20 November 2017

Week #65

Hot then Rain then Back to Hot then more RAIN

Tarkwa is just such a cool area! elder piutau just had such a fun week. we see anything weather it be a shop or a person or a cool shirt! we stop and talk to litterly EVERYONE!! we had a greet week with many new investagators and still trying to scope out this massive area! missionary work is not jut fun but its the chillest! that doest make sense but when you just love what you do life seems sooooo simple. teaching.talking.learning.sleep.repeat. (PLUS FOOD) hahahahah

well funny story: after a lonnnng day elder Piutau and i were walking from the University in our area. and it had been raining all day but i mean who cares its just some rain but all the pot holes on the road were covered and as we were walking in the dark back to the house along the highway a big olllllllle semitruck drove by and hit the pot hole FULLLL OF MUD and water!! hahah yea we got soaked it was halarious! but the cool thing is that a taxi driver saw the whole thing and immediatly pulled over and said,''GET IN OR I WONT GO TO CHURCH!" hahah we were like what the heck who on earth says that!? so we got in and found out just that day the ZL's in another area in the next town had GC'd him and gave him a pamphlet. he said you guys are men of God and i need to do some service so thats why he stopped and took us to town for free!

there are still some wonderful people in this world who still see that god blesses his children even from the slightest things that we do to serve and help those around us! also want to thank the ZL's cause with out there constant efforts that man probly would of never picked us up. because of there effort a man was blessed and us after we were just soaked got a nice ride  back to town! God has his ways, they might be weird or strange, but who knows maybe one day that man could be a bishop, idk but all those little seeds planted but US as latter day saints will one day blossom into a beautiful Lilly!

another great week ahead! loved the pics of the temple dedication! god has granted the tresure valley with another temple, lets make it count and use it!! WORK WORK WORK till the work is finished!! love you all god bless!

elder jeppson

1-6: TONGANS CAN EAT!! WHOLE COW! hhahahah
7.the legend and i
8. rice ball and palm nut soup with a side of smoked fish. one of my favvvvs


13 November 2017

Week #64

Malo e Lelei

TARKWA!! my new area is sooo cool, and ohhhh my goodness it is HUGE! i cant believe how cool our area is. tarkwa is a BIG mining town in ghana! so its pretty dusty but i thought it was gonna be a bush... THIS PLACE A CITY! its actually a way nice area! and my companion and Second son is elder Piutau! from tonga! hes got a great sense of humor and loves the work. we are excited to get to know tarkwa together! hahha

well it wasnt an easy saying goodbye to nkanfoa, the apparment, the companion, the members, it was all just too unreal amazing. but all good things come to an end sometime so that we can start a new chapter. the 4.5 hour tro tro ride to tarkwa from cape is not the fun at alllll! hahaha and the first night we got there water and power were both out. they have fixed the power but for the past almost week now everymorning and night we go and fetch water from the well outside our house to bath....OHHHH GHANA! its sooo dope to be a missionary here. doing things you never thought youd have to do! lol

we had district conference down in takaradi on sunday so it was great to see soooo many members of this district get together with the idea of in the next few years to create a stake here in Tarkwa! I LOVE SEEING THE WORK GROW!

well nothing really to say more, excited for another week ahead full of good times with a tongan! hahah love you all!

elder jeppson

no pics........... card reader is not working hahahah

(updated 14-Nov with pictures)
-the family lineage!! hahaha getting big
-tarkwa and its massiveness!
-good ole boncu and okru stew


06 November 2017

Week #63

Words of Appreciation

this week was AWESOME!

first off, i have been called to Train AGAIN and also elder mease has been called to train!! sooo proud of that guy for how far he has come, he is ready to train. i am confident! and also i will be whitewash training, opening a new area, and being a district leader..... YEA ITS GONNA BE ONE CRAZZZZY RIDE! hahahah so im preety sad im gonna be leaving my city, Cape Coast! but im excited for the new journey!

i cant describe how grateful i am for the lords annointed servents. this week we had elder nash of the africa west area presidentcy come and instruct our mission for 5 hours.... Blessing upon blessings as that man opened up his life and laid it all on the table. he sees the future of our mission and he wants us to get there. hes wants us to elevate! i loved every word of his instruction. as a young missionary himself in south america he told us how hot he says it was. so he just straight up said, " youve been called to ghana, embrace and love the heat, its what you been called to do." BAAABOOOOOM! man i loved that so much for some reason.

elder Nashs relationship of the savior is something i envy to be like. his appreciation for jesus christ can not be written. he knows his savior and he encourages all of us to do the same. study his words and get to know him. For about 2 hours of him there we got to ask him any doctrinal sound question, that man answered EVERY question using the Book of Mormon..... it was sooo cool the way he related every question to some story in the book of mormon. i strive to be that conversant with the scriptures but i know the only way to be like that is to study them. and study and study till i can never forget them. We in the ghana cape coast mission was given such an honor to hear from one of the lords servants.

the rest of the week was great and busy learning from our investagators and trying to resolve there questions. we had 2 investagtors again walk all the way from a nearby village to church. man i love the faith of those that have found the truth, its a miracle in the process!

IM AN UNCLE!! hahahah congrats kenz and andy on there new babies! love you all and my prayers and blessing be upon you for your help and love you all show me! i miss you all

elder jeppson

1.pizza with the boys to celebrate mease training!
2.late nights by the beach...so pretty
3-6. having to say goodbye to the best ward ever...not an easy goodbye
7. its an art to watch these guys fish.... pretty cool!

30 October 2017

Week #62

Cape Coast, Nkanfoa

well this next week could be my last week in Cape, transfer news is saturday....

nothing to report this week. had about 50 people say they were coming to church and about 2 came so it was a solid 5% as usual hahah went on a few exchanges with the elders in my district and life is just always sooo sweet.

missionary sunday was yesterday and i was able to give a talk on how we are all growning together in the church. told them about jethro, moses father in law and how he told moses what he should teach the people. a humble servant such as moses himself hearkend to the words of jethro because he sustained his leaders. gotta love the stories in the old testament. My reading in jesus th Christ has been nothing but a dream. i missed learning about the saviors life and what a perfect time to do it cause guess whats in like 9 weeks..............CHRISTMAS! hahah my goal is to finish the 700 page book before that hahahhah LETS EAT

nothing else to say besides ive learned to love talking to people about what missionaries do. people might not care about our message, (YET) but they are sooo concerend why 2 obunis are walking around all day in this hot sun telling people about christ. so its a blast to explain our purpose and why we are here and why we even came on mission and left the great land of "America" hahah its a seed waiting to grow. as people see what we are willing to go through to help others they will want to learn more and eventually know the truth for themselves.

we walk and talk cause we love.

HAVE A GOOD WEEK! happy halloween, mease and i are thinking of dressing up as muslims and trick or treating president hahahahh elder nash of the 70 will be at there house on halloween night so were having second thoughts but i think it would be kind of funny! hahah we will have to flip a coin i guess.... HAHAHAHAH love you all!

elder jeppson

1.our water filter after like 3 hours of use.... water is yummy\
2. just some coconut and CAPE BEACHES

23 October 2017

Week #61

soaking, nothing better!

Brother dadzie! the man was finnally baptized on saturday! i thought about the last 3 months on how many times i had taught dadzie and how big of a change i have seen in that mans life. hes gonna be one strong leader in the church in a few years here in nkanfoa! So funny we were filling up the faunt and we didnt know why it wasnt filling. were sooo stupid! hahahahah the plug wasnt in........ and here the best part once we put the plug in we went and proslyted while it was filling........ yea we forgot about it.... hahahahh after we bought some rice were were driving by the chapple and we see just this river of water coming out of the gate. i was like STOP!!!! hahahahha good thing the faunt is out doors. ohhhhhh mission. sometimes you just gotta laugh on the stupid things you do!

well we had our boy emmauell (hes like 55 btw) lol come all the way from Edu-Krom some bush village past nkanfoa come to church! bishop was SO LIT about it! hahah he wants to start a group out there sooo bad. so we will see what happends but were soooo excited! also a recent convert before i came has gone less active and she finnaly came back to church! speaking of church....yikes! as fun as it was to see the chapple packed to the BRIM like seats in the hallways! halfway through this, not to be rude, beyond awful talk by the high coucliman, guy litterly read every verse in D and C that even metions the priesthood hahahha THE POWER WENT OUT!! yea ghana.... no fans..... lots of people..... put ya to sleep talk..... I love it. 

hahahahah well that ghana for you and you just learn to appreciate it! i started jesus the christ again! plan to finish it before xmas. so we will see. that a lot of pages in just 10 weeks. but that book.... yea you wanna know jesus a little better ( alot) read that book!

well nothing much else to say. the gospel is true, people can change through the will and power of god. the book of mormon, yea its still true hahah well i love you all! god bless you

elder jeppson

Pics -- just some goood ole fun.. baptisms, chicken killing, amas husbans builidng there house.... with MUD hahahah i love ghana so much

16 October 2017

Week #60

sometimes its not easy

GOOD LONG WEEK OH MY GOODNESS! elder mease has finished his training! its all over now and its time for hard HARD work. jk weve already been working hard hah but we gon go lots harder in the paint now! haha i honestly cant believe its already been 12 weeks... time has just flown! and elder mease and i have just become the best of friends!

well the reason i said its not easy is cause despite the 10 new investagators weve been getting recently and all the ghanians in ALL of nkanfoa promising us they will come to church.... yep, not even one came.

patience. its a lesson and a principle i am trying to master and understand.... OHHHH MY GOSH ITS HARD THOUGH. hahah you just wish people understood how important it is for them to go to this church. you teach them what this gospel offers, eternal life, you help them with members and friends, and activites and still they dont get it and dont come. but the question i find my self always asking is why?

and i think i got an answer..... heheheheh the answer is simply the world...

now i know that makes no sense but like its the world. people see that if youre not doing what everyone else is doing then youre doing it wrong if your church doesnt have like 5 programs a week and play loud music or if they dont speak in the gift of tougues (quick example of what that sounds like) lsdhfoskdafjdsaokjfsdioafsmdaflkdsjflkdsafjldksjfsakjfsdlkjfsdlakfjsdkl then youre doing youre life wrong and youre church is false.

you get the point? everyone wants to go with the current. and just be like everyone else. but what does gods want!? he wants us to do what is right and go the way he wants us to go. i am trying to learn these people situation and put my self in there shoes cause i see that after your whole life of knowing something. to have some missionaries come and tell you you have been doing it all wrong.... it wouldnt be easy to take hahah but by small things i know that the people we are teaching will understand the imporatace of this gospel. cause miricles DO happen but only after the trail of our faith.

brothers and sisters ALL is Well is Zion! and god still reigns on high so dont worry about what the world says. listen to that beautiful song that God is singing for YOU personal to hear. cause he knows the way.

love you dearly
elder jeppson

09 October 2017

Week #59

well, another week!

nothing like mission. everyday the same stuff. but at the same time everyday is unique and when i write in my journal every night i just reflect on how truley blessed i am for having this very rare opportunity to serve the lord, in the country of ghana. now the reason i say that "rare" is that only about 75000 other people around the world know exactly how it is to be a missionary in our day and time. OH HOW LUCKY AM I!! btw cool fact for the day for 1 missionary, there are about 101000 people that are not missionaries hahahah BLESSED.

well elder mease and i just had a KIller week! we had like 6 new investagators who we are hopeing to progress reaally fast. missionary work is soo different in every area but for the most part the challenge is when knowing when to drop and investagator cause of non-seriousness or other reasons. you want to help these people sooooo bad especially after you have taught them everything and you feel that you KNOW that person sooo well and yet they still are not ready to comit to follow our saviour and joing his church... its not easy droppign people you have taught for months. but its like a unripe mango... they just aren't ready yet. patience is the key to this work, i have a big testimony of that.

well i have nothing to really share this week. just finished the doctrine and covenants again! the last few chapters... are tooo good! crazy how much unknown mysteries there are in the scriputes. i cant wait till all things will be reveled and everything will just makes sooooo much more sense hahah.

10 weeks till christmas, but whos counting........... hhahahah

god bless you all.

elder jeppson

-- momies makin some boncu for us 
-- beautiful ghana!! gotta love nkanfoa lol