27 February 2017

Week #27

6 months... bro...

Literately the hottest week so far on mission... i am soooo red and all my shirts are soooo dirty from the dust and me sweating! we reiceved tranfer news, elder adu-gyamfi is leaving and im recieving a companion from Ethiopia! man im sooo exciting! nothing happened this week besides eating lots and lots of food! my companion and i commited 4 people to baptismal dates so the work is moving again! WAHOO! was told that last year in the ghana cape coast mission we baptized 1,144 people!! sooo cool and 256 of them came out of Assin Fosu! sooo sweet!

as i look back on this 6 months so far... time has flown sooo dang fast!! i love mission sooo much and the wonderful people of ghana teach me sooo much everyday! i love you all and im gratful for your prayers. i really do feel them! short email this week, lots coming your way next week!

elder jeppson

1 and 2. DOPPPPE ZONE ACTIVITY with me reppin the USA 
3. the president foku. most legendary man of fosu
4 getting jacked!
5. us celebrating 6 months inthe dark! hahah
6. arm tan line.... sooo much sun!!! hahah

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