25 December 2017

Week #70

And His name shall be Wonderful

Merry Christmas! I hope all is going well all across the world on this special day! cant believe today is actually christmas.... Feels like we just had christmas! hahaha yesterday it snowed about 3 feet of fresh pow, so me and the boys this morning had to go out and shove..... JUST KIDDING!! but the dang Sahara desert is killing tarkwa with its dust! so some how we had a sandy christmas and it was not white but like a brown orange?? ahhahah ghana is special so we get cool christmass! hahahahah 

well as i think about what i can share about the savior on his "birthday" (thats another discussion) i would like to share about what i know about the single most important moment in the history of mankind, that is His Atonement and what it has done for me. 

something got my mind running a few weeks ago when i hear a comment during institute, now most people and even missionaries teach that the atonement of jesus christ started with his suffering in Gethsemane and ended with Resurrection on the third day, which is absolutely TRUE! but i dont think our savior would ever go through such pain and agony with out a reason why and even how as WE humans would benefit from his priceless sacrifice.

i believe that the words and teachings of Christ are Part of our Savior Jesus Christ Atonement. His words are the treasure map to access his atonement, he has given us common men to use his sacrifice in our lives so that we too may also eternal life. yes the sealing of the atonement is his death. but christ words, teachings, stories, parables, are the way that we can use it. 

ive learned to cherish the words of christ. we on this earth have soooo little of all of the words that christ spoke BUT we do for sure have enough! the atonement is REAL! but it only works if we study for ourselves and find how to access such a gift from our God. i love the christmas season, even though in ghana i dont feel like its acutally christmas hahahha its still fun to celebrate and remember such a miracle our christ was to us. 

I LOVE YOU ALL. i am so grateful for my family! as i just talked to them i know that they are in gods hands and they are my backbone, without them i am nothing and i am grateful of the knowledge of eternal family. Let us all share our knowledge of our savior even after christmas has come and gone, i mean who wouldnt want christmas 365 days a year!!!?? hahahaha

much love as always

elder jeppson

1.president bought piutau and i some FUFU soooo nice!! hahaha
2.Trainers follow up in Cape Coast!
3. well.........this is traffic in ghana... no one is moving btw for about 10 minutes, like a bad jigsaw puzzle gone wrong. hahahah 7 hour tro to tarkwa............yummy
4. me trying to get festive hahah
5. baptisms on xmas eve!! soooo perfect!
6. HAHAHAHAHAH carols night was soooo funny! fat ghana momis singing christmas songs in fante is just tooooo good
7.SLAYER!! hahaha just boys playing a nice nerf war on christmas morning
8. made some breakfast burritos for xmas breakfast!! 

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