17 July 2017

Week #47


well nothing to really say about this week except we ate a LOT of food hahaha i think my prayers have been answered cause i was soooo tired of not having Fm's in nkanfoa (free meals) but man like 4 Big fufus and boncu fms in a row hahah

the work is great! everyday elder ogar and i get closer and closer and our teaching styles are sooo powerful now. ive learned a lot from him and i continue to learn everyday. lots of contacting this week. HAHAHAH elder ogar and i both had a prompting to try to talk to this one lady walking by but when i greeted her she didnt respond I kept walking hahah Ogar on the other hand stopped and tried to talk the lady. SHES DEAF. hahah we both didnt know how to react but just made little heart symbols and waved bye hahahaha we both just died laughing!! but who knows maybe we planted just a small smallllll seed! hahah oh mission is funny!

nothing much to say about this week but i encourage each and everyone one of you that read this email to sit down one night and just write a list of all the possessions you have. write EVERYTHING. when you get done youll feel somthing that i cant describe in an email. a feeling of gratitude and love that your father in heaven has for you. being grateful is not always easy especially during trials but we all have soooo much and sometimes we dont even recognize it. god love us all and blesses us with so many things, sometimes more then we even need... 

ghana has taught me a lot. and everyday i learn more and more from the most humble, grateful people in the world! 


elder jeppson

1. the district!!
3. more fooooooooood
4. ogar and i with our kentay matching ties. (CUTE, I KNOW)

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