04 December 2017

Week #67


I went on a couple of exchanges with some of my district members this week and i thought id be somehow teaching them but man the way they taught me different ways of teaching styles and examples i love it! and to add to that elder piutau and i were able to get 9 NEW invetagators this week........ SOOO much we hope we can meet with all of them this week haha the work is moving and so is time... kind of weird how that works.

one of these brand new investagators taught me something and made me look at the role of the holy ghost a little different. this man that we met and taught was named Joanna, 35 year old man that lives, works, sleeps, and eats inside this little 2nd hand clothing shop thats part of the old train station here in tarkwa

what ive come to realize that everyone knows a part of the truth of the everlasting gospel and even if its not 100 percent correct they know there God in a small small way. everyone comes from some church, hears some man preaching on the streets, or a radio broadcast, ect. and off what they hear becomes part of there view or opinion of who god really is.

as we asked joanna about who God is and eventually we asked, "Joanna to you who is the Holy spirit??" he paused for a moment i assume to collect his words into english, he humbly replies, " the holy spirit is the one who remembered all the words that jesus christ said when he was on the earth and when we need answers or help the holy spirit will tell us what to do and remind us of those words jesus said when he walked this earth. "

i was in amazement and awe, never in my life i have thought of the holy ghost like that and its soooo true what brother joanna has said. that holy spirit was THERE with christ as he spoke to the disiples. he remembers EVERTHING christ spoke and when we asked the father questions he grants the spirit to give us a small portion of Chirsts words and for all we know that simple answer could change the way we are and how we act. so grateful for Joannas words, i love how i learn when im teaching. it makes teaching sooo much more enjoyable! hahaha

also got the opportunity to conduct 3 baptismal interview this week for my first time ever! what a treat that was. one of them a 10 year old Innocent little boy made me tear up and get very emotional, as i asked him about the law of chastity he told me how he as a small little boy was gonna live that commandent that god gave him. his answers were sooo sincere and real, he talked about having happy thoughts and remebering that hes gonna have a family one day and he needs to prepare for it.

God speaks even to the smallest among all his children. so glad i get to witness his work and his glory as he teaches his children how they can return to his presence, lives are changes and the knowledge of His light becomes sooo real its impossible to hide.

God bless you all! have a great, loving, grateful week. some are in the dark, while you are in the light, offer a hand and help and bring someone into the fold of christ.


elder jeppson

1-2. sister phylis, one of our most progressing investagators, shes sooo sweet and loves the temples!

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  1. Okay, Peyton...Im catching up on your emails since Christmas break was so busy for us! BUT, I gotta tell you...this letter got to me a little bit. The perspective that the Holy Ghost REMEMBERS Christ's words AND WAS THERE with Christ as he walked the earth hit home a bit. Not sure why...Im on a treadmill after a long day at work and BAM, I'm choked up, LOL! I will be pondering about that perspective now . And as I write this...i am amazed at how and mostly WHO can touch lives indiscriminately. Love you tons, Peyton! Your letters always make me SMILE 😊💞