20 February 2017

Week #26

doomso doomso

the way i hate light out at night! for some reason doomso has been happening a lot more latley and especially at night so my fan just dies and i just sit in bed most of the night,wide awak and am just drenched.... apsolutly drenched in sweat! hahahahah sweet is work and hot is the sun! 

GREAT WEEK! lots of great lesson and people are progressing paaa! one of our investagators Anthony, sweet guy, we are teaching him about faith and he asked us a question that i never though before. he asked, "is faith and miracle the same thing or different?"  I loved this question!! took me a sec to think of the way i want to answer his question. we helped him understand that a miracle comes after an act of faith. miracles can never happen with out faith. faith is hoping for a miracle, the lesson later turned into how we can repent using our faith in Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is a miracle, because through him we can be saved. but to be changed through him requires an immense amount of faith that as you repent and try to live a most perfect life, a miracle can and will occur. but with out having faith first that a miracle can happen, it wont happen. it was a sweet lesson and i learned a lot! thats why mission is soo sweet cause sometimes you go to a lesson expecting to teach someone and make them understand a principal when in reality after the lesson you may have learned more then them! hahaha aye misssion is soooo dopppppppppppe!!! ahhhhhhhhh

lol took a RM to a less active this week and it started out a great discussion with lots of questions and good interaction, then this dang returned missionary comes in and no joke.... THE GUY TESTIFIED FOR 25 MINUTES!!! hahahahahah longest testimony of my life. all i have to say is i love that man but i learned something great from him. a testimony doesnt need to be long to be a good one or even short. it just needs to be simple and said from the heart and it will be powerfull to others and change lives. hahahahah never again will i go back to that house with that man as a member 

well our district did great this week and had 7 baptisms on saturday so it was a sweet weekend! last week possibly with elder Adu-gyamfi, were gonna kill it this week! cant believe another transfer come and gone! 


peace, elder jeppson

1. MY angelina is finished!! man its nice!
2. adu and i in adudabuasi doing some baptismal interviews
3-4.got to see grandma rose in my old area! boncu... another reason im getting sooo fat!
5.prays do get answered....HI CHEWS BOIIIY 

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