16 October 2017

Week #60

sometimes its not easy

GOOD LONG WEEK OH MY GOODNESS! elder mease has finished his training! its all over now and its time for hard HARD work. jk weve already been working hard hah but we gon go lots harder in the paint now! haha i honestly cant believe its already been 12 weeks... time has just flown! and elder mease and i have just become the best of friends!

well the reason i said its not easy is cause despite the 10 new investagators weve been getting recently and all the ghanians in ALL of nkanfoa promising us they will come to church.... yep, not even one came.

patience. its a lesson and a principle i am trying to master and understand.... OHHHH MY GOSH ITS HARD THOUGH. hahah you just wish people understood how important it is for them to go to this church. you teach them what this gospel offers, eternal life, you help them with members and friends, and activites and still they dont get it and dont come. but the question i find my self always asking is why?

and i think i got an answer..... heheheheh the answer is simply the world...

now i know that makes no sense but like its the world. people see that if youre not doing what everyone else is doing then youre doing it wrong if your church doesnt have like 5 programs a week and play loud music or if they dont speak in the gift of tougues (quick example of what that sounds like) lsdhfoskdafjdsaokjfsdioafsmdaflkdsjflkdsafjldksjfsakjfsdlkjfsdlakfjsdkl then youre doing youre life wrong and youre church is false.

you get the point? everyone wants to go with the current. and just be like everyone else. but what does gods want!? he wants us to do what is right and go the way he wants us to go. i am trying to learn these people situation and put my self in there shoes cause i see that after your whole life of knowing something. to have some missionaries come and tell you you have been doing it all wrong.... it wouldnt be easy to take hahah but by small things i know that the people we are teaching will understand the imporatace of this gospel. cause miricles DO happen but only after the trail of our faith.

brothers and sisters ALL is Well is Zion! and god still reigns on high so dont worry about what the world says. listen to that beautiful song that God is singing for YOU personal to hear. cause he knows the way.

love you dearly
elder jeppson

09 October 2017

Week #59

well, another week!

nothing like mission. everyday the same stuff. but at the same time everyday is unique and when i write in my journal every night i just reflect on how truley blessed i am for having this very rare opportunity to serve the lord, in the country of ghana. now the reason i say that "rare" is that only about 75000 other people around the world know exactly how it is to be a missionary in our day and time. OH HOW LUCKY AM I!! btw cool fact for the day for 1 missionary, there are about 101000 people that are not missionaries hahahah BLESSED.

well elder mease and i just had a KIller week! we had like 6 new investagators who we are hopeing to progress reaally fast. missionary work is soo different in every area but for the most part the challenge is when knowing when to drop and investagator cause of non-seriousness or other reasons. you want to help these people sooooo bad especially after you have taught them everything and you feel that you KNOW that person sooo well and yet they still are not ready to comit to follow our saviour and joing his church... its not easy droppign people you have taught for months. but its like a unripe mango... they just aren't ready yet. patience is the key to this work, i have a big testimony of that.

well i have nothing to really share this week. just finished the doctrine and covenants again! the last few chapters... are tooo good! crazy how much unknown mysteries there are in the scriputes. i cant wait till all things will be reveled and everything will just makes sooooo much more sense hahah.

10 weeks till christmas, but whos counting........... hhahahah

god bless you all.

elder jeppson

-- momies makin some boncu for us 
-- beautiful ghana!! gotta love nkanfoa lol

02 October 2017

Week #58

All 5 sessions of the greatest conference

funny story: 

so a few weeks ago we had a young priest ordain a recent convert in the ward to a priest as well. the boy giving the blessing is benjamin. it was his first time to ever ordain another person to a priesthood office. benjamin began the prayer and it sounded like he had preformed this ordination many many times he did such a great job! and gave such a beautiful blessing at the end.

the funny part is right as he said amen. HIS jaw dropped and he turned his palm over looking at his hand like he had just thrown fire out of his hand on the particks head!! hahahahahahahhaha the whole priesthood was laughing soooo hard. love how these boys are learning to practice their priesthood. hahahahahahh sooooooo funny! (maybe you had to be there) lol

conference.. this was not an average conference there was a type of spirit that i have never ever felt before as i listen to conference. the talks were sooo inspiring and sooo touching and i know god truley does call prophets seers and revelators to teach and edify our learning and spiritual growth of this restored gospel.

Tad R. Callister. FIRE! hahahah i will never ever EVER take anti stuff about joseph smith and the book of mormon. man that guy laided it all out! such a great talk i loved it all!

"we can see spiritually beyond what we can see spiritually" - W. Christopher Waddell

yeaaaaaaaa so pretty much pres uchdorf made the word. IT. be like a full sentence!! the guy took the word LIGHT. to a whole new level!!!! hahahha soooo sweet!

and my most favorite talk of conference was richard J. maynes. he said something i will never forget. he said that his dad once told him, "once you compromise your integrity, you can never get it back. Dont ever do it. not even once." i loved that statment and it means a lot to me. have integrity be trustful and do what is right always. never give in!!! 

let us all go back and read these talks. ALL OF THEM. each of them had such inspiring hidden messages. just as elder anderson said as you read them you will find treasures in these talks meant for you. 

LOVE IT!! such a good week! love you all!

elder jeppson

1-2. for 13 months i have been with elder young. he finally went home! imma miss that guy soooo much! learned soo much from him.
3. just crazy stuff hahahah our stupid house
5-6. conference and a view (dont mind moroni and his butt lol)

25 September 2017

Week #57

Joseph Smith

Elder Mease and i are going to stay together another transfer! we are both very excited to continue to work in nkanfoa! this week nothing really happened. i can just feel haamitan (dry season) coming. im sooooo burnt and its tooo freaking hot latley!

joseph smith, the prophet in this last dispensations, as been stated, " has done for the salvation of mankind then jesus christ himself." someone i owe everything to. because of him, i am who i am today. and with out his faith, i could have non or faith in the wrong things, things of the world, not of god.

for the last 3 weeks we have had 4 young men in the ward that came up to us missionaries after church to ask if we could teach them more about joseph smith and especially his history. of course we said yes and all 4 of us were sooo excited to learn with these powerful young men.

as we read out of joseph smith history and even a few sections out of the Doctrine and covenants, my eyes were opened to a whole new perspective of jospeh smith. as the boys asked us question after questions, i asked my self, "why on earth would 4 young men in the middle of west africa care SO much about knowing what a small 14 year old boy who lived many decades before them, in a country so far away?"

then of course the spirit of the lord answered my questions almost as soon as it came into my head. Joseph Smith is a True prophet of God and this is the church of christ that through Him was restored in its fullness. those boys knew it and they wanted to know how it was possible. even though they already knew he was a prophet they wanted to know more and more and more. the testimonys those boys shared to us changed my life and perspective of the prophet joseph smith.i am forever greatful for that man.

cant wait for another week to share about him and our savior jesus christ! love it!

elder jeppson

1. the 4 boyz! emmanuel, benjamin, mogabe, john
2-4. more dinners with president and the durrants hahahah (WE ENJOYING)
5. Elder Stephens is going on transfer, gonna miss that guy
6. little baby going to the bathroom lol one of our investigators daughter hahah
7-11. (pictures we received from Elder Mease's mom - thank you!)

18 September 2017

Week #56


went to takoradi to renew my non-citizen card in takoradi! was such a blast to be with my TC's all together after 1 year. we spent the day together and went to the nicest hotel in the mission and got some great foooooood of course! its amazing how much you can change in just a year. THE PROVO 9! the first ever to come to ghana and come from the provo mtc. hahah man we enjoyed! i think everyone in the whole mission knows my group is the best in the wholllle mission! i love it! hahaha

mease and i started to teach a few new investigators this week. and some of them turned out to be soooo great! had a couple of people come to church. so we are starting to see some more people prepared by the lord.

we are on week 9 of training.... man the way time goes. elder mease is doing soo great and is farrr better at teaching then i was when i came i love it, and i love how even though he is in training i feel that i am being retrained and remined on the things that i need to do better.

questions. ohhh how i love questions. i used to fear the idea of getting asked a question by someone and not knowing how to answer it. brother dadzie one of our investagators has some crazy crazy questions. but there are sincere and real questions, thats why we continue to answer them. but what ive learned about teaching people is that if youre talking more then the investigator, the investigator might learn something, but if you want someone to really come unto christ and change there nature and not just there behavior.... ask questions and have THEM talk.

instead of telling people what they need to do to follow christ, have them answer there own questions. it might not make sense cause if you have a questions its usually cause you dont have the answer. but when someone has to really think why they need to repent and why they need to be baptized. before you even tell them the scriptural answer, they will have some kind of idea why. it might not be 100 percent the correct answer, but there is always truth in a sincere response. and after they give an answer on there OWN questions you add to what they said and testify of the truthfull ness that you know.

brothers and sisters im not just learning how to teach but i am actually learning how to learn myself. its amazing what inspired questions can do to those you meet. dont fear to question the scriputes as long as your motives are right, you will receive an answer. i know it and i see my prayers and questions get answered everyday.

god bless you my friends

elder jeppson

1-2. one of our members husband died and so the relief society did some service and got some food and things to help her out during this hard time. but we had to carry most the stuff of the BIG hill hahahah its was awesome to see the relief society doing what they do best. SERVE
3-8. Atlantic hotel with the BOYZ!! man that burger was goooooood hahah

11 September 2017

Week #55


yea well our district rap we are writing for our mission is almost done so you can say i am pretty stoked for this week hahahaha

well elder mease and i went to our trainers follow up meeting at ola chapel this week. we watched clips from the movie miracle on ice, (one of the greatest movies of alllll times) hahaha we talked about the first few weeks of mission and how there stages. the first being forming, the part where we get assigned to our companion and we are all so full of energy, straight from the mtc sooo stoked for missionary work!

the next stage is the storming stage, after the first week or few days on mission the new missionary is tired and not used to all the new stuff that mission has in front of them. there are small fights with the companionship cause of not understandings and others. this stage is the stage companions need to get out of.

the next is norming, chemistry, where the companionship is starting to get along and they have a rhythm in teaching now and they learn to talk and work with one another. this is where the skill is developing and the lords work it progressing! 

the last is performing, the stage of miracles where now that both companions know each other and love one another and work with an obedient mind the miracles and people being baptised are converted to the lord. this is the stage what all missionaries should strive for!

it was a great meeting and elder mease and i are having a great time i love it!

well elder young wants to get on so i love you all. remember to choose the right at all time. god is watching. 


elder jeppson

1-3. foooooooood, pizza, cereal at president house, MASSIVE platain
4-5. trainers follow up meeting
6. president gave us goooood ole idaho potatoes!! we enjoyed!! hahah
7.me sooo tired after my hour argument with bishop about a temple marriage and a traditional marriage ayyye the culture of ghana is not easy ooo hahah

04 September 2017

Week #54

The biggest festival in Ghana.

man oh man these week was a tough one!! all week we just walked around trying to talk to anyone we could meet but all went to town for the big festival! had like 3 lessons alllll week and not even 1 investagator came to church.... but we did enjoy a little district movie night watched 17 miracles and played some volleyball this morning so it made up for the bad week! 

but something i would like to share comes from my reading in doctrine and covenants section 59:23, one of my all time favorites. it reads, "But learn that he who doeth the works of righteousness shall receive his reward even peace in this world and eternal life in the world to come."

now the reason i like this scripture so much is cause its sooo simple and it applys to alll mankind no matter who you are or where you come from. i love how it starts by saying "but learn" without going to the scriptures and actually studying what god wants us to do we will never know joy and peace. having the knowledge of what god wants us to do exactly, is a feeling of relief, not worrying about messing up or doing something wrong. with knowledge of gods plan we dont have to guess or worry whats gonna happen, we will already know!

the next states, "he who doeth the work or righteousness" he didnt say anyone who just does work or someone that is just a member of his church. doeth, is an action word so those who are acting on their faith and working for gods gifts will recieve what he has promised. we can not be idle, being there is simply not enough, we must be involved.

and the last part, "will recieve his reward" it sounds personal to me like each of us will have peace and joy but the word HIS makes it sounds like i will personaly have a reward for what i do. SO COOL! and the coolest part about this scripture is that God is promising not just peace in this life but also in the next even the greatest of all gods gifts, Eternal life.

what a coool scripture i just love sooo very much, let us all do our part and work to reicieve OUR reward. god bless you all have a great week!

elder jeppson

1.BBQ sauce face after a solid egg sandwich hahah
2.just a small parade through just tiny nkanfoa
3-4. the brethern (elder williams on exchange with stevens)
5. nothing like some empasi, yam and egg stew!! sooo nice!

28 August 2017

Week #53


brothers and sisters..... WOW..... a whole year has come and gone and as for me, i have been experiencing the greatest life time adventure i could ever ask for. As of August 23, 2016 i have been set apart as a full time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. all i can say to my heavenly father is a thank you and i love you. this past year has not been easy at allllll. but because of this gospel i have experienced a change in my life that i know nooo money, no school, nooo job could give me. A knowledge that my Savior lives. i know it.

well this week was of course sick as heck. like mannnnn i just enjoyed hahahah chopping some goood foood everyday, extending baptism dates, talking to non serious people about the gospel, starting working out again hhahah and of course learning more and more about the gospel of jesus christ.

Brother Dadzie, a 35 year old man that lives in cape coast cause of work while his family lives in accra had a cool eye opening lesson with us on tuesday, the lesson was on the work of wisdom. (GREAT LESSON) hahaha well in accra where his family stays he used to drink alchol on the weekends with his friends at the club he wasnt addicted but he like the time with his friends. as we explained the word of wisdom he was very quiet and didnt say much. after we spoke we pause and my compa asked if he any questions or something hed like to say, he then told us that ever since he moved to cape coast he hasnt drunk anything and he doesnt even have the desire to drink ever again. he told us that if he had not moved to cape about a year ago then he proboly would of not have stopped. but he has notice that there is a difference in his life when he doesnt drink. he asked us very specifically if he had to for sure 100 percent stop drinking to be baptized we told him we are not perfect but we must be prepared and commited to not ever drink ever again. he told us the reason he asks is because he wants to make sure that when he is baptized he has been baptized correctly and he is ready to commit to follow his savior forever.

the lord prepares people to reiceve his gospel. over the past year i have seen it many times, but truely i know god is in control and that there is noooo need to worry cause in the end.... all things will be made right and the elect will stand by christs side at the last day. 

1 more year.... its not enough time. but itll have to do. thank you all for the wonderful support you have shown me this time. means a lot and i really appreciate it. love you all, my prayers and blessing be upon you all! 


Elder Jeppson
Ghana Cape Coast Mission

1. feels like jungle book in our bush village hahah
2-5. DINNER AT ROYAL RIDGE!!! man we enjoyed!! place was the nicest place i have eaten at my whole time in ghana.
6-7. elder nelson and i (my TC) puttin up 1 for one down one to go!! hahah
8. MY CITY, plus a massive fallen tree hahaha