24 October 2016

Week #9

First transfer done....

Another great week in the GCCM! (ghana cape coast mission) we baptized brother collins yesterday! it was a great service and the spirit was soo strong. it was kind of funny when i pushed him down into the water he freaked out a little when i pulled him out. i asked him if he was all good and he said, "yea i feel cool (as in good) but im freazing!" i laughed and later found out that that was the first time he had been completley under water so thats why he freaked out a little. blew my mind... but made me so happy he felt the spirt as i did too. my first transfer is done! crazy! 

so ive learned a lot about the peoeple of ghana. ANYONE and i mean everyone will sit down and want to learn about the gospel and people all the time come up to us and ask for a book of mormon. which seems like wow that person wants the gospel! but the people here just want a book. so we usualy give them a pamflet unless we feel prompted to give them a book of mormon. whats nice about it though is that i am constantley teaching people. keeps us buzy and obiedient. 

one of my investagators, mama comfort, one of the most powerful people i know. shes come to church 6 weeks in a row. but she hasnt been baptized because shes always at work! so weve been doing anything to meet with her. this woman has 2 jobs, her main job is she works at a palm oil factory. where she works in the hot sun constantly getting dirty from the smoke of the oil. and when shes not working there she tells water on her head allllll day. 10 pasweas or 2.5 CENTS a sashes of water.she does this all to provide for her 3 kids. she is to be baptized november 6th.shes taught me alot about sacrifice and the things we do for one another. one of the greatest storys/commandments the savior taught was to love thy neighbor as thy self and to love one another. when we show love to one another through our action. we learn to appreicate one another and have a graditude for eachother. i know as we love one another we will feels gods love in our own life.

love you all soo much! how you are all having a great week! heard it snowed this week.... crazy stuff. and of course BYU choked hhahaha 


elder jeppson

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