27 February 2017

Week #27

6 months... bro...

Literately the hottest week so far on mission... i am soooo red and all my shirts are soooo dirty from the dust and me sweating! we reiceved tranfer news, elder adu-gyamfi is leaving and im recieving a companion from Ethiopia! man im sooo exciting! nothing happened this week besides eating lots and lots of food! my companion and i commited 4 people to baptismal dates so the work is moving again! WAHOO! was told that last year in the ghana cape coast mission we baptized 1,144 people!! sooo cool and 256 of them came out of Assin Fosu! sooo sweet!

as i look back on this 6 months so far... time has flown sooo dang fast!! i love mission sooo much and the wonderful people of ghana teach me sooo much everyday! i love you all and im gratful for your prayers. i really do feel them! short email this week, lots coming your way next week!

elder jeppson

1 and 2. DOPPPPE ZONE ACTIVITY with me reppin the USA 
3. the president foku. most legendary man of fosu
4 getting jacked!
5. us celebrating 6 months inthe dark! hahah
6. arm tan line.... sooo much sun!!! hahah

20 February 2017

Week #26

doomso doomso

the way i hate light out at night! for some reason doomso has been happening a lot more latley and especially at night so my fan just dies and i just sit in bed most of the night,wide awak and am just drenched.... apsolutly drenched in sweat! hahahahah sweet is work and hot is the sun! 

GREAT WEEK! lots of great lesson and people are progressing paaa! one of our investagators Anthony, sweet guy, we are teaching him about faith and he asked us a question that i never though before. he asked, "is faith and miracle the same thing or different?"  I loved this question!! took me a sec to think of the way i want to answer his question. we helped him understand that a miracle comes after an act of faith. miracles can never happen with out faith. faith is hoping for a miracle, the lesson later turned into how we can repent using our faith in Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is a miracle, because through him we can be saved. but to be changed through him requires an immense amount of faith that as you repent and try to live a most perfect life, a miracle can and will occur. but with out having faith first that a miracle can happen, it wont happen. it was a sweet lesson and i learned a lot! thats why mission is soo sweet cause sometimes you go to a lesson expecting to teach someone and make them understand a principal when in reality after the lesson you may have learned more then them! hahaha aye misssion is soooo dopppppppppppe!!! ahhhhhhhhh

lol took a RM to a less active this week and it started out a great discussion with lots of questions and good interaction, then this dang returned missionary comes in and no joke.... THE GUY TESTIFIED FOR 25 MINUTES!!! hahahahahah longest testimony of my life. all i have to say is i love that man but i learned something great from him. a testimony doesnt need to be long to be a good one or even short. it just needs to be simple and said from the heart and it will be powerfull to others and change lives. hahahahah never again will i go back to that house with that man as a member 

well our district did great this week and had 7 baptisms on saturday so it was a sweet weekend! last week possibly with elder Adu-gyamfi, were gonna kill it this week! cant believe another transfer come and gone! 


peace, elder jeppson

1. MY angelina is finished!! man its nice!
2. adu and i in adudabuasi doing some baptismal interviews
3-4.got to see grandma rose in my old area! boncu... another reason im getting sooo fat!
5.prays do get answered....HI CHEWS BOIIIY 

14 February 2017

Week #25

back at it

dsjfa;lksjgasdofjsdlkfjsdlkafj s hahahah lol dont know how to start this one so i just gave the keep board a massage. COOL BEANS week! we are back at it finding people to teach after we had the baptism last week so its been a few long days but its sweet! spent about 10 hours in the hospital on thusday cause one of our sisters got sick in the district so we had to go and make sure everything was good! hahahah so that suckkkkkkkked! but hey a calling is a calling and you have to fufill it! talked so some people and tried to comfort those in the hospital and make them laugh and get there mind off how depressed the hospital is. but what i love about the ghanaians is no matter how bad they are hurting or discouraged they are, they will and do respect and smile at you and ask if everything is okay. man i love this people! soooo christlike as they dont look at them selves but turn out and make sure others are okay. lol funny story while we were standing waiting for sister thomas to get treated a crazy man came walking in and went to me and my companion thinking we were doctors cause im white and we were in our shirt in tie so he came pleading for help. the guy was messed up... i heard most of it but it was in twi and the guy was crazy but he had a MASSIVE bump on his forehead that was just gushing blood out of it!!! he said his wife beat him....... what a wife hahahahhahahahah told him that we werent doctors and helped him get away from us lol ohhhhhh ghana! 

this week we had our zone conference so that was sweet! president said he liked my hair cut.... hahhaha that man. we learned tons about commitments and how to commit our investagators better. what i love about president is first off the guy could be the next prophet, sooo powerful when he speaks but also he looooves to talk about agency so he helped us understand that we have to intice people to use there agency to follow god. it was a great conference.

im tryin to finish the old testement in 2 months....... yea so im cooking rn in the bible lololol but mannnn all the stories i heard from a kid are finnaly making sense in the bible!!lovvve the bible! but it seriously sometimes talks about the stupidest things and i just ask my self, "how is this scripture??" hahahah but i just thought it was kind of cool that the only commandment of the 10 commandments with a promise is, "honor thy father and thy mother" something to take note of. 

have a great week all you! love you all! remember... youre all in my prayers cause i love you!! hahahha

elder jeppson 

1. DINNER! lol
2. our zone activity today!! mannnn the way i sweat when we play football

06 February 2017

Week #24

what is baptism?

THIS WEEK WAS STRAIGHT OUT OF COMPTON DOPE!! hahahah man after months and months meeting with freda, albert, and issacc, all 3 were baptized on saturday. i had the wonderful opportunity to be john the baptisted so i also baptized 2 child of records and the elders from the other ward had one great lady to be baptized so in total, 6 people this weekend made a wonderful covenant with our loving heavenly father. SO COOL!

but what is baptism?? like why are we baptized? as missionaries you all know that we "teach repentance and baptize converts." but as we are baptized what happens? and the anwser simply is, we make promise with God. now God, will always keep his end of the promise, and as we keep our side of the promise to take upon the name of christ and always remember him god will allow us to come back and live with him for eternity. Baptism, is not the end. it is the first step in many steps that we can and will make in this life. as we are baptized god reconizes that we have now taken upon the name of christ and we will represent him at all time and in all places. I LOVE watching people make sacred covenants with our heavenly father, i think working in the temple really help me have a love to watch people change there life and come unto christ. 

ill keep this email short and send lots of photos cause the pics explain it all. besides that the power went out from saturday afternoon so sunday afternoon so saturday night was probly the hottest, most unconfortable, sleepless night of my life hahah my fan died after an hour so i was dying of heat and couldnt sleep for a second so i took about 2 showers that night too cool down but it really didnt help hahah its all good though cause the power is back on and i had a great night sleep last night hhahah 

love you all have a great week! 

1, when youre from preston idaho and go home in 3 weeks hahaha2-6. pics from the baptism. man it was sooo sweet! i cant even begin to tell you how grateful i am for the example these people have shown to me.
7. some niiiiiiiiiice home made empasii