10 October 2016

Week #7

My first soul

Life changing week. I had my first baptism yesterday and i had the opportunity to baptize sister Abinaah. Crazy stuff and i will forever remeber the feeling pulling someone out of the water and the look on there face. i love sister abinaah sooo much and im gratefull for her example to me as she sacrifices sooo much as a single mother who sells oranges on the road for 20 pacewas a peice (5 cents). she is an example to me as she doesnt speak any english at all. but as i looked at her after she was baptized, we dont needs words to feel the spirit as it testifys of truth and the power of god fills us with his love. so proud of her and am excited for me other investigators this upcoming weeks!

went to farm! litterly cut about half a football field of tall 4 ft grass down with nothing but a cutalas (knife) hahah man my back was sore and had some narley blisters but it was good fun stuff! i was tired of spending money on taxies that i squeeeze my big body into, so we asked this truck driver if we could get a ride for a ceedi and he was down. funnn stuff. visited an investagator with a 3 year old with malaria in the hospital. the kid looked a lot better but dang i felt soooo bad for him. it has rained sooooo hard this week that elder divver and i are just soo wet we just walk in the rain and dont care. not much this week 

i want all of you to know that the book of mormon is the most powerful tool of conversion and that as we share what we learn in the book of mormon we strengthen our testimony beyond imagination. i always thought the best way to teach was deep solid talk. but here in ghana you have to talk very very simple and to the point but it truley is the best and most effective way to teach. i love this church and i love you all so much. enjoy the cold back home just remember im sweating hahahahah

love elder jeppson

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