23 January 2017

Week #22

blessed up

figured out how to make chocolate milk this week so preety much this week was sweet. BIG week! we commited 3 to be baptized on feburary 4 so i hope it all works out!! this week has also been sooooo hard to meet with people cause the african cup is happening rn and the whole country shuts down when the game is on. ahahah friday i was in the sun for 9 10 hours straight and didnt see a single investagator hahahahha man im soooo tan!! lol well just my arms and face are. man ive been getting a lot of crap about how i bleach my hair! had like 7 people ask me if i do this week. PEOPLE GET OVER IT, I DONT!! hahahah 

so this week was transfer week and my father elder divver left me, guess what...... HIS WASHING MACHING!!!! LETS FREAKING GOOOO!! hahaha ill be honest the appartment i am in rn is too small for it but man when i leave this place its gonna be niiiice! hahah so greatful for elder divver, not for the wash but for what a powerful missionary he is! my hands are offically raw from washing by hand so the first few minutes of washing hurts and then i just get used to it hahah. 

one of our investagators this week named issacc Goma has commited to be baptized. i met this guy about months ago. and at first we thought he was unserious but after like a month of trying to meet with him we just let him go and then last week he called us and asked why we havent been coming.....as mad as i was for his reason, i was stoked!!! cause he finnally gave us time to teach him and hes turning into one of the most powerful people i know. the questions he asks are sooo deep and thoughtful that i know he wants this gospel in his life! I Love Mission!! another long week ahead cause ghana is in the quarter finals sooooooo. hahahahah sweet is the work and hot is the sun right? hahaha i cant believe im almost done with the new testament!!! its been doomso (light out) a lot more recently so the fans are off so during my studies so when im reading im just dripping sweat on my scriputes hahahahah its not easy oooooooo lol

just something i thought of this week while i was reading in timothy, it says, "abstain from all apperance of evil" somtimes i tell my self oh im not actually commiting a sin, it just looks like it. and as stupid as that sounds it truly is stupid! and it is actually commiting a sin in the eyes of God! why appear like youre being disobedient and then justify the sin. JUST DONT DO IT AT ALL! hahah man sometimes im not the smarted and we make mistakes but we are all learning and ill be the first to say. im trying to become better and im trying to follow christ more perfectly. 

love you all!!! have a cold week. hahahah

elder jeppson

1.WIFE ME!! hahaha my stew and jolaf
2.gave these two a bath this week. lol cuties/devil childs
3.the calm before the storm
4. final pictures with the father, Divver
5.my poor fingers from washing hahahaha lol

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