28 March 2017

Week #31


ayyyye its never fun being sick especially in ghana but hey thats mission! from last weeks sunday night FM from about sunday night to thusday my stomach was killing me!! i went to the bathroom from monday to tuesday about 50 times... no kidding. my body couldnt retain anything hahahah my stomach was aching allll tuesday! i was given a priesthood blessing and was comforted the next few days as the pain went away. ayyyye its not easy but all is well now!

though the week started out rough we had a great week and i learned lots! nally was able to be baptized on saturday, was a great baptismal service that was! elder woyesa and i are working hard these next few weeks we should have a few more ready to make a big change! this week is conference weekend and i am soooo pumped!!! we are inviting all our investagators to come and watch and actually hear the prophet of god speak to us!! there are all preety excited! cant wait to see there reaction this week! 

well i read the book of Job this week... man what a fantastic book that is! Job, what a powerful man who has taught the world to endure to the end and how great your reward will be! reminds me of the 13th article of faith, "... We believe all things, we hope all things, and hope to endure many things, and hope to be able to endure all things..." Endure, a word that comes with much question and not really knowing what is ahead of us. Endure what? how long will i have to endure? sooo much mystery cause we really dont know what the answer is. thats why enduring is sooo hard!!! but i love what Job tells us, "till i die i will not remove mine integrity from me, my righteousness i hold fast, and will not let go: my heart shall not reproach me so long as i live. " 

let us take that profound statement from Job and hope to endure alll things. have integrity to do what is right even when it doesnt matter how well you do. do your best and hold fast to the love of God. i know God only gives us trials that he knows we can overcome. so dont give up, in anything! whether its just a race for shotgun or youre having a problem with getting over an addiction. God can and will help you as long as you, Endure. and truly your reward will be great just like Job, Twice as much as he started with. God truly blesses those who endure to the end.

i love you all i hope you had a great week!

elder jeppson!

1.bought some cereal to help revive my stomach to the good ole food haha
2. teaching anthony, one of our investagators
3-4. bought me a dopppppe muslim robe hahah sooo jacked about it lol

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