28 November 2016

Week #14


lol man this week has been filled with me getting creative with the food. tired of the same 3 things everyday! hahahahahah good week! found some serious/hecka not serious people this week. and thats the work though! sometimes its nice and other times its litterly you and your compainion walking around in the hot sun and then in the rain storm for 7 hours a day talking to anything from a 2 year old baby to a 100 year old grandma that the only english word she knows is "yes" hahahah one of my fav quotes, "sweet is the work". 

so when elder divver and i when we first got here to telecom we were not loved by the ward cause of past missionaries but now they love us! the sister are complaining to them and they just gave them fire saying we always see the elders out walking all day! they know all the members and there names and you dont even know where i live (bishop talking)?! hahah man i felt good cause i felt appreciated as a missionary in my ward. for them just seeing us makes them happy knowing we are out all day helping there ward. back home i never really appreciated the missionaries in my ward. these people are the Christlike examples to me everyday. i love this ward sooo much!

well elder talaini went to Capecoast this week on thanksgiving so when he came back that night he had 2 BOXES OF PIZZA!!! i cant even begin to tell you how short the blessing on that food was hahahahhahah. so it was a great FIRST thanksgiving feast! heheh then the guy said he bought some nice appunciea (goat) in cape and said i could have some....... my first mistake was believing him... my second was eating it..... well i can now say ive eaten RAT!! all i can say is that it tasted like POOP! man Talaini was dying laughing! i asked, "why did you waste 10 cedis on that?!?!" he told me he just wanted to try it..... forget that guy hahah. 

today was niiiiiice!!! ate alllllllll american food to REALLY celebrate our thanksgiving! had ground beef, BBQ sauce, and most importantly CHEESE sent from takarati. man we feasted.... sooo glad no sisters were there cause we ate like straight animals who havent eaten in 2 years.... rented a nice grill, cooked some chicken, burgers and hot dogs! so it was a great day! love this time of the year to celebrate, always remember how you thank someone, its by your actions not your words. divver always tells the people to say the 3 M's to each other. Me dough (i love you), maffu (i miss you), and medacy (thank you). hahahahh loving twi love you!!!!

hope you all had a great holiday. sorry for nothing to spiritual this week. next week ill have good scripture hahahah love you all!

elder jeppson (jeppdaddy, the boy, shaka bro, the legend, freshman, ect. hehe)

1. the pizza from Capecoast
2.me getting creative with the egg sandwhich i have everyday...
3. me and my G elder divver 
4.me washing my clothes by hand every sunday night. 
5. elder talaini and i went out and did some shoping to celebrate man we are fresh
6-9. THE FEAST (so glad all Samoans can cook meat good!) 

22 November 2016

Week #13


im a white guy from idaho so obviously ive been sunburnt before but this last saturday....oooooh challay i was a fried lobster!!!! all because we went to farm for this investagator who has a dope pineapple farm! so like obviously we were all stoked to go! we woke up wayyy early and took the other 4 elders in the zone with us. so the 6 of us were at our investagators house and they said okay lets go. its 6:45. we walked DEEEEP deeep into the bush. like soooo far i felt as if we were too far to go back. we walked for 2 HOURS hahahah we were all dead just getting to the farm! hahah we rested for a bit and ate some nicccce Ghanaian pineapple (really is the best ive ever had!) i bought my first cuttalas so daddi sharpened it while we all ate. and then we went to work, weeding away under the coco trees. it was a good time but we were sweating like noooo other. just drenched in our own sweat lol ohhh ghana is tooo hottt! the only water they had for us was the well water..... the water that everyone back home thinks about, gross color and even worse taste. but man we were gonna die if we didnt drink it. soooo we did. it was DISTCUSTING! but we were thankful. we worked for a long time. then we saw a black mamba so we decided its about time to go back heheh (i was terrified tbh).  but we had to walk the 2 hours back out. litterly the longest walk of my life. and i swear it was close to 1000000 degrees. we made it back and i paid for the entire bag of water sashes and we downed them alllll hahah we were all sooooo thirsty. told the fam thanks and i was grateful to see them allll at church the next day so it was all worth it in the end. like a wise man once said, "sacrifice brings forth blessings"

man we had the area of west africa conference broadcast so that was sweeeet! president stevenson of the quorum of the 12 apostles spoke it was truely inspired. so ill share what he said. he spoke about the Sabbath day, something the church has really focused on. he was admiring about how when he went to west africa the markets are soooo busy during the week its honestly unreal. but on sunday, the markets are abandoned to say the least. no one is there. the people that work in the markets fear god more then man. they keep the Sabbath day holy and know that sunday is the day of rest. i love what he said about fearing god. know that god if you do what he says and give him his day. the rest of the week your life will be more meaningfull and more successful. i love this talk so much. i hope you all remember to keep the sabbath day holy and remember that it is his day, our heavenly fathers day. 

have a good week!!! i love you all and dont forget to feast this thursday and always be grateful for god truley is a god of love. love you all!!!

elder jeppson

1 and 2: i love palm farms they are too cool. 
3: jokes on you guys im in mexico
4:the lonnnnnng walk deep in the BUSH
5:my egg mommi, endless eggs hahahahah(in ghana, when we address mr and mrs, we say mommi and daddi)

14 November 2016

Week #12

challay im tired hahah

mannnn sweet week. elder divver and i were able to contact a lot more people this week and had 7 investagators at church! we have been walking a lot cause its the last week before we get to pull again so were all out of travel money haha and hamatan is kicking my butt, i thought it was hot before. forgettttt!!! its blazin now. i dont remember a time in my life i have ever felt sooo exausted. and my stomach is having problems again sooooo i pray close to 3902394829048 times durring each lesson that i dont throw up hahah ohhhhh learning to live in ghana, i love it!!

so weve been teaching the plan of salvation a lot this week and my grandma before i left made these really nice lamanated plan of salvation kits and man not only are they useful but soooo powerful when we teach. when the investagator sees what theyre learning about it clicks and the lessons become soo much more interactive! grandma i love you, thanks for the kits!

Elder divver hahahah man the guy has dealt with toooooo many taxi drivers and this week he gave a driver FIRE! i love watching him give fire. and to be honest im sure i would of been giving fire too but i was tooo tired and i just wanted to sleep on the ride to adiembra. the reason elder divver was giving fire cause new record for people in the taxi, 11...... yes 11 people in a taxi. wasnt the most comfy thats for sure i had 2 kids on my lap in a hot steamy car for about 40 minutes on the worst road in ghana hahha but like i said i was too tired to complain. 

well trump did it hahhahahah everyone is ghana is ticked about him winning and ask us about it. we just talk about ghana elections coming up december 6th and they get all happy! hahah

spiritual thought for the week: Cdogs favorite scriputure i read this week and i really liked it sooo everyone go read it and really dig into it and find its true meaning. Doctrine and Covenants 50:24, "that which is of god is light: and he that receiveth light, and continueth in god, receiveth more light, and that light growth brighter and brighter until the perfect day!" powerful scripture. now dig deep all of you and find the meaning.

have a good week!!! love 
elder jeppson

1. divv is going home in 6 months and is fat so hes trying to get in shape, as for me i like to save my energy hahahahah
2. this kid spoils every lesson with a investagator we have 
3 and 4. this guys hand is messed up hahahah not sure why though
5 and 6. showin the Ghanaians how to work hhahaha

07 November 2016

Week #11

being a missionary

nothing like being a missionary. get to do one thing everyday. serve the lord. i love it!! had a good week. cool story soo in one of my villiges called assin doompin, elder divver and i we are friendly guys so we talk to EVERYONE. anyways this sunday we asked a lady where she was from cause we hadnt seen her before. she said doompin and then went into the chapple latter that day we went to do doompin and some lady came up to us and said, "hey the only reason i went to church today was cause you guys always say hi to me and i felt like i should come"....... i was speachless. this lady was a member this whole time and we had NOOO idea. and because of a simple etisen, (how are you) she came to church?!?! powerful. i love how in the hand book weve been asked to talk with, EVERYONE. and because of a little hey. we know can help this woman stay active in the church.

went to farm on saturday. cut my hand pretty bad but its all good. the locals found the first aid always close by. (certain plant that you scrunch up add some spit to and let the leaf juice go into the cut to clean it) love ghanas first aid. man we weeded soooooo much that day. im black... and when i say that i mean i am soooo tan its unreal. and im not sweatin as much as im adjusting to the weather now hahahah. and man its making washing my clothes in a bucket go soooo much faster. lol. 

my twi is getting better next fast and tesimony meeting im gonna bear my testimony in twi hahah. its gonna be rough paaaa lol! but its all good practice makes perfect. my dear ward member/translator went to school in kamasi this week so that goodbye was wayyy sad. so amazing how much the youth are needed in our work. like with out them we dont teach. love brother fredrick and all the hours he spent with us.

hope all is well back home! share the gospel! be proud to be a Latter Day Saint. and remember with out god, you are nothing. all the joy you have in this life is because of god. i love you all. YABASHIA WY!!

elder jeppson

the elephant party candidate came and spoke at a rally in fosu!!! man it was crazy. elections are next month!

the pinnaple here is no joke unreal good hahah so we got a free one from our investigator. (the guy with me is fredrick, ward missionary)

the before effect hahaha

the after affect of our farm work