08 May 2017

Week #37

act or ignore, its a choice.

OH MY, MASTA this week went toooooo flippin fast!!!!!! lots of appointments and we were kept soooo busy! i love busy weeks cause they honestly just make you enjoy. when youre working time goes, i believe that to be a fact so as we are out under that dang hot ball of fire in the sky... the work becomes truley divine, and i love it.

well elder woyesa and i have been soooo lazy these past few weeks for some reason so this week weve been pushing eachother to one up eachother in contacts. HAHA ohh elder woyesa is a goof and i love him sooo much, always making the work fun for me! weve also been teaching a boy named paul and the guy straight up is asking questions like who is gods father and monther and his wife sooooo weve been trying to pull everything back to faith and the simple principles of the gospel. HAHA the way my head hurts after those lessons trying to show this guy scriputes to annswer his questions but it just creates more questions lol no whalla, well keep working on that one hahah

well elder brooks and i were gonna go out to just grab some lunch before we go and proslyte and as he was leaving he grabbed his scripture bag, i kind of chuckled and said like "bro were just getting lunch? haha you can bring it if you want?" hahah he laughed and said, 'yea idk why i grabbed it" and i totally felt promted to bring just a little pamphlet but me, i didnt listen to that still small voice. So we left went to the chop bar and had some niiiiice FUFU but hears the thing. as we finished eating a man in his 50s comes and sits down and asks, " i want to know the basic believes of your church, and i want to know whats the benefit of the latter day saint church offer to me if i want it?"..........

the way i just wanted to shrink into a hole and die hahahah WHY DIDNT I BRING A SINGLE PAMPHLET!! A SINGLE PAMPHLET COULD OF ANSWERED ALL HIS QUESTIONS!! i did my best to explain what i could in the short time we sat with him. we told him the basic belifs of the church and then i told him the ulitamite gift the church can give you ( what i meant to say is what follow jesus christ can give you), is eternal salvation and exaltation. he was struck by my answer and wished to study more. the thing is he lives WAYYY in the bush  and doesnt even get network there. if only i had listen and brought that little book. mission is all about making mistakes and learning from them. we have to learn to act on a promptings ALWAYS. its not a sometimes. we have to be constantly listening to the holy ghost and most imporatantly ACT on th
ose promptings! hahah oh mission! the things itll teach ya!

i hope one day some missionary can give that man a pamphlet or even a book of mormon to find out for himself, the truth. BUT all is well! we can change and repent and hopefully one day one day, we can be perfected in him. im glad im always able to change and repent, jesus is the christ. he lives and i know it. love you all! have a great week!! 

elder jeppson

1-2. me and the boys, albert and yaw
3. this new sister from nigeria has the DOPEST LAST NAME. ( makes me trunky though hahah) IDAHOSA
4-8. us just enjoying the zone activity and of course Kenkay ANd FUFU 

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