28 August 2016

Week #0

The first note home from Provo, Utah Missionary Training Center (MTC)


"DAAAAADDD! this place is amazing, i already love it so much. my companions name is elder Snell from Hermiston, Oregon and he a solid elder (bro). my district is so awesome and i've learned a lot already. my p day is thursday and ill talk to you guys next week. this is just so you know i'm safe. i love you all. this is such an incredible time" 

Also, on 25-Aug, we rec'd a note from Elder Tyler Gordon in the MTC

"I was just emailing my mom and heard Elder Jeppson outside (his voice is so noticeable) so I quickly ran out and grabbed this picture just now! I hope you all are doing great! He is doing great and says he loves you! Love, Elder Gordon"

And this from Linda Collett on Facebook on the 26-Aug
"Elder Brenton Collett found Elder Jeppson - two friends serving the lord. So proud of these boys!"

And here are some pics from drop-off day on 23-Aug-2016