11 December 2017

Week #68

growth and change

last monday we got on a tro and took a good 2 hour ride to TADI! hahahh we spent the night in the senior couples house. we watched the Christmas devotional with a side of popcorn!! the music finnally made me feel like its actually christmas time hahahha and the best BEST part of the night. GOT TO SLEEP IN AC!!  man the way we cranked that thing on cold!! all of us somehow got sick and it was soooooo cold it was unbearable!! felt bad for elder massaquoi (from Sierra Leon) coughed the WHOLE night! hahahha but we had to enjoy the AC while we had it!! hahahahah oh we are soooo dumb sometimes! lol the next day we went on another tro (2 more hours) to CAPE for the xmas devo for tarkwa zone!! it was soooo great! love our zone and inspired mission president! drove all the way home 6 hours in a tiny car on ghana roads............. YEEEEEEEAAAAH BAABBBBBBBBBY, we died

the highlight of the week was i got to go on exchange with elder Bills!! been almost a year since we went on our last exchange wayyy back in assin fosu! soooo cool how much we both have grown in the gospel and our way of teaching in just 1 year!! im sad to see elder bills go home this Wednesday, especially cause he'll be in Eagle in january!! but i truly have seen a powerful man finish his mission strong and complete submerse himself in the work of the lord. i am striving to be like him and finish strong!! BUT MAN the way that guy can speak the Fante! makes me look like a kid! soooo cool! wish him all the best and his someday future wife! ahahahhaha

funny story had like fufu like 2 or 3 times this week given to us by members, but one of them was a massive fufu dinner with palmnut soup, now for the 4 of us it was relatively small, but the MEAT!! it was tooo much!!! like 6 fishes (2 different types) cow skin, they call it goat fish but i think it was just goat, and then cow knee...... yes COW KNEE's!! hahaha the funny thing is all of the meat is preety good, (cow skin makes me gag small but its normal lol) but the cow knees are absolutely DISGUSTING!! and none of us could eat the 2 big ones he gave us so we do what all missionaries do when they cant eat it........ find a place to hide it! hahahah

i guzled my water sashay down and then we stuffed it into the bag and asked our brother for more fufu, he was stoked and went to the kitchen and got us more. while he was in the kitchen i ran out the door and chucked that sashay with the knees in it SOOOO FAR!! i swear it had to be like 50 yards!! hahahah quickly came back and sat down for MORE FUFU!! hahaha man the way i was full but it was sooooo funny!!!

gotta love these people! they truly are the happiest people in the world! 

love you all

elder jeppson

1-2 us at the xmas devotional in CAPE!! enjoyin the spirit of our leaders and even got to watch the polar express!!! 
3.  the legend bills and i! 
4. ohhhh elder piutau. chilin in primary room cause for some reason they are the only class in our whole church that has AC.......... i know im confused my self why they get it.... hahahahha

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