09 January 2017

Week #20

its not always easy

well this week nothing really happened. in fact we taught 3 lessons all week so man nothing happened at all! hahaha probably one of my hardest weeks so far on mission. my companion is suffering from a badddddd feaver cause of the hamataun so we had to stay inside a few days cause he was weak. me i got a weird eye sickness that is kind of like pink eye back home....but a lot worse hhahahah its funny cause i go around teaching people about the word of wisdom and how drugs are bad for us and i look totally gonzo beans baked out of my mind hahahah ayyyye mission!!! its an air born sickness so everyone is even sketched to shake my hand and get closed to me hahaha. but ayeee its all good cause im in GHANA how freaking sweet is that!!!!! and it rained for the first time in  a month yesterday!!! WAHOOOO! 

this week ive done a lot of reading. A LOT! and ive decided my favorite part of the day is personal study. me and my scriptures. nothing is better. we recieved some referals this week from steven and kofi, our ward missionaries and they are sweet referals. makes me think of back home how many people i wish i would of sent the missionaries to, to go and teach them. how many people i want to know about this gospel that i never told them about it is a big time regret. BUT there is always hope for them and i hope i can in the future do my best to be better.

so because people have been asking what i eat dailey i tell them, usually the Ghana Cape Coast 3, eggs,rice, and indomie (like toporamon). EVERYDAY! ive gotten small small fat so thats nut the funnest. i usally have egg with onion sandwhich for breakfast, then rice and stew for lunch (stew depends on what i make that week but i like my tomato paste stew the most) and for dinner i hope for a FM (free meal) or i come home and get fried rice or have another egg sandwhich with bannanahs and a fanyogo. EVERYDAY hahahah aye foood 

all i have to end with is one of my new favorite passages of scriptures, Acts 5:41-42. talks about how the apostles praised god and thanked him that they were worthy enough to suffer and to be beated for sharing the name of Christ. what a positive attitude Paul and the apostles had. everyday when i think it sucks to walk in the sun for 12 hours i just think about what the savior did for me, how truley lucky i am to be on mission wearing HIS name for all to see that i am hear for one purpose, to testify of the savior, Jesus Christ. i love this work even though its not easy at alllll. its about being positive and remembering why im here and who i represent.

love you all! have a good week!

elder jeppson

1.my newly married couple that just got baptized reppin matching outfits dancing there heads off at the stake new years party. GOALS
2-4. everyone dancing and enjoying the food at the stake party! soooo much food!
5-7. me looking gonzo beans!!!!! hhahahahah man i look soooo gone

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