26 June 2017

Week #44

listening to the testimonies of God

man weeks are just flying..... soooo messed up! but elder ogar and i are just having such a good time! beatrice is gonna be baptised this week and everyday we are just meeting more and more people who are soo prepared to hear this gospel. missionary work is tooooo good!!

crazy story this week. that wedding we attended last week, the father of the groom, a nigerian was the one who made it possible for the wedding to even happen! with out his faith that he could convince the brides father to let his son marry his daughter,they wedding could of not of happened. the father brought his WHOLE family from nigeria to have his sons wedding in ghana! just an amazing good man!

after he had done all this work and the wedding was over us missionaries hung out and cleaned up the place. but before we left the father of the groom gave us his testimony of this gospel. man what a powerful testimony he bore to us 5... the things he said were truly from the spirit of the lord and i will never forget the warnings and testimonies he bore. the next day he left cape coast with his family back to nigeria a 2 day car ride.

but not even 2 hours out side cape coast the family was in a terrible car accident and he was killed instantly on impact while his wife went into and coma and his kids with many various wounds. what an awful just devastating news that was to hear when we found out. made the whole town of nkanfoa just sick. after all that man did to witness his youngest sons wedding he was killied.

just the night before i was able to witness probably one of the last testimony that man bore in this mortal life to his fellow saints. i thank my heavenly father for those few precious minutes with that man. he truley was a diciple of christ. prayers be with his family and his friends. its not easy but that man finish his work on this earth. he witness his youngest sons marriage. 

ive contemplated if i hadnt of listen to his testimony that night before. i could of missed something that god wanted me to hear. i learned that when ever ANYONE is bearing their testimony, Listen. there are things that each of us needs to hear and if we dont listen, those promises said we can never achieve because of just a small moment of not listening to the spirit teach us. its not always easy to listen to others especially when you feel that i already know the stuff that he knows. we have to be humble and take the correction and counsels from Anyone who is testifing of our savior jesus christ. 

again, god is in control and if we listen to the holy spirit, he will bless us.

love you all!! 

elder jeppson

1.nkanfoa district! and the durrants
2. elder offorikuma went home! gonna miss that guys sooo much!!
3.meet baby kendrick!! (littlerly named after kendrick lamar hahah)

19 June 2017

Week #43


happy fathers day!! even though im a day late fathers should always be appriciated for all that they do! especially ole bishop jeppson. what a guy hhaha love that man!

well we went with presidents son this week! sooooo much fun! guys a great guy and it was cool to see how a state side missionary taught the lessons compared to how we teach them. we had a blast and i of course bought him a bunch of things to try hahah he said he like them all so that was cool!! ahah

well i dont have much to say this week. we taughts lots of lessons, im close to the ocean so weve been having a nice breeze to keep us cool. i love it hahaha coming home tired is a good thing but cause im getting fat im trying to work out but im just soooo dead i cant motivate myself hhahahahahahah ohhhh welll!

this week i was talking with some elders how when teaching the gospel and especially the plan of salvation, its sooo much easier to teach about the past. things like the pre earth life, the creation, the fall of adam and eve. because they happened. they are the FACTS, but when teaching about our life after death, it requires a person to exercise a lot of faith. we have to teach on our knowledge of gods plan for us and back it up with scripture to show that the plan of happiness, IS REAL. and its happening right now.

but what we decided as a group of elders is that if gods plan worked PERFECTLY in the past, it will also work PERFECTLY in the future! its exciting to think that the future is yes unknowable but at the same time it is a fact. the next life will occur cause its a fact and its all apart of Gods eternal plan for his children. 

i love this gospel and i love learning more and more eachday.

(halfway done with the book of mormon) masta that book is tooooo goood oooo

till we meet next week!

elder jeppson

1. my trainer, Elder Divver, completed his mission and went home this week!! love that man and how he taught me to really work as a missionary! till we meet again dawg!!
2. Evans stevenson, came out with us on exchanged! we enjoyed paaa!

12 June 2017

Week #42

accepting THE plan

this week is kind of hard to describe, but the impact of it is unforgettable.

friday was just an average morning, slunch out of bed, walk to the couch and "rest" for a few minutes lol i go outside and polish my shoes, iron my shirt, have some egg sandwhich (EVERYDAY) went to my personal studies and studied out of the words of alma the younger. after planning, made some stew for lunch. chopped it with a caprisun. then got ready and left the house.

we were going to see a momi named sister Doris. sister doris also has 2 daughters that we teach her with. one is 10 and the other is 15. all three of them doris,emmanuela, and anas are all investagators who are planning to be baptized next month.we walked with a member to translate our message with her. the lessons was on God and his relationship to us and the importance of Families. the lesson went great!! the spirit was ever present! anas came out half way through the lesson very sick and she didnt stay for more then a minute before she went back to her room.

after the lesson we left and went to our next appointment, sister adjuwa. we talked with her for a while before the lesson and then a short lesson on joseph smith. towards the end of the lesson we get a call from Doris, the momi we just taught. i pick of the phone and all she is saying is simply, "Anas is Dead...." she was crying and screaming on the phone. she told us she was at a nearby training hospital.

we got in a taxi and went to the hospital, my mind could not believe it, i just saw anas not even 2 hours ago alive, yes sick but alive! as soon as i stepped out of the taxi. momi doris was in my arms uncontrollably crying.... her 10 year old baby girl, Anas. has just minutes ago taken her last breath. 

elder ogar and i did everything we could to comfort sister doris. but it really was just too much. while we waited on the curb till her family members arrived, my companion and i could not control ourselves. as we sat there crying for what had just happened, i felt prompted to sing to sister doris, a song i knew she could not interpret/understand, "i know that my redeemer lives." as i began to sob and sing awfully through that wonderful song. momi doris stopped crying and listen to the words. 

even though sister doris knows very little english. she heard something that i can not sing. she heard and felt the love of heavenly father and his son jesus christ. i know. I Know sister doris was comforted by the spirit. we said a prayer with her and after a few hours we left to go teach another person.

The way god works. had it not been just that morning we had talking about family and how they can be together forever?? had we not discussed that god will always comfort us during our trials?? had we not just discussed that if we follow christ, and endure to the end. nothing. nothing can stop us from living with our familys and christ someday.

brother and sisters. God lives. i know it. he knows you. and he is there for you.

we attended the funeral this morning. what a great morning for poor little anas. but she is where she needs to be. receiving the gospel on that side of the veil. What a powerful lesson i learned this week. i will never forget the feelings i felt.

God bless you all

elder jeppson

1-2. last zone conference with president stevenson!!!
3-4. elder youngs BDAY

06 June 2017

Week #41

life couldnt be better

well it was fast sunday this week. and i forgot to fast, hahahah being in a routine in the morning just really gets messed up when things change like fast sunday. lolo its all good though! next month!

well i dont have much to say about this week, didnt teach a lot, had an exchange with the supply elders and got to prosylet in a CAR for a day so that was sick! also i went to the cape coast castle!! man i learned sooo many cool/unreal things about that place. what a small world we really live in!

well i was reading in mosiah 4 this week. taught me somthing i really really struggle with. it talks about those beggars, and poor, invested people we see on the streets asking for food or money. its says if you tell yourself those people did that to them selves and they are poor/mad because they did it to them selves, therefore i wont be charitable or help them, the council is if  you say this in your hearts, you are called to repent. cause you dont belong in gods kingdom with that kind of heart.

love ALL of gods children, no matter there circumstance, or what they have done in the past. be charitable, feed those in need, clothe the naked, and show love to your brothers and sisters. im trying to do that here but its hard cause you help one and they all expect money now, but i know if we do what the lord councils on in mosiah, we will inherit all that he hath. its not easy but, " do what is right, let the consequence follow." 

have a good week!! 

find yourself in the scriptures!

elder jeppson

trying to send pics but this cafe!! hahaha

1.wheel chair chillin
2-3. feastin for the best. CHOCOLATE CAKE
4.cape coast castle!!!!!