06 February 2017

Week #24

what is baptism?

THIS WEEK WAS STRAIGHT OUT OF COMPTON DOPE!! hahahah man after months and months meeting with freda, albert, and issacc, all 3 were baptized on saturday. i had the wonderful opportunity to be john the baptisted so i also baptized 2 child of records and the elders from the other ward had one great lady to be baptized so in total, 6 people this weekend made a wonderful covenant with our loving heavenly father. SO COOL!

but what is baptism?? like why are we baptized? as missionaries you all know that we "teach repentance and baptize converts." but as we are baptized what happens? and the anwser simply is, we make promise with God. now God, will always keep his end of the promise, and as we keep our side of the promise to take upon the name of christ and always remember him god will allow us to come back and live with him for eternity. Baptism, is not the end. it is the first step in many steps that we can and will make in this life. as we are baptized god reconizes that we have now taken upon the name of christ and we will represent him at all time and in all places. I LOVE watching people make sacred covenants with our heavenly father, i think working in the temple really help me have a love to watch people change there life and come unto christ. 

ill keep this email short and send lots of photos cause the pics explain it all. besides that the power went out from saturday afternoon so sunday afternoon so saturday night was probly the hottest, most unconfortable, sleepless night of my life hahah my fan died after an hour so i was dying of heat and couldnt sleep for a second so i took about 2 showers that night too cool down but it really didnt help hahah its all good though cause the power is back on and i had a great night sleep last night hhahah 

love you all have a great week! 

1, when youre from preston idaho and go home in 3 weeks hahaha2-6. pics from the baptism. man it was sooo sweet! i cant even begin to tell you how grateful i am for the example these people have shown to me.
7. some niiiiiiiiiice home made empasii

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