01 September 2016

Week #1

week one down....WHATTTTT?!?!?!?!


Yooooo this place is soooooo LIT! crazy to think i got pulled over last tuesday hahahaha i miss you all so much already but lemme tell you all. My District is the greatest group of elders to ever see the Provo MTC. we are a district of 12, 11 going to one of the 4 missions in Ghana and 1 elder going to Uganda and we found out he is the only elder in the ENTIRE MTC going to Uganda. so hes kind of the lost sheep of Uganda. oh and the best party of the district. NO SISTERS, so its always a party. my companion is such a bro, we can teach soo effectively its ridiculous. his name is Elder Snell from Herimiston Oregon so like 4 hours from Boise so that is chill chill. oh and get a load of this.... First full day in the MTC meet my branch president and 30 minutes later tells the whole zone... elder Snell and elder Jeppson are our new ZONE LEADERS.....!?!?!??! my comp and i are over about 50 other elders and sisters in our zone. its kind of stressful but we love it so much.and we get a useless phone that all it does is answer phone calls. nothing else works hahaha.
                last night we welcomed a new group of kids to our zone and helped them get used to the MTC and helped them get to know their companion. anyways after we took them to their rooms, elder snell and i were practically naked about to get in the shower and we get a call from the sister training leaders saying one of their sisters is not feeling well and would like a priesthood blessing... sooooo elder snell and i got dressed in about .48938908 seconds ran all the way across the campus to give this sister a blessing. i had the opportunity to give that blessing and WOW, i can honestly say the power of god is real, the priesthood is real and during that blessing i have never felt the spirit so strong. And as the words of that prayer came out of my mouth i realized this is exactly why i have been called a the ZL of branch 41 and i am so grateful for the opportunity to give that blessing to sister beck.  
           hahahahah for all those scrubs (new word for our district thanks to Elder Joos) who think theyre good at spikeball. elder Joos and i are like 76/76 in winning. WE ARE THE CHAMPS of the MTC and no one can beat us. our chemistry is like Einstine whippin up a pot of whip cream. elder joos.. and interesting guy hahaha his dad is the CEO of Nike shoes so hes never had to clean a day in his life and drives a hellcat so hes preety much the most spoiled kid i know yet everyone loves him so much cause hes just a solid bro. 
           were in class pretty much all day but... i love it so much. my testimony has grown more in 7 days then it has my whole life. the word, gospel, isnt just another word for the church of Jesus Christ of later day saints. it means soooo much more, gospel means the steps to become more like Christ. through baptism, repentance, faith, the holy ghost and enduring to the end. that is the gospel and that is why i am here as a missionary for this church. to bring those who are lost towards Christ. 
            Honestly feel bad about my goodbye to the fam last week i was so nervous before getting dropped off that i never got to bear my testimony so ill do it to all of you guys. the work of Jesus Christ is real, the atonement is real, i know why i am here. this is where i are supposed to be. i love this gospel with all my heart. i must be my first convert and im working so hard for it so that when i get to Ghana the work of this gospel may move forward steadfast in the faith of Christ. i love you all and i miss the lake so much right now i cant even being (like i work out and walk around in my bathing suit....) hahah wish i had more time. I love you all!

1. elder snell and i day one before bed.

 2. temple walk with the district

3. elder snell being jokingly threatened but elder walton to wash the bathroom floor or else ahahahha

4. 2300 missionaries here. 

5. Elder Cameron Bartschi!

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