08 September 2016

Week #2

next stop... GHANA 


Week 2 in the MTC was sooo good! but... its most definetly time to get out of here hahah. For the sake of my weight. (in the first 8 days i gained 12 pounds ahahahah) and the sake on my sanity. Like i love class and all but being in the same seat for almost 30 hours a week can not be healthy to anyone lol. But i can honestly say i love it here. This place gets better and better everyday. 
Sooooo many good stories this week! elder Joos... the scrub lol learned how to use a microwave this week, poor kid didnt even know how to make popcorn..... like he didnt know there was a popcorn button. hahahahha bless his heart when he gets to ghana. we also had our first loss in spikeball.... what a sad day that was. he raged on me for about a good 20 minutes but its all good now cause we killed them the next set of 3. 
GOT MY FLIGHT PLANS!! i leave next tuesday at 3:50 a.m. for GHANA! im sooo looking forward to having 33 other missionaries going to ghana on that same plane. hahah our goal is to convert everyone on it as we have about at 20 hour flight to Accra. the ZL life is good. everyone still expects me to know everything about the MTC so i just go with what ever i feel promted to say and hope i said the right answer hahah.... im like 92 percent of the time, wrong. but thats okay!! 
Elder D. Todd Christoferson of the quorem of the 12 aposals came and spoke to us on tuesday! hahah what a neat experience as he talked about repentance and how important it really is. We have to turn our hearts to Heavenly Father to be fully repented. i love that so much as that is part of my purpose as a missionary in his church, to bring others towards repentance and towards christ. 
so my mom is the greatest obviously haha BUT!! she sent me 2 nerf guns and LET ME TELL YOU!!! night time we all go ham... like its a blood bath hahah. Elder walton litterly challenges anyone to a 5 story nerf war before bed but what makes it sketch is he found where the circuit breaker box is and he turns off all the power in the whole building hahahah love that kid so much. 
For all those die hard BYU Fans, Chad Lewis came and gave the devo talk on sunday and it was soooo good as he talked about how much he loved his mission and how it made him a better person. and how he knows it blessed him to be able to play in the NFL as he was one of the best college tight ends of his time. i want to end by asking all of you to go and watch the movie the restoration (the one on Joseph Smith.) it is sooo killer and everytime i hear the song praise, "praise to the man" i testifies to me that joseph was a prophet of god and through the power of the priestood, he changed the world forever so that family can be with one another forever. i love you all and next time you hear from me ill be in GHANA!! WAHOOOO! 
-I give not because I have not, but if I had, I would give. 
Elder Jeppson 
ps -- also got my malaria pills i start on sunday. crazy stuff dude

1: mom sent me a bunch of dope stuff, the set up haha
 2:Elder walton and i about to go town on each other
 3:Branch 41, all the people in my zone and my branch prez and wife

4.love the provo temple, as i went through a session today, relized it might be my last time for 2 years.. sad but i love that temple


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  2. Sure do love you, Peyton!!! Loving your letters, so keep 'em coming!!! -Auntie Kim

  3. Awesome my friend! It's About Time isn't the same without you. The people of Ghana are so blessed. Can hardly wait for those experiences and stories to unfold!