13 March 2017

Week #29

The Book of Mormon

this week was great!!! had a wonderful opportunity to have Elder Stanfill of the 70, come and speak to our mission this past week. it was a great full day conference with lots of talks and the spirit taught us sooo many things! i loved it! president stevenson also taught us about have at looking at our mission with an eye of faith. he told us that all of us will never see the lasting effects of our mission. and that anyone that we convert can also change the lives of 100s! it went along with elder stanfills instruction about how the brethren of the church having been discussing about the 1 on 1 effect. its quite remarkable. if one person gets another and then those two go grab another and then those 4 grab another and so on and so on. after only 10 times...thats a 1000 people!!! 

he related this to in our efforts as missionaries we have nooo idea what changing just one persons life can do, let alone 10 or 50 peoples life. so as we have a completely perfect focus on our investigators, the effect of that one can multiply many MANY times over. it was a great discussion! he also told us that west africa covers for about 35% of convert baptisms per year! its remarkable and its soo wonderful to be apart of it! the meeting was wonderful! also hahahah sister stanfill...aye charlay that lady knows the scriptures sooooooo well!! any question she had an answer from the scriptures.. it was incredible! 

i also would like to share about one of my investigators, Paul. paul is a 16 year old boy who is close to a professor on knowing the bible. kid is sooo bright and its pushing me to really know the bible so i can answer questions that come to us as missionaries. anyways paul told us this story after the lesson, he told us that he had been struggling with the idea of the book of mormon and he couldn't accept the fact of having something more then the bible. but he said that while one after noon he was doing his washing and while he was washing he was thinking to himself saying, "why am i going to be baptized into LDS? i dont know if the book of mormon is right?" he said he started to think about what he felt was true about the church, he said that he feels strongly that prophet joseph smith was called of God and he truly restored this gospel, then it clicked for paul... how incredible he said he felt when he realized that if the joseph smith was a prophet then the book of mormon has to be true cause he translated it! and that being baptized in this church has to be the right thing for me! 

as paul told elder woyesa and i this story i knew, i knew paul had felt the spirit of the lord testify to him that this is his church on the earth. and that him being baptized is what god wants for him. wow. missionary work is truly divine and im sooo grateful i can even just watch people change all because of a desire to know the truth. like the back of my dads jeep says, "LIFE IS GOOD" 

it truly is good and i lovvvve my ghana! love you all!

elder jeppson

1.beautiful ghana, its amazing
2-3. at mission tour! good to see the father and my TCs!
4. my crazy zone in our tro tro to cape coast
5. "this heres my thinking shed" -chaw
6.nothing like a little fufu pounding
7. package from mom given to the stephenson then to a member then to me in fosu! thank you stephensons! hahah

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