goal is TOO high and not achievable. you know what he did? yep he called me out in front of everyone... and said, "elder jeppson where is your faith?" 

man the way that hurt.. hahah but it was true. he then explained to all of us that the reason some goals are too high is cause we are thinking of ourselves and what we HAVE done in the past. and how that comparing our achievements to the past will only limit us in our goals. sooo true what he had to say. where is the faith and belief that miricles can occur and we really accieve things that seem impossible. but now i am convinced that one day in the G.C.C.M. , 10 investigators will seem small. but its for me and all of our mission to believe and have faith that week can make it happen.

elder katcher is a great guy, who really touch me. never ever ever do i want anyone to ever look at me again and say, "where is your faith?" 

Lesson learned. as Christ said, "dont doubt, but be believing." gonna be my goal for the rest of my mission and continuing for the rest of my life.

what a great week! 

love ya

elder jeppson

1a. mankissem BUS
1b. elder katcher and i shakin hands after MLC
1.district pool night with boyz
2. 2 of the most non serious sisters i know
3. the way i miss camila!!!
4. the new extention to Yamoransa stake center is almost finished!
5. MY FAMILY! sad i wont be able to witness there sealing in the fall but im sooo proud of them! family are forever!!
6-7. saaba and ama..... sooo good to seem them!! those scrubbbbs haha
8-9. for those who know sign language.... hahaha sent this guy to the mission hope this morning!! AP AP AP hahahah love my comp


28 May 2018

Week #92

2 people, 2 different stories, 1 reality

SUMMER 2018..... YEAAAAA...........ITS BEEN SUMMER SINCE 2016..... so i feel no hype that summer is started again hahahahha but i am pretty hyped because this last week was sooooooo sweet!!! 8 investagators at church and we had soooo many lessons its unreal!

i went on exhange with a good friend of mine named elder zakuani from DR Congo and we met a man who the best word to describe him is and anti christ. i would love to share you our experience with him, his name is peter.

then ill share you our experience with a man named benjamin who has to be the most gospel centered person ive met, his whole life is about god. all day he wants to know him.

both peter and benjamin are roughly the same age, 60's.


lived in italy for a lot of his life, came back to ghana to retire. 25 years of his life he was a priest in the church of christ. after "deep study" he came to the conclusion that the romans had changed everything in the new testament and that jesus christ never actually came to this earth. and even if he did he didnt save us from our sins. (my heart sunk sooooo deep as i heard those words come out of his mouth, a feeling of sadness i had never felt in my life)

the lesson was pretty pointless, all of his interpretations of Isaiah's revelations were sooo stupid. the best part of the lesson my companion elder zakuani bore a testimony on something i never knew. he said (in the small english he knows) that before he joined the church, he was a muslim. he knew no christ, no god but allah. but as he prayed about the book of mormon, as he received an answer he could never deny the feelings he felt. even though he didnt know christ completely still, he knew he lives and died for all mankind to be saved from their sins. thats why he joined the church and left the Islamic life that he knew.

as i watched him bear his testimony i was sooo full of emotion for the converting power of the spirit was sooo present in the room. peter was touched i could tell, even though he still wants proof that jesus christ is the savior and wont except him. i learned how that if we dont listened to the spirit of the lord and start leaning on our own understanding not only will we leave the church but go opposite of what we were doing. tearing down the name and blessings of christ.


hahahha this is my guy! hahaha benjamin owns a well and sits in a chair all day as people come to get water from his well he takes at most 10 cents for a big bucket of water. hes been going to the church of pentecost as long as he can remember. as we met benjamin the first time he told us that he knows god put us both on the same path for some reason and he wants to find out the reason why. as he began the lesson he asked if he could pray he started the prayer and stated, "father we pray to thee, we pray to thee for a purpose, to find truth." WHOLE FETCH if you could've seen my smile during that prayer hahahahah

benjamin came to church yesterday, bore his testimony of the truth that he already sees and knows about this church, contributed in sunday school, and is ever humbled to learn more. what ive learned about benjamin is that some people are just sooo prepared by the lord. the group in otuam has been here for only 2 months now.... and already we are seeing those the lord has prepared many years for the church to finally come here. so excited to watch it explode and see how fast god intends for the church to grow in all 4 corners of the earth.

2 people: i love the ghana cape coast mission. i get to see both sides of the spectrum, the rich retired man from italy, and the humble poor, water selling man from otuam. This is perspective, and everyday it just gets better in better.

we choose the path of our destiny. one had the truth lonnnng ago and ran from it, while the other just found it and is ever ready to find and discover more truth for himself. as my beloved mom would always say, "choose the right" sooo grateful for these 2 examples to me. both the good and bad im learning from them. and hoping to shape my life according to what god wants and the experiences im learning.

god bless ghana, god bless you all

yours truly

elder jeppson

1.some funny tv show came to mankissem! FAT fish market mammes come on the stage and have a dance off! AHAHAHAH watching 300 pound women dance is toooooo goood
2-3. zakuani and i, gotta love the only hat allowed in our mission hahah
4.some fishermen making his nets, what an art.
5. african football, hahahahha these people go nuts for football.

21 May 2018

Week #91

1 pic is a thousand words right???

love all ya! gotta nothing much to say!!

sweet is the work! ill send ya a good one next week!

elder jeppson

1-3. gotta love getting fresh fish dashed to you cause youre "men of god" hahah ghana for you!
5. i love it when the mames "smoke fish" hahah thought id try
7-8. love my pretty Otuam and the drive home.... ghana is the most beautiful place in the world....

16 May 2018

Week #90

my fam is the yeet swaaad

Not much to say this week!

got experience a ministering moment as the whole group in otuam went and visit a member that was sick after "church" (sacrament meeting) haha

read my scriptures

had some pancake thing that tasted like palechikya... i almost cried

all is well!! happy mothers day to all those moms that either chastised me when i was doing something stupid or keeping quiet knowing that good ole tonya (best mom award) will give the fire either way hahahahha jk

but seriously thank you moms, for both the big and the little that you do. for without eve where would the human race be? yes, waiting for a mother to guide, teach and nurture the children of our heavenly father. (and like we all couldnt be born sooooo)

love you all! big shout out to my boys serving all around the world! finish strong...

elder jeppson

1-3. had some great exchanges this week! one in mando, and the other in otuam with elder ukpabio
4.****when ma makes that killer ground nut soup.... you just tryin to get every last drop***** HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
5.bout to skype the fam!!
6.the appartment after skyping!! love those guys!
7.the only hard part about after talking to the fam is that you get so dang home sick!! hahahah yes that is my i miss home face.. BUT all is well! lol

07 May 2018

Week #89

101 Dalma......DAYS.

no i am not counting days! im counting SECONDS!! im kidding but man time is just flying and its making me sooo sad! but i was honored and blessed to be apart of history this week!

Sister Susana Entisie became the First member to be baptized in the small town of Otuam. it was such a special baptismal service for her, unlike all the other baptisms ive been too, this one was sooo dear in my heart. sooo grateful to see the gospel being spread to the 4 corners of the earth! and this week there were 13 people at church soo small small better hahahahah

we also took a taxi to a farrr bush village called entubedu, hahahah ill send you a pic of how bush this place was..... the only people we could talk to were school girls like 15 and even those barley understood english hahah good times i feel like im having a charades game every time i walk outside.

Philippians 4:13," i can do all things through Christ which stregtheneth me."

keep it real, shaka bruh

elder jeppson

1. freaking found a pool table!!
3. MLC this week....... somtimes these meetings hahahah
4. HAHAHAH "TRY to speak in english in school...." soooo bush hah
5-7. our small group in otuam, the school we worship in
8-9 and then our beautiful chaple in mankiseem! best of both worlds!
10. sister susana! sooo powerful!
11. cant believe im learning how to rope from an idahoan in ghana!! hahah