26 June 2017

Week #44

listening to the testimonies of God

man weeks are just flying..... soooo messed up! but elder ogar and i are just having such a good time! beatrice is gonna be baptised this week and everyday we are just meeting more and more people who are soo prepared to hear this gospel. missionary work is tooooo good!!

crazy story this week. that wedding we attended last week, the father of the groom, a nigerian was the one who made it possible for the wedding to even happen! with out his faith that he could convince the brides father to let his son marry his daughter,they wedding could of not of happened. the father brought his WHOLE family from nigeria to have his sons wedding in ghana! just an amazing good man!

after he had done all this work and the wedding was over us missionaries hung out and cleaned up the place. but before we left the father of the groom gave us his testimony of this gospel. man what a powerful testimony he bore to us 5... the things he said were truly from the spirit of the lord and i will never forget the warnings and testimonies he bore. the next day he left cape coast with his family back to nigeria a 2 day car ride.

but not even 2 hours out side cape coast the family was in a terrible car accident and he was killed instantly on impact while his wife went into and coma and his kids with many various wounds. what an awful just devastating news that was to hear when we found out. made the whole town of nkanfoa just sick. after all that man did to witness his youngest sons wedding he was killied.

just the night before i was able to witness probably one of the last testimony that man bore in this mortal life to his fellow saints. i thank my heavenly father for those few precious minutes with that man. he truley was a diciple of christ. prayers be with his family and his friends. its not easy but that man finish his work on this earth. he witness his youngest sons marriage. 

ive contemplated if i hadnt of listen to his testimony that night before. i could of missed something that god wanted me to hear. i learned that when ever ANYONE is bearing their testimony, Listen. there are things that each of us needs to hear and if we dont listen, those promises said we can never achieve because of just a small moment of not listening to the spirit teach us. its not always easy to listen to others especially when you feel that i already know the stuff that he knows. we have to be humble and take the correction and counsels from Anyone who is testifing of our savior jesus christ. 

again, god is in control and if we listen to the holy spirit, he will bless us.

love you all!! 

elder jeppson

1.nkanfoa district! and the durrants
2. elder offorikuma went home! gonna miss that guys sooo much!!
3.meet baby kendrick!! (littlerly named after kendrick lamar hahah)

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