13 November 2017

Week #64

Malo e Lelei

TARKWA!! my new area is sooo cool, and ohhhh my goodness it is HUGE! i cant believe how cool our area is. tarkwa is a BIG mining town in ghana! so its pretty dusty but i thought it was gonna be a bush... THIS PLACE A CITY! its actually a way nice area! and my companion and Second son is elder Piutau! from tonga! hes got a great sense of humor and loves the work. we are excited to get to know tarkwa together! hahha

well it wasnt an easy saying goodbye to nkanfoa, the apparment, the companion, the members, it was all just too unreal amazing. but all good things come to an end sometime so that we can start a new chapter. the 4.5 hour tro tro ride to tarkwa from cape is not the fun at alllll! hahaha and the first night we got there water and power were both out. they have fixed the power but for the past almost week now everymorning and night we go and fetch water from the well outside our house to bath....OHHHH GHANA! its sooo dope to be a missionary here. doing things you never thought youd have to do! lol

we had district conference down in takaradi on sunday so it was great to see soooo many members of this district get together with the idea of in the next few years to create a stake here in Tarkwa! I LOVE SEEING THE WORK GROW!

well nothing really to say more, excited for another week ahead full of good times with a tongan! hahah love you all!

elder jeppson

no pics........... card reader is not working hahahah

(updated 14-Nov with pictures)
-the family lineage!! hahaha getting big
-tarkwa and its massiveness!
-good ole boncu and okru stew


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