06 March 2017

Week #28

Happy march 6th! (independence day)

what a great, fantastic, dope, chill, sad, fun, learning, joyful, ect.... this week was everything! hahah it was sad to say goodbye to elder Adu-gyamfi but my new companion from Ethiopia, Elder Woyesa is a hommmmmmie!! the guy is maybe MAYBE 5 feet tall and learned english on mission but he has in just a few days taught me soooo much about teaching the gospel slow and with simple words. the guy is sooooo dope and i cant believe im serving another transfer in good ole assin fosu with him.

this week was stake conference sooo we had lots of good meetings with the stake and with the area general authorities. i cant believe how fulllllll that stake center was, sooo many devoted loving saints in the assin fosu stake and ive had the opportunity over these past 7 months to get close to many many of them! 

ive been reading the old testament, like cooking through it!! i only have about 700 more pages left and i started only a couple of weeks ago. but this week i also started and finished the book, Our Heritage, a book about the early church history. and its soooo crazy to see how the gospel being lived and preached 2000+ years ago to early church history only less then 200 years ago.... What makes the gospel sooo correct and true is that, its the same. the church 4000 years ago is the same church that Joseph Smith restored in the early 1800s. To think that the Israelite's when they became good and they followed gods commandments, God he always tested them to see if they were truly willing to follow him. they either passed or failed gods test of faith. just as the early saints and pioneers in this dispensation. God tested them, he tested them soooo great i cant even imagine the persecution those saints when through, i envy them and i show my most love and gratitude for them. its because of them i am able to wear this black tag with Jesus christ name on it going around telling the wonderful people of Ghana that Jesus christs church is Restored back on the earth today! how great is my job. and i loooove it sooo very much!

to think about patriarch Bonda only a couple decades ago was 1 of the first 6 missionaries in west africa! and now there are almost 800 missionaries just in ghana alone! the church is truly amazing!! i love this gospel, the way i learn from just a few minutes in the scriptures everyday has and is changing my life. God bless you all for who you are and what you do! i LOVE YOU!

elder jeppson!!!

my new comp
old fosu zone
ugliest chicken ever!!

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