30 January 2017

Week #23

mothers are amazing

ohhhh the way we let critters have it this week..... so for the past 2 months ive just accepted the fact that there are tons of mice in our appartment, like everyday i see like 4 but this week i had ENOUGH!! as of today i have killed 7 mice on 5 days. thats right, the rest are scared of me now and wont come out. also for the last 2 months ive had some baddd bed bugs that ive just kind of accepted until i realize how bad my matress is... like there is littlery a massive hole in the center of it... hahah wake up with like 10 bites on my ankles, back, and the other night one got me good on my rear end! haahah ordered a new mattress. also my bed frame has recently acquired some weeveles (wood eating bugs) so i wake up with just wood shavings all over me and my pillow.... haha i dont know how im gonna fix that one... its all good!! a little less sleep never killed nobody! 

this week was sooooo dang powerful! not only did we have 6 investagators at church but we had plenty of lesson!! we have a baptismal service this saturday so hopefully everything works out! anyways i wanted to talk about mothers.... aye charllay the way i miss my mom hahaha. so one of our investagators named Albert who we are planning to baptize this week, his mom is a powerful woman, so supportive and sooo Christlike in everything she does. so a few weeks ago when we were teaching albert she asked if we could come teach him on sundays and mondays only cause she wants him to be taught (alberts mom is not a member by the way) and she doesnt want to disrespect us and have him blow off our appointments so she ask if we could teach him on those days because she being a single mother with 4 kids, doesnt have a job and she needs albert to work and provide for the family. we of course said apsolulty yes that is okay!! we will come when ever he is not working. she thanked us sooooo much for understanding. now the cool thing is what happened on this saturday we went to alberts house just to check on the mother cause we knew albert would be working. when we got there the mother had just finished washing alberts church clothes so he could make it on time to church tommorow, what a sacrifice, this mother has to prepare food, take care of her 1 year old, make products that the kids can sell on there head so they have money, yet during the hottest part of the day, this single mother is out in the sun washing her sons church clothes so that he can become a member of gods church and also for a mother so show her graditude for her sons willingness to provide for the family. 

when i saw those dripping wet clothes drying on the clothes line out in front of there house, i got very emotional as it made me think of all the millions of things my mom did for me that i might have not even ever noticed or when i did notice i failed to mention my gratitude for what she did. moms sacrifice soooo much, sometimes we see it, sometimes we dont. alberts mom has taught me soooo much about what this religion can do to families, she wants her son to be happy and she sees that when he is will us learning about gods truth, he becomes a bright ray of sunshine for all to see. i am sooo grateful for mothers. lol i know its not mothers day but i have to say to everyone, be gratefull for a loving mother, cause there are some things you will never notice your mom does until its too late to say thank you. soooo grateful for all those moms out there who have helped me get to where i am in my life. and my mom, no words to describe how amazing that wonderful woman is, she truley is called of god to be a mother of me and my siblings. alberts mom has just helped me reconize how great my mom truely is.

i hope everyone had a great week!! a little mad i didnt get any 18.5 bithday wishes but its fine.... hahahahahaahha i mean my whole appartment cellebrated hahahah

have a great great week, and be thankful, for god truly is good. 

1.went to vegas this week! hahahaha
3-5. us making some cakes to celbrate my 18.5 birthday!!!! mannnn soooo dang good!

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