07 November 2016

Week #11

being a missionary

nothing like being a missionary. get to do one thing everyday. serve the lord. i love it!! had a good week. cool story soo in one of my villiges called assin doompin, elder divver and i we are friendly guys so we talk to EVERYONE. anyways this sunday we asked a lady where she was from cause we hadnt seen her before. she said doompin and then went into the chapple latter that day we went to do doompin and some lady came up to us and said, "hey the only reason i went to church today was cause you guys always say hi to me and i felt like i should come"....... i was speachless. this lady was a member this whole time and we had NOOO idea. and because of a simple etisen, (how are you) she came to church?!?! powerful. i love how in the hand book weve been asked to talk with, EVERYONE. and because of a little hey. we know can help this woman stay active in the church.

went to farm on saturday. cut my hand pretty bad but its all good. the locals found the first aid always close by. (certain plant that you scrunch up add some spit to and let the leaf juice go into the cut to clean it) love ghanas first aid. man we weeded soooooo much that day. im black... and when i say that i mean i am soooo tan its unreal. and im not sweatin as much as im adjusting to the weather now hahahah. and man its making washing my clothes in a bucket go soooo much faster. lol. 

my twi is getting better next fast and tesimony meeting im gonna bear my testimony in twi hahah. its gonna be rough paaaa lol! but its all good practice makes perfect. my dear ward member/translator went to school in kamasi this week so that goodbye was wayyy sad. so amazing how much the youth are needed in our work. like with out them we dont teach. love brother fredrick and all the hours he spent with us.

hope all is well back home! share the gospel! be proud to be a Latter Day Saint. and remember with out god, you are nothing. all the joy you have in this life is because of god. i love you all. YABASHIA WY!!

elder jeppson

the elephant party candidate came and spoke at a rally in fosu!!! man it was crazy. elections are next month!

the pinnaple here is no joke unreal good hahah so we got a free one from our investigator. (the guy with me is fredrick, ward missionary)

the before effect hahaha

the after affect of our farm work

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