16 January 2017

Week #21


this week nothing really happened. thanks for all your concerns and emails about my eyes i am all good now! lol ohhhh ghana! transfer news came and i am staying with elder adu-gyamfi another transfer! way excited for this next transfer. Freda, Albert, Paul, Issacc. are all preparing for baptism this transfer im sooooo excited!!! im beeing studying sooo much lately in fact ive almost read the whole new testement in a month....myy brain is fried! but i love it. ayyye that guy paul knew too much! reminds me of joseph smiths knowledge of the doctrine of this gospel! anyway i want to share something i read that made me laugh paaaaaaa! for all those guys with that lovley long hair back home........ heheheh all those parents need to read 1 corithians 11:14 and think about having long hair hahahahahahahahah

well this week we are talking to lots and teaching a little more then last week. im learning so much about my self that i never knew. about change about past talents that im redeveloping. i just realized the other day how cool the plan of salvation is. like its soooo simple, yet the reward is soooo amazing!! sooo glad i have 2 years of my life fully dedicated to tell people about the importance of this life and how happy we can really be! i love you all! soooo good to see all you guys enjoying the snow back home! 

week 6 our mission made a goal this week to get 3500 gospel conversations and we did it!!! also along with 20 baptisms!! goals really do help us become better people. all those people whoe set a new years goal. live it up and keep that goal. love you all!!! have a good week

elder jeppson

1-3 GOT NEW SHOES FINNALY! 5 months of pure ghanaian terrian killed those bad boys!! haha
4. ghana sunsets...hard to beat
5.call this guy THE ONE. hahah weird guy
6. had my xmas package food!!! YUMMMMMMMMY
7.us and the young mens walking home from church!! YEET SQUAD

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