30 January 2017

Week #23

mothers are amazing

ohhhh the way we let critters have it this week..... so for the past 2 months ive just accepted the fact that there are tons of mice in our appartment, like everyday i see like 4 but this week i had ENOUGH!! as of today i have killed 7 mice on 5 days. thats right, the rest are scared of me now and wont come out. also for the last 2 months ive had some baddd bed bugs that ive just kind of accepted until i realize how bad my matress is... like there is littlery a massive hole in the center of it... hahah wake up with like 10 bites on my ankles, back, and the other night one got me good on my rear end! haahah ordered a new mattress. also my bed frame has recently acquired some weeveles (wood eating bugs) so i wake up with just wood shavings all over me and my pillow.... haha i dont know how im gonna fix that one... its all good!! a little less sleep never killed nobody! 

this week was sooooo dang powerful! not only did we have 6 investagators at church but we had plenty of lesson!! we have a baptismal service this saturday so hopefully everything works out! anyways i wanted to talk about mothers.... aye charllay the way i miss my mom hahaha. so one of our investagators named Albert who we are planning to baptize this week, his mom is a powerful woman, so supportive and sooo Christlike in everything she does. so a few weeks ago when we were teaching albert she asked if we could come teach him on sundays and mondays only cause she wants him to be taught (alberts mom is not a member by the way) and she doesnt want to disrespect us and have him blow off our appointments so she ask if we could teach him on those days because she being a single mother with 4 kids, doesnt have a job and she needs albert to work and provide for the family. we of course said apsolulty yes that is okay!! we will come when ever he is not working. she thanked us sooooo much for understanding. now the cool thing is what happened on this saturday we went to alberts house just to check on the mother cause we knew albert would be working. when we got there the mother had just finished washing alberts church clothes so he could make it on time to church tommorow, what a sacrifice, this mother has to prepare food, take care of her 1 year old, make products that the kids can sell on there head so they have money, yet during the hottest part of the day, this single mother is out in the sun washing her sons church clothes so that he can become a member of gods church and also for a mother so show her graditude for her sons willingness to provide for the family. 

when i saw those dripping wet clothes drying on the clothes line out in front of there house, i got very emotional as it made me think of all the millions of things my mom did for me that i might have not even ever noticed or when i did notice i failed to mention my gratitude for what she did. moms sacrifice soooo much, sometimes we see it, sometimes we dont. alberts mom has taught me soooo much about what this religion can do to families, she wants her son to be happy and she sees that when he is will us learning about gods truth, he becomes a bright ray of sunshine for all to see. i am sooo grateful for mothers. lol i know its not mothers day but i have to say to everyone, be gratefull for a loving mother, cause there are some things you will never notice your mom does until its too late to say thank you. soooo grateful for all those moms out there who have helped me get to where i am in my life. and my mom, no words to describe how amazing that wonderful woman is, she truley is called of god to be a mother of me and my siblings. alberts mom has just helped me reconize how great my mom truely is.

i hope everyone had a great week!! a little mad i didnt get any 18.5 bithday wishes but its fine.... hahahahahaahha i mean my whole appartment cellebrated hahahah

have a great great week, and be thankful, for god truly is good. 

1.went to vegas this week! hahahaha
3-5. us making some cakes to celbrate my 18.5 birthday!!!! mannnn soooo dang good!

23 January 2017

Week #22

blessed up

figured out how to make chocolate milk this week so preety much this week was sweet. BIG week! we commited 3 to be baptized on feburary 4 so i hope it all works out!! this week has also been sooooo hard to meet with people cause the african cup is happening rn and the whole country shuts down when the game is on. ahahah friday i was in the sun for 9 10 hours straight and didnt see a single investagator hahahahha man im soooo tan!! lol well just my arms and face are. man ive been getting a lot of crap about how i bleach my hair! had like 7 people ask me if i do this week. PEOPLE GET OVER IT, I DONT!! hahahah 

so this week was transfer week and my father elder divver left me, guess what...... HIS WASHING MACHING!!!! LETS FREAKING GOOOO!! hahaha ill be honest the appartment i am in rn is too small for it but man when i leave this place its gonna be niiiice! hahah so greatful for elder divver, not for the wash but for what a powerful missionary he is! my hands are offically raw from washing by hand so the first few minutes of washing hurts and then i just get used to it hahah. 

one of our investagators this week named issacc Goma has commited to be baptized. i met this guy about months ago. and at first we thought he was unserious but after like a month of trying to meet with him we just let him go and then last week he called us and asked why we havent been coming.....as mad as i was for his reason, i was stoked!!! cause he finnally gave us time to teach him and hes turning into one of the most powerful people i know. the questions he asks are sooo deep and thoughtful that i know he wants this gospel in his life! I Love Mission!! another long week ahead cause ghana is in the quarter finals sooooooo. hahahahah sweet is the work and hot is the sun right? hahaha i cant believe im almost done with the new testament!!! its been doomso (light out) a lot more recently so the fans are off so during my studies so when im reading im just dripping sweat on my scriputes hahahahah its not easy oooooooo lol

just something i thought of this week while i was reading in timothy, it says, "abstain from all apperance of evil" somtimes i tell my self oh im not actually commiting a sin, it just looks like it. and as stupid as that sounds it truly is stupid! and it is actually commiting a sin in the eyes of God! why appear like youre being disobedient and then justify the sin. JUST DONT DO IT AT ALL! hahah man sometimes im not the smarted and we make mistakes but we are all learning and ill be the first to say. im trying to become better and im trying to follow christ more perfectly. 

love you all!!! have a cold week. hahahah

elder jeppson

1.WIFE ME!! hahaha my stew and jolaf
2.gave these two a bath this week. lol cuties/devil childs
3.the calm before the storm
4. final pictures with the father, Divver
5.my poor fingers from washing hahahaha lol

16 January 2017

Week #21


this week nothing really happened. thanks for all your concerns and emails about my eyes i am all good now! lol ohhhh ghana! transfer news came and i am staying with elder adu-gyamfi another transfer! way excited for this next transfer. Freda, Albert, Paul, Issacc. are all preparing for baptism this transfer im sooooo excited!!! im beeing studying sooo much lately in fact ive almost read the whole new testement in a month....myy brain is fried! but i love it. ayyye that guy paul knew too much! reminds me of joseph smiths knowledge of the doctrine of this gospel! anyway i want to share something i read that made me laugh paaaaaaa! for all those guys with that lovley long hair back home........ heheheh all those parents need to read 1 corithians 11:14 and think about having long hair hahahahahahahahah

well this week we are talking to lots and teaching a little more then last week. im learning so much about my self that i never knew. about change about past talents that im redeveloping. i just realized the other day how cool the plan of salvation is. like its soooo simple, yet the reward is soooo amazing!! sooo glad i have 2 years of my life fully dedicated to tell people about the importance of this life and how happy we can really be! i love you all! soooo good to see all you guys enjoying the snow back home! 

week 6 our mission made a goal this week to get 3500 gospel conversations and we did it!!! also along with 20 baptisms!! goals really do help us become better people. all those people whoe set a new years goal. live it up and keep that goal. love you all!!! have a good week

elder jeppson

1-3 GOT NEW SHOES FINNALY! 5 months of pure ghanaian terrian killed those bad boys!! haha
4. ghana sunsets...hard to beat
5.call this guy THE ONE. hahah weird guy
6. had my xmas package food!!! YUMMMMMMMMY
7.us and the young mens walking home from church!! YEET SQUAD

09 January 2017

Week #20

its not always easy

well this week nothing really happened. in fact we taught 3 lessons all week so man nothing happened at all! hahaha probably one of my hardest weeks so far on mission. my companion is suffering from a badddddd feaver cause of the hamataun so we had to stay inside a few days cause he was weak. me i got a weird eye sickness that is kind of like pink eye back home....but a lot worse hhahahah its funny cause i go around teaching people about the word of wisdom and how drugs are bad for us and i look totally gonzo beans baked out of my mind hahahah ayyyye mission!!! its an air born sickness so everyone is even sketched to shake my hand and get closed to me hahaha. but ayeee its all good cause im in GHANA how freaking sweet is that!!!!! and it rained for the first time in  a month yesterday!!! WAHOOOO! 

this week ive done a lot of reading. A LOT! and ive decided my favorite part of the day is personal study. me and my scriptures. nothing is better. we recieved some referals this week from steven and kofi, our ward missionaries and they are sweet referals. makes me think of back home how many people i wish i would of sent the missionaries to, to go and teach them. how many people i want to know about this gospel that i never told them about it is a big time regret. BUT there is always hope for them and i hope i can in the future do my best to be better.

so because people have been asking what i eat dailey i tell them, usually the Ghana Cape Coast 3, eggs,rice, and indomie (like toporamon). EVERYDAY! ive gotten small small fat so thats nut the funnest. i usally have egg with onion sandwhich for breakfast, then rice and stew for lunch (stew depends on what i make that week but i like my tomato paste stew the most) and for dinner i hope for a FM (free meal) or i come home and get fried rice or have another egg sandwhich with bannanahs and a fanyogo. EVERYDAY hahahah aye foood 

all i have to end with is one of my new favorite passages of scriptures, Acts 5:41-42. talks about how the apostles praised god and thanked him that they were worthy enough to suffer and to be beated for sharing the name of Christ. what a positive attitude Paul and the apostles had. everyday when i think it sucks to walk in the sun for 12 hours i just think about what the savior did for me, how truley lucky i am to be on mission wearing HIS name for all to see that i am hear for one purpose, to testify of the savior, Jesus Christ. i love this work even though its not easy at alllll. its about being positive and remembering why im here and who i represent.

love you all! have a good week!

elder jeppson

1.my newly married couple that just got baptized reppin matching outfits dancing there heads off at the stake new years party. GOALS
2-4. everyone dancing and enjoying the food at the stake party! soooo much food!
5-7. me looking gonzo beans!!!!! hhahahahah man i look soooo gone

02 January 2017

Week #19

THATS RIGHT....2017!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! man as i look back on 2016, freaking dopest year of my life!! i got my mission call, my sister came home from her mission, i graduated high school, had a funtastic summer and now im on mission in the greatest country in the world! i hope everyone had a great holidays and enjoyed celebrating this wonderful year we have had. my companion and i and the other guys sat in our compound as the fireworks exploded over our heads. ayeee we enjoyed watching people burn up 2016!

well this week was a little slow cause people are traveling for the holidays and stuff so had like most of our appointments cancel on us! aye its not easy oo. Hamataun is offically here and all the ghanians are dying from the dry heat. me on the other hand like it a TONNN more then the old weather. it feels like a warm summer day back home so it doesnt feel as hot! but its soooo dusty now! hasnt rained for like 3 weeks now so everything is just covered in dirt! my tag is getting niccce testimony too it hahah.

so during sacrement this week sister thomas was feeling sooo sick and she wanted to go to the hospital but before we took her she ask for a preistood blessing from the 4 elders in the district. man it was a powerful prayer given by my companion. and as soon as the prayer ended she stood up and said the pain is gone... in ghana they say WHAT THE WOW! the power of god is real, i know it works through our faith and worthiness. im soo grateful for sister thomas faith to ask for a priesthood blessing. man the church is true the book is blue! 

had a new soup this week that was wayyy good called, (akoko nkwan) my new faviorite soup i thought...... until after our last lesson that night. we were walking back and it hit me sooooo fast and soooo badddd. hahahahahahahahha freaking ghana! ran to the bushes sooo fast hahahha ayyyye my somach everyday is asking me, "what the heck are you thinking putting this into me??!! are you trying to die?!" hahah anyways thought id give you all a good laugh! love you all and happy new year!!!1

(just thought id say, I COME HOME NEXT YEAR! hehehe)

elder jeppson

1.killing some chickens for the new years feast!
2. this is what hamataun looks like, a weird kind of fog alll day long.
3. the soup that ended my life later hahahah 
4. adu-gyamfi, i and sempa at 12;00 welcoming 2017!!