27 November 2017

Week #66

Defending a book

well this week was a fast one and we were expecting a few people at church but naaaaa hahahah satan is working tooo hard on our investigators i guess, so we are gonna have to send in the Calvary AKA THE BOOK OF MORMON! the ultimate book of defense. 

for some reason this week everyone we have been running into seems to be a Jehovah witness.... now if you know anything about them they like even have a different bible so even using the bible to back up your testimony about this gospel is just useless. but something elder Piutau and I are trying to imply in our proselyting is when questions come from people we meet we try and answer it using the Book of Mormon! 

hahah you might ask your self how can you answer a question lets say about adam or eve, or of the life of jesus christ of even a question about the people of Israel. how on earth are you gonna use the book of mormon to answer a question like that!?! its something that elder nash did and i saw the effect of using the book of mormon to answer questions. when you use the bible to prove or show your point of doctrine your nearly trying to Convince someone of the truth. BUT when you use the book of mormon to answer not just the average questions but even the soul searching questions you are Converting someone to the gospel.

i know its not going to be easy but i know the only way to defend this truth unto the power of conversion is through that book. the challenges are endless, but the potential of lives changed are endless. i challenge all of you to study that book so that when friends, family, co-workers, ect. come asking those curious questions theyve always wanted to ask, YOU can defend the faith and help the people you love so dear know the Fullness of the Everlasting Gospel. 

I LOVE YOU ALL SOO MUCH. my prayers and blessing be upon you all. thanks for the support!

elder jeppson

ps. like 28 days till xmas but like who the heck is counting...........................heheheheh

1.THANKSGIVING FEAST..... hahahha somehow
2. The young women had there program on sunday and all these wonderful beautiful girls did such a great job and its fun to watch there testimonys grow! 
3.......................HAHAHAH oh elder Piutau is sooo tired of fetching water from the well so when it rains he just enjoys it and takes a nice rain shower hahahahahh

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