29 May 2017

Week #40


lo and behold.... im in cape!! sooo much fun!! i love it sooo much!! today i saw a white girl for the first time in 9 months, bought some KOOL AID (in remembrance of mom) hahah i found some frosted flakes and the ocean is just right there!! (man chale i wish i could swim.... CAPE COAST IS SOOO HOT! as you can tell im pretty stoked to be here but i really do miss the members of fosu.. those guys are sooo sweet and i miss them a ton!

my new area is called nkanfoa, its where the mission home is.... its kind of weird going toooo far from the mission home to it being in your area hahah its a small town in the hills just on the outsides of cape! my new companion is elder Ogar (say it like youre Shrek but with pirate feel) Oggarrrrrrrr hahah hes a sweet guy that just completed his training so hes still really really new! so its fun to watch him work his green. but this new area is sooo hilly so my butt is dying of soreness hahahah take me a while to figure it out. and whats really sweet about serving around cape is that mostly everyone can speak decent english so teaching is sooo nice now!

GUESS WHAT. my new appartment is like the nicest in the mission!! its like going from a shack in Pine, IDaho to the FREAKING WHITE HOUSE!! HAHAHAHAHAH im just enjoying a COUCH and 2 fridges and 2 bathrooms.. man life is sooo good rn!! lol

well i want everyone to know that the lord humbles all of us for our own good and when we look back on how we were when the pride was there... we feel stupid. for example. the 2 other elders i live with are the supply elders. i did not like these guys at allllllll! they act all official but man they just sucked soo bad and i never got my supplies for my house in fosu. so one day in fosu i picked up the phone and fired them for a good 10 minutes. i hated them. little did i know that the lord need me to love these guys so what did he do?? he sent me to live with him!! haha i was a little shocked when i found out but only after like 5 days..i love these guys! they are sooo sweet! and i am truly blessed to serve with them! God is in control and he knows what hes doing. its about accepting his will and becoming humble, as jesus christ taught, "becoming as a little child." its not always easy but i know its what we need to do to come closer towards our savior! 

LOVE YOU ALL! just know im gonna be eatin some nutella for the next few days and sippin on some powerade!! hahaha

elder jeppson

1.my companion and i at stake conference
2. never seen a black girl with blue eyes, sooo beautiful
3.new area
4. mission van got stuck after the rain hahahah

22 May 2017

Week #39

eye dey go ooo!

WELL AFTER 9 months i am leaving assin fosu.... its crazy to think ive been here this whole time!! im gonna miss ward 1 sooo much and ive gotten soo close to the youth of this ward. they truley are one of the greatest people in the world. and i thank them for the things ive learned!! hahahah BUT CHALE EYE DEY GOOOOOOO HAHAHAHAHAH ill be honest..... im sooo stoked to go heheh lol i thank god.

this week was sooo fun! we went to farm with the sisters and we climbed a mountain to the farm on top of it. it was sweet! and sooo pretty. i dont think ill ever get closer to a district. all the people are sooo sweet! had a like 2 hour lesson with our doctrine investagator paul. haha guy said "what if god at the end of the world he destroys all of us and then just restarts and makes more children?" hahahh i love that guy but his questions are toooo much for me! 

well nothing much to say this week. i love fosu. i will never forget this place. god placed me here for a reason and i thank him for every second i got to spend here. love you all! have a good week!!!

elder jeppson

1. my faviorite tradition here. soak the man on there BIRTHDAY haha
2. PLENTY PLENTY FUFU (my stomach was gonna explode!!)
3-9: FARM OOOO  more farm!!! and the sweet view
10-12. the boys made us jolaf since im leaving!! love those kids (gave them some stuff to remember me hahaha)

15 May 2017

Week #38

Personal Conversion

WOW oh WOW oh WOW! SOOOO FANTASTIC tooo see the FAM yesterday!! HAPPY mothers day to alll those moms out there!! (or some day in the near future to be moms hehe) for all those with kids serving missions isnt just calling home just the best. precious seconds of a servant of god and their family talking about how truley blessed there are to have eachother in there life. God is too good.

well this week was SOOOO busy. zone conference lol my 6th conference in assin fosu so that was fun! i had my last interview with the greatest man i've ever met, President Stevenson. it was sooo wonderful, that man truly is called of God. some of the sisters got sick again sooo some nights in the hospital and sooo i was just sooo tired hahahaha but best of the best sister amina was baptized this weekend! 

sister aminas parents are muslims and so is amina somehow. but the parents wanted her daughter to go to the church of jesus christ of later day saints. its kind of an amazing change. in the west africa area we are not alowed to teach muslims unless they are interview by our president. so the change of aminas life is sooo amazing going from something sooo far to what we believe in this church. the miracles are endless! 

Amina had to have a personal conversion. she had to know it was true. each one of us in our lives can ask god anything to know the Truth to our problems. weather its a new spice you want to try or if youre wondering if God is really listening to your prayers. I know god will always answer our questions. "we need only ask" i love it! sweet is the work!!!!

1-2. Zone conference
3.Amina baptism
5. Mountain house for Dinner!! WAHOO

08 May 2017

Week #37

act or ignore, its a choice.

OH MY, MASTA this week went toooooo flippin fast!!!!!! lots of appointments and we were kept soooo busy! i love busy weeks cause they honestly just make you enjoy. when youre working time goes, i believe that to be a fact so as we are out under that dang hot ball of fire in the sky... the work becomes truley divine, and i love it.

well elder woyesa and i have been soooo lazy these past few weeks for some reason so this week weve been pushing eachother to one up eachother in contacts. HAHA ohh elder woyesa is a goof and i love him sooo much, always making the work fun for me! weve also been teaching a boy named paul and the guy straight up is asking questions like who is gods father and monther and his wife sooooo weve been trying to pull everything back to faith and the simple principles of the gospel. HAHA the way my head hurts after those lessons trying to show this guy scriputes to annswer his questions but it just creates more questions lol no whalla, well keep working on that one hahah

well elder brooks and i were gonna go out to just grab some lunch before we go and proslyte and as he was leaving he grabbed his scripture bag, i kind of chuckled and said like "bro were just getting lunch? haha you can bring it if you want?" hahah he laughed and said, 'yea idk why i grabbed it" and i totally felt promted to bring just a little pamphlet but me, i didnt listen to that still small voice. So we left went to the chop bar and had some niiiiice FUFU but hears the thing. as we finished eating a man in his 50s comes and sits down and asks, " i want to know the basic believes of your church, and i want to know whats the benefit of the latter day saint church offer to me if i want it?"..........

the way i just wanted to shrink into a hole and die hahahah WHY DIDNT I BRING A SINGLE PAMPHLET!! A SINGLE PAMPHLET COULD OF ANSWERED ALL HIS QUESTIONS!! i did my best to explain what i could in the short time we sat with him. we told him the basic belifs of the church and then i told him the ulitamite gift the church can give you ( what i meant to say is what follow jesus christ can give you), is eternal salvation and exaltation. he was struck by my answer and wished to study more. the thing is he lives WAYYY in the bush  and doesnt even get network there. if only i had listen and brought that little book. mission is all about making mistakes and learning from them. we have to learn to act on a promptings ALWAYS. its not a sometimes. we have to be constantly listening to the holy ghost and most imporatantly ACT on th
ose promptings! hahah oh mission! the things itll teach ya!

i hope one day some missionary can give that man a pamphlet or even a book of mormon to find out for himself, the truth. BUT all is well! we can change and repent and hopefully one day one day, we can be perfected in him. im glad im always able to change and repent, jesus is the christ. he lives and i know it. love you all! have a great week!! 

elder jeppson

1-2. me and the boys, albert and yaw
3. this new sister from nigeria has the DOPEST LAST NAME. ( makes me trunky though hahah) IDAHOSA
4-8. us just enjoying the zone activity and of course Kenkay ANd FUFU 

06 May 2017

Week #36

A life time goal: Achieved

This past week ive reflected on how much knowledge ive learned about
the gospel in the past 8 months!! last week wednesday i finished the
Bible! and with now finishing that ive now read the old testament, new
testament, book of mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and the pearl of
great price! i have an firm testimony of the scriptures and what they
can teach us. There is no question, no concern, no problem that cannot
be resolved through the study of the scriptures! i love the old
testament, at first it was sooo hard to read but as you truley
understand and pray as you read the scriptures, god will manifest the
truth to you and enlighten your mind on the true meaning of the
stories and inspired writing in the scriputes! NOW to start all over
again!!! im excited to read it all for the second time! its gonna be
sooo cool!

well the whole sisters appartment was sick this week so that kind of
sucked cause we were at the hospital alot.... ive litterly sat in that
hospital for DAYS! hahah well all is well! i ran out of money about
last week wednesday so i was using some curry powder as my stew for my
rice for a few days HAHAH oh the things you have to do to live around
here! but all is well now!

So this week we had a great lesson with one of my recent converts,
sister jacklin. we were talking about familys and temples and the
question we asked her was, "how can families live together with god
someday?" she paused and with all confidence in her, she boldly
stated, " through repentace." Now that is a perfect, inspired answer
from jaclyn. with out us turning away from the natural man and
repenting of our sins we can not, and will not enter into gods kingdom
with our familys. Jacklin is one powerful kiddo and i cant wait to
keep teaching her about gods greatest gift on this earth, the
temples!! ill be honest, i miss the temple... its been hard to go with
out it but in time i will go soon!

well another great week! lots of fun activites coming up! and i cant
belive we are calling home in 2 weeks!!!! WAHOO!!!! love you all!

Elder Jeppson

1. SOOO much rain
2. danga was sick so she got an ultra sound hahahahahah
3-4. scriptures completed!!
5. me and my compa just arrguing hahahah love that man