20 March 2017

Week #30

yemenadum boko

by the grace of God im cooooooool! that what i love about twi, fante, aximian all the languages here, they all implement god in their greetings with one another. aye ghana! my second home! well this week was great! its funny to think its been 7 months and my body still is not used to the food but aye thats mish broooo! hahahaha like last night we went for free meal at one of our old investigators, brother adu-gyamfi, and the wayyyyy momi fed all 4 of us....... and all of us just had eaten right before we left sooo we couldnt eat anymore!! so my companion and i started stuffing the empasi into our water sashes and put them in our pockets hahaha and as we were leaving brother adu-gyamfi said, "ADEN?!?! you dont like my wife soup?? is it bad?!?" we said heck nooo its ver very good we are just full!! they wouldnt believe us sooo we all took turns drinking the spicy, hot, thick ground nut soup.... not only was i already getting fat but my buttons on my shirt were about to bust!! we all took turns and downed the suckkeer hahhahahah ohhhh my gosh i have never been soooo full in my hole life! i felt soooo freaking gross hahahah but hey you cant offend a family over food.

well we had a great lesson this week with our brother albert, our recent convert. during the lesson i felt prompted to ask him, "albert since we started teaching you a few months ago, do you feel like a different person now that you are baptized??" took him a sec and then he said something that really moved me. he said, "before baptism i felt good about what i was learning and tryin to change my life, but after i was baptized i feel guided now, like someone is telling me what i should do in my life." the way i was struck when he said that. anyone can feel the presence of the holy ghost, but to have the "gift" of the holy ghost means the constant guidance of God. we just have to be listening to hear those promptings. i love my albert. that guy has taught me sooo much about a change of heart can really change who you are and how you act.

well another week come and gone. happy st. patricks day lololololololo 

elder jeppson.

1-2. us taking turns with the soup
3-4. the elders were a little scared to baptize fragile momi mary so i did it. man the way i was nervous hahahahaha
5. my name in my elder woyesa language
6. momi mary teaching me how to farm cassava

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