31 October 2016

Week #10


africa, they dont celebrate halloween here but all of the americans and islanders celebrated it today! hah bought a muslim robe... looks kind of sketch as my costume hahahah. this week was a roller coaster of emotions. elder lagaiti left wednesday morning for somah to go home! kind of killed me to watch him go cause the guy was so sweet and then i relized....HA 22 more months baby! LETS GOO. the day was a little sad. but then elder mburme got his son! the guy is such a sweet guy. hes from seior lieon (how the heck do you spell that) and his name is elder pele kallay. SOOO nice not to be the youngest in the appartment anymore!!!! 

well one of my investagators told me that everyday at noon he goes to heaven and then comes back. so that was a little exciting i guess haha told him we probobly wont be coming by as much anymore. i didnt think he heard me cause he said hell see us tommorow when he goes to heaven. lol sweet guy brother kofi is. really did a lot of finding this week. found a lot of unserious people but i enjoyed the lessons. 

this weeks been really powerful as ive been reading a lot in my book of mormon i challenge you all to read 3 nephi 12. powerful chapter. but i want to talk about one verse 47. verse , and it says," old things are done away, and all things have become new." i love this short, but sweet verse. sometimes we need to remeber to move on, the past is the past. learn from your mistakes.but old things are done. now as everyday new day begins, try to become a better person that day. and remember that your father and heaven loves you. i love you all. 

as my mom would say. "remember to choose the right! and i love you!!"

elder jeppson

24 October 2016

Week #9

First transfer done....

Another great week in the GCCM! (ghana cape coast mission) we baptized brother collins yesterday! it was a great service and the spirit was soo strong. it was kind of funny when i pushed him down into the water he freaked out a little when i pulled him out. i asked him if he was all good and he said, "yea i feel cool (as in good) but im freazing!" i laughed and later found out that that was the first time he had been completley under water so thats why he freaked out a little. blew my mind... but made me so happy he felt the spirt as i did too. my first transfer is done! crazy! 

so ive learned a lot about the peoeple of ghana. ANYONE and i mean everyone will sit down and want to learn about the gospel and people all the time come up to us and ask for a book of mormon. which seems like wow that person wants the gospel! but the people here just want a book. so we usualy give them a pamflet unless we feel prompted to give them a book of mormon. whats nice about it though is that i am constantley teaching people. keeps us buzy and obiedient. 

one of my investagators, mama comfort, one of the most powerful people i know. shes come to church 6 weeks in a row. but she hasnt been baptized because shes always at work! so weve been doing anything to meet with her. this woman has 2 jobs, her main job is she works at a palm oil factory. where she works in the hot sun constantly getting dirty from the smoke of the oil. and when shes not working there she tells water on her head allllll day. 10 pasweas or 2.5 CENTS a sashes of water.she does this all to provide for her 3 kids. she is to be baptized november 6th.shes taught me alot about sacrifice and the things we do for one another. one of the greatest storys/commandments the savior taught was to love thy neighbor as thy self and to love one another. when we show love to one another through our action. we learn to appreicate one another and have a graditude for eachother. i know as we love one another we will feels gods love in our own life.

love you all soo much! how you are all having a great week! heard it snowed this week.... crazy stuff. and of course BYU choked hhahaha 


elder jeppson

17 October 2016

Week #8


This week has been a good long exciting week. had my first zone MLC in which a sister had an anxiety attack in the middle and had to be taken to the hospital so that was not so chill. we forgot to finished the meeting with a prayer so 3 hours later we get a call to come allllll the way back to the chapel to close the meeting...... mannnnnnn.....exact obedience eh? hahahha soo we walked 30 mins back to say one of the shortest prayers i have every heard. at least i could sleep better at night knowing we closed that meeting with a prayer... our dang Zone Leaders are high crazy hahahah love them but wowzers! 

been raining ALOT. Last week of my first transfer so we had trainers follow up meeting down in Cape Coast at Ola chapel. its right on the ocean so i was dying from seeing that beautiful ocean. SO good to see all my TC's from the MTC. president stevenson gave a wonderful instruction on agency. and he talked about how agency is possible because of 4 things and with out all of them. agency could not work. 1)opposition 2)law 3)knowledge 4)the power to choose. god has given us all of these things so that week may choose for ourselves. back home i was able to choose for my self but as i learned the hard way... i dont choose the consequence. for the law is set and justice must be served. im so greatful for the opportunity to be on this earth as heavenly father chose christ plan. so that i could be here in ghana helping others understand why we are here and why our agency is one of Gods most precious gifts. 

wonderful meetin and said goodbye to the TC's for a lonnnnnng time. next time i see them all together it will be 1 year to renew my residence card.... wow. ive perfected the art of pancakes. i have them like 7 times a week... yes once a day. im putting litterly anything in them to spice them up. and they are soooo good. boncu and 3 week old fish... time will help my stomach hahahh love the work. its moving along and as we talked about in ward conference this week. "the worth of souls is great in the sight of the lord." i know that to be true and lets all do our best help others know that too. love you all. hope you enjoy the week. glad to hear rocky got destroyed again lololol they SUCKKKK. someone send me a mcchicken pleasee... hahah

love elder jeppson

10 October 2016

Week #7

My first soul

Life changing week. I had my first baptism yesterday and i had the opportunity to baptize sister Abinaah. Crazy stuff and i will forever remeber the feeling pulling someone out of the water and the look on there face. i love sister abinaah sooo much and im gratefull for her example to me as she sacrifices sooo much as a single mother who sells oranges on the road for 20 pacewas a peice (5 cents). she is an example to me as she doesnt speak any english at all. but as i looked at her after she was baptized, we dont needs words to feel the spirit as it testifys of truth and the power of god fills us with his love. so proud of her and am excited for me other investigators this upcoming weeks!

went to farm! litterly cut about half a football field of tall 4 ft grass down with nothing but a cutalas (knife) hahah man my back was sore and had some narley blisters but it was good fun stuff! i was tired of spending money on taxies that i squeeeze my big body into, so we asked this truck driver if we could get a ride for a ceedi and he was down. funnn stuff. visited an investagator with a 3 year old with malaria in the hospital. the kid looked a lot better but dang i felt soooo bad for him. it has rained sooooo hard this week that elder divver and i are just soo wet we just walk in the rain and dont care. not much this week 

i want all of you to know that the book of mormon is the most powerful tool of conversion and that as we share what we learn in the book of mormon we strengthen our testimony beyond imagination. i always thought the best way to teach was deep solid talk. but here in ghana you have to talk very very simple and to the point but it truley is the best and most effective way to teach. i love this church and i love you all so much. enjoy the cold back home just remember im sweating hahahahah

love elder jeppson

03 October 2016

Week #6

i thought we emailed yesterday...

Woah... time is flying. Idk if its just cause were traveling a lot or cause were putting in work but time is sooo weird. Connor said in his email, time is weird now i agree very much. last month feels like 2 years ago and yesterday feels like still part of today. weird stuff. MAN another week in the hottest country on earth hahah my tan line from my watch is already horrific lol.

So my stomach is totally confused... it knows the food i eat is sooo dirty and soo bad for you yet more and more of it keeps coming into it. Im getting to the stage where i have to accept it and use a little medicine to control the runs but then im constipated.... and thats almost worse hahahaha 

so not a lot of things happened this week excpet for the first time i rode back from Adiembra the town in my area 35 min away in a taxi with just my companion, my translator and i. MANNNN it was nice. Also when i was in Adiembra i want to describe this moment we had. so hear it is,

Imagine yourself with a companion and a ward member who translates for you are huddled under a mud hut with a staw roof and its pouring out side. like raining soooo hard. But your investigator loves what he is learning and invites there neighbor to come here your message. So you are sitting there with 2 family's, 2 little kids on either lap and the rest huddled around you and your companion. As you sit there and watch the family listen to the translator, for this family speaks no English at all. You feel the spirit so strong as the words come out of the translators mouth yet the only reason you understand what they are saying to the investigator is cause you told him what to say. You sit there and ponder to yourself. "is why you are here on a mission? is this the families that need the gospel at this time in there life?" you realize how blessed you are to not live on a dirt floor and have a fan in your room to keep you cool at night. you realize there is a wood fire with stones around it to hold the pot of fufu up. how blessed you truly are to know why you are here on this earth. God loves all his children. And the blessing you have been givin are for you to share with those that need them.

The gospel of Jesus Christ, if you have the smallest idea of what it is. Share it. For it is a blessing if you do and it is your responsibility to share it with those who dont know about it. Have perspective and as Elder Eyring taught this week, "Gratitude can be shown on our reaction through our trials" Be great full for ANYTHING you have, for it is a gift from god and all gifts should be shared. 

i love you all sooo much! i hope you all enjoyed conference! 

1. kids doing chores
2.what the mom carries the baby with
3.bought my durrrant jersey ready for him to balllll hahah
4.my fav soccer field, in the middle of the bush haha
5.snail....somthing i havent had to eat...yet...
6.trials in the bush, love it