31 October 2016

Week #10


africa, they dont celebrate halloween here but all of the americans and islanders celebrated it today! hah bought a muslim robe... looks kind of sketch as my costume hahahah. this week was a roller coaster of emotions. elder lagaiti left wednesday morning for somah to go home! kind of killed me to watch him go cause the guy was so sweet and then i relized....HA 22 more months baby! LETS GOO. the day was a little sad. but then elder mburme got his son! the guy is such a sweet guy. hes from seior lieon (how the heck do you spell that) and his name is elder pele kallay. SOOO nice not to be the youngest in the appartment anymore!!!! 

well one of my investagators told me that everyday at noon he goes to heaven and then comes back. so that was a little exciting i guess haha told him we probobly wont be coming by as much anymore. i didnt think he heard me cause he said hell see us tommorow when he goes to heaven. lol sweet guy brother kofi is. really did a lot of finding this week. found a lot of unserious people but i enjoyed the lessons. 

this weeks been really powerful as ive been reading a lot in my book of mormon i challenge you all to read 3 nephi 12. powerful chapter. but i want to talk about one verse 47. verse , and it says," old things are done away, and all things have become new." i love this short, but sweet verse. sometimes we need to remeber to move on, the past is the past. learn from your mistakes.but old things are done. now as everyday new day begins, try to become a better person that day. and remember that your father and heaven loves you. i love you all. 

as my mom would say. "remember to choose the right! and i love you!!"

elder jeppson

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