17 October 2016

Week #8


This week has been a good long exciting week. had my first zone MLC in which a sister had an anxiety attack in the middle and had to be taken to the hospital so that was not so chill. we forgot to finished the meeting with a prayer so 3 hours later we get a call to come allllll the way back to the chapel to close the meeting...... mannnnnnn.....exact obedience eh? hahahha soo we walked 30 mins back to say one of the shortest prayers i have every heard. at least i could sleep better at night knowing we closed that meeting with a prayer... our dang Zone Leaders are high crazy hahahah love them but wowzers! 

been raining ALOT. Last week of my first transfer so we had trainers follow up meeting down in Cape Coast at Ola chapel. its right on the ocean so i was dying from seeing that beautiful ocean. SO good to see all my TC's from the MTC. president stevenson gave a wonderful instruction on agency. and he talked about how agency is possible because of 4 things and with out all of them. agency could not work. 1)opposition 2)law 3)knowledge 4)the power to choose. god has given us all of these things so that week may choose for ourselves. back home i was able to choose for my self but as i learned the hard way... i dont choose the consequence. for the law is set and justice must be served. im so greatful for the opportunity to be on this earth as heavenly father chose christ plan. so that i could be here in ghana helping others understand why we are here and why our agency is one of Gods most precious gifts. 

wonderful meetin and said goodbye to the TC's for a lonnnnnng time. next time i see them all together it will be 1 year to renew my residence card.... wow. ive perfected the art of pancakes. i have them like 7 times a week... yes once a day. im putting litterly anything in them to spice them up. and they are soooo good. boncu and 3 week old fish... time will help my stomach hahahh love the work. its moving along and as we talked about in ward conference this week. "the worth of souls is great in the sight of the lord." i know that to be true and lets all do our best help others know that too. love you all. hope you enjoy the week. glad to hear rocky got destroyed again lololol they SUCKKKK. someone send me a mcchicken pleasee... hahah

love elder jeppson

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