26 September 2016

Week #5

you know me, Cool-Aid and Cereal

      What a week right!? Teaching like 15 people a day and walking like 5 miles a day i don't understand why all the elders are getting abolo (fat) here. ahahha i used to say to my self back home its hot i want to swim and refresh my body in the lake, now i pray for rain...and when I say it rains, i cant even describe the rain here. it rains so hard and there is lightning going on and off all day hahah. rain is the only thing that keeps me from a heat stroke. lol jk but really. i used to dream about my shower before bed during the day cause it was the one time during the day my temperature felt kind of cooler. But NOW, since i was about to take a shower the other night and i go up to turn on the water and there is a spider near the shower head, i ran, no like i ran fast and not because the spider saw my nakedness but simply because the spider was about the size of my hand!!! i paid my comp about 2 ceedis to go kill it and then had to pray about 10 times before i took my shower cause i needed the courage to close my eyes while i washed the shampoo out hahahah so NOWW... i dread shower time. and my companions say the spiders come cause of the rain... so i dont pray for rain anymore. Ghana what a place. learn something everyday lol

        Anyways! i had to go back to cape coast this week to get my non citzenship card and a "medical exam" i was first in the exam so the APs were not watching that closely and while i was being checked they take me to this room and take some blood from me and make me pee in a cup! haha you know youre having a good time when someone makes you pee in a cup. hahaha lol i was sooo lost on what was going on. then the APs came flying in and said to the doctor, " NOO just the basic check up is all we want!" hahah i was the only one out of all of us who had the full evaluation smh i hope my blood and urine helps that hospital increase their research on the health of obronies (white people). good to see all my TCs man they all love their trainers as do i! he knows how to work and i love it and he pushes me everyday to become better.

      last story. the reason for the title was i was experiencing my first homesickness. i was missing moms good ole home made cool-aid and cereal... MY PRAYERS were anwsered! when i was at the mission home they fed us frosted flakes for breakfast!! Wahooooooooo! and then i remebered mom packed me some cool aid packets so for dinner i made cool-aid! man! i mean it wasnt as good as moms but it was sooo good! 

     alright so i was thinking about 4 of my investigators with baptismal dates. and how after they are baptized if they are not fellow shipped into the ward, especially here in ghana, they will fall away. It is sooo imporatant that as members of this church we are helping those new people in the ward and doing our best to be the best people we can be. everyone.... lemme say that again EVERYONE is a missionary if you are apart of this church. be the best missionary you can be and god will bless you. i cant wait for these next few weeks hopefully with faith, and the revelation of the holy spirit we will be dunkin some amazing children of god.

i love you alll! you all looked too good at homecoming! and i have to tell you all....savannah didnt kiss her date...sad i know but its all good. hahaha

hope you enjoy the pics!!

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