19 September 2016

Week #4


Who knows if that how you spell akwaaba but it looks good to me and means welcome!!! AFRICA is insane.... i love it. like try teaching a lesson while having the mom yell at the ,while chickens walk on your feet and while its like 894325893589 degress, sit in front of a mud hut, while the person youre teaching speaks no english, and then talk of the law of chastity and how it will change you life. hahahahahahah like i said, i love it. 

saying goodbye to the district was sad but we all were hungry to get out. the mission president and his wife are an amazing and inspired people. MY companion/trainer is a solid brooooo. Elder Divver from salt lake utah. hes like neighbors with cody fletcher and nate koilecer!!! kids i went to peru with last summer DANNG small world. right as we got out assignment we took a 2 hour tro tro to assin fosu. all the elders that live here are so jelous of me to be born in this beatiful city. they say its the best place/most bush (foresty) to serve in. I LOVE IT. Elder langiti and amburme from somoa and zimbabwea live with us too. Good men they are hahaha. so pretty much first lesson i walked into so excited cause i was asked to baptize this investagator this sunday!! so we went it elder divver gave a great lesson and i born my testimony at the end. when we were done we walk away and i asked my comp, "so what tribal language was he speaking in there?? that was cool?!?!" he looked at me a little confused and said, "what are you talking about brother andrews speaks some of the best english ive ever heard in ghana." ........uh........uh, i wanted to cry. THAT MAN WAS SPEAKING ENGLISH THE WHOLE TIME AND I DIDNT HEAR A WORD! hahahahahah you people back home need to pray a little harder for me. jk hahaha its crazy here cause like it says its an english mission but it my area only few know english and its usually the kids. so im learning twi as best as i can. my comp says im learning fast then most people do so thats good. hahah hes pretty good. hes not fluent but hes good.

our dailey travel consist of a taxi drive from assin fosu to adiemmbra about thirty minutes away. doesnt sound that bad right? HA. try sitting in a car thats about the size of a smart car with a back seat in it and they wont leave till there is 7 people in the car.... oh and the rode we travel on is claimed to be the most rutted, pot holed road in all of ghana!! hahah we go like 15 mph max and more bumpy then anything you can imagine. and its hot like blazin hot hahhah. but it makes it so fun and i look forward to the drive everday hahah. church..... didnt hear a word but the sacrement prayer was prefored very nice. hahhah today we got up at 5 to cook a pig. i had to go by the pig and carry it sooo far away so i yelled for a taxi and drove with a pig in the taxi to the chapple hahah gotta love this place. drowned the pig and then let the somoans do the work. WOAH. those guys are fearless and make a mean lunch. cooked it in the palm leaves all morning. the whole zone was there. The sisters here.... crazy african girls, ive been called greenie about 83479529857 time today. mannn never again will they come to a party that i dropped 60 ceedies just for drinks. hahaha

alright laslty on a spiritual note, so that man i was asked to baptize sunday. love him hes a great guy and i understand him now. haha anyways during the last baptismal interview, he confessed that he was still living with his girlfriend. he told us she was moving out but she wasnt. the reason being because they have a 2 year old daughter that is the cutest thing in the world. he wants the gospel soo bad and he know the book of mormon sooo well. but if he joins the church and kicks his gf out he looses his daughter elizabeth. tough situation and we told him to pray to know what to do cause heavenly father will tell him what to do. he agreed and said he still wants to learn and come to church while he figures it out so were pushing his date back 2 weeks. im so proud of brother andrews for doing the right thing. the gospel of jesus christ changes lives people want it sooo bad and its not easy to give up things, especially a daughter to join. but through god and reading the scriptures we can know what to do and have a sense of direction in our lives. these people are amazing, inspired, and caring people who want to know god and i hope be like them.

me dough paaa paaa ( i love you all sooo soo much) hopefully all is well back home i know savv kissed her date at homecoming so someone give her a high five for me hahah lol love you all. 

(lol left my camera ill send pics sooon paaa)

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  1. Peyton, you CRACK ME UP!!!!! I'm so glad you are loving your mission! Hurry and send more pics!!!

    (Savannah, CONGRATS! LOLOLOLOL!!! What is the fellows name?!?! When do I get to meet him???)