02 January 2017

Week #19

THATS RIGHT....2017!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! man as i look back on 2016, freaking dopest year of my life!! i got my mission call, my sister came home from her mission, i graduated high school, had a funtastic summer and now im on mission in the greatest country in the world! i hope everyone had a great holidays and enjoyed celebrating this wonderful year we have had. my companion and i and the other guys sat in our compound as the fireworks exploded over our heads. ayeee we enjoyed watching people burn up 2016!

well this week was a little slow cause people are traveling for the holidays and stuff so had like most of our appointments cancel on us! aye its not easy oo. Hamataun is offically here and all the ghanians are dying from the dry heat. me on the other hand like it a TONNN more then the old weather. it feels like a warm summer day back home so it doesnt feel as hot! but its soooo dusty now! hasnt rained for like 3 weeks now so everything is just covered in dirt! my tag is getting niccce testimony too it hahah.

so during sacrement this week sister thomas was feeling sooo sick and she wanted to go to the hospital but before we took her she ask for a preistood blessing from the 4 elders in the district. man it was a powerful prayer given by my companion. and as soon as the prayer ended she stood up and said the pain is gone... in ghana they say WHAT THE WOW! the power of god is real, i know it works through our faith and worthiness. im soo grateful for sister thomas faith to ask for a priesthood blessing. man the church is true the book is blue! 

had a new soup this week that was wayyy good called, (akoko nkwan) my new faviorite soup i thought...... until after our last lesson that night. we were walking back and it hit me sooooo fast and soooo badddd. hahahahahahahahha freaking ghana! ran to the bushes sooo fast hahahha ayyyye my somach everyday is asking me, "what the heck are you thinking putting this into me??!! are you trying to die?!" hahah anyways thought id give you all a good laugh! love you all and happy new year!!!1

(just thought id say, I COME HOME NEXT YEAR! hehehe)

elder jeppson

1.killing some chickens for the new years feast!
2. this is what hamataun looks like, a weird kind of fog alll day long.
3. the soup that ended my life later hahahah 
4. adu-gyamfi, i and sempa at 12;00 welcoming 2017!!

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