03 October 2016

Week #6

i thought we emailed yesterday...

Woah... time is flying. Idk if its just cause were traveling a lot or cause were putting in work but time is sooo weird. Connor said in his email, time is weird now i agree very much. last month feels like 2 years ago and yesterday feels like still part of today. weird stuff. MAN another week in the hottest country on earth hahah my tan line from my watch is already horrific lol.

So my stomach is totally confused... it knows the food i eat is sooo dirty and soo bad for you yet more and more of it keeps coming into it. Im getting to the stage where i have to accept it and use a little medicine to control the runs but then im constipated.... and thats almost worse hahahaha 

so not a lot of things happened this week excpet for the first time i rode back from Adiembra the town in my area 35 min away in a taxi with just my companion, my translator and i. MANNNN it was nice. Also when i was in Adiembra i want to describe this moment we had. so hear it is,

Imagine yourself with a companion and a ward member who translates for you are huddled under a mud hut with a staw roof and its pouring out side. like raining soooo hard. But your investigator loves what he is learning and invites there neighbor to come here your message. So you are sitting there with 2 family's, 2 little kids on either lap and the rest huddled around you and your companion. As you sit there and watch the family listen to the translator, for this family speaks no English at all. You feel the spirit so strong as the words come out of the translators mouth yet the only reason you understand what they are saying to the investigator is cause you told him what to say. You sit there and ponder to yourself. "is why you are here on a mission? is this the families that need the gospel at this time in there life?" you realize how blessed you are to not live on a dirt floor and have a fan in your room to keep you cool at night. you realize there is a wood fire with stones around it to hold the pot of fufu up. how blessed you truly are to know why you are here on this earth. God loves all his children. And the blessing you have been givin are for you to share with those that need them.

The gospel of Jesus Christ, if you have the smallest idea of what it is. Share it. For it is a blessing if you do and it is your responsibility to share it with those who dont know about it. Have perspective and as Elder Eyring taught this week, "Gratitude can be shown on our reaction through our trials" Be great full for ANYTHING you have, for it is a gift from god and all gifts should be shared. 

i love you all sooo much! i hope you all enjoyed conference! 

1. kids doing chores
2.what the mom carries the baby with
3.bought my durrrant jersey ready for him to balllll hahah
4.my fav soccer field, in the middle of the bush haha
5.snail....somthing i havent had to eat...yet...
6.trials in the bush, love it

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