03 July 2017

Week #45

the legend President Stevenson

what a cool week it was! president stevenson left this morning for the USA!! the whole country of ghana is gonna miss that man. he taught me sooo many things but above all i think the best thing that man taught me what really understanding Agency can affect your dailey life. understanding agency helps understand that everyone has there choice to do WHAT EVER they want to do. like god we too must learn to respect everyones agency and their decisions, sometimes we know people are making the wrong choice but all we can do is just pray for them and show a good example. but we Must all learn to respect the agency of others and just do our part. Im gonna miss president stevenson! that man is sooo powerful and a true diciple of christ!

....that being said... president and sister hillam are sooooo COOL!! we are gonna enjoy these next few weeks and i cant wait to get to know them!

sister beatrice was baptize on saturday. shes fat so i had to do the baptizm cause ogar was scared hahah man i struggled to pull her up ill be honest hahah but the baptism was soooo sweet!

well ive been reading about the wars in the last few chapters of alma, one of the most well known stories is of course! Helaman and the 2000 strippling warriors. as i was readding though i realized somthing i havent thought of before. when the laminites are chasing the 2000, helaman says that they could not turn left or right or they would be surrounded by the lamanites and overtaken. so helaman and his men ran in a straight line away from them not turning left of right but running straight away from danger.

in our life when danger is following us or temptation, lets not even give in just a little by turning just small to the left or right. RUN in a straight line away from danger. now this could be a literal sence or spiritualy. we must not give in even just a little, when we do, just as helaman states, we would of been overtaken and destroyed. like i said i love this story! means sooo much to me!!

keep it up and ENJOY THE GREATEST HOLIDAY IN THE WORLD! love you all. thanks for the prayers.

elder jeppson

1.me and like 2000 bucks of one of my members kentay!! 
2. beatrices baptism!!
3. some of us elders in cape coast pitched in for a painting made for presidents going away gift. LOOKS good!
4. one of our members sons named moroni celebrated his BDAY so we went and just enjoyed!! (elder stevens and i are july born so we got to help cut the cake)

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