22 November 2016

Week #13


im a white guy from idaho so obviously ive been sunburnt before but this last saturday....oooooh challay i was a fried lobster!!!! all because we went to farm for this investagator who has a dope pineapple farm! so like obviously we were all stoked to go! we woke up wayyy early and took the other 4 elders in the zone with us. so the 6 of us were at our investagators house and they said okay lets go. its 6:45. we walked DEEEEP deeep into the bush. like soooo far i felt as if we were too far to go back. we walked for 2 HOURS hahahah we were all dead just getting to the farm! hahah we rested for a bit and ate some nicccce Ghanaian pineapple (really is the best ive ever had!) i bought my first cuttalas so daddi sharpened it while we all ate. and then we went to work, weeding away under the coco trees. it was a good time but we were sweating like noooo other. just drenched in our own sweat lol ohhh ghana is tooo hottt! the only water they had for us was the well water..... the water that everyone back home thinks about, gross color and even worse taste. but man we were gonna die if we didnt drink it. soooo we did. it was DISTCUSTING! but we were thankful. we worked for a long time. then we saw a black mamba so we decided its about time to go back heheh (i was terrified tbh).  but we had to walk the 2 hours back out. litterly the longest walk of my life. and i swear it was close to 1000000 degrees. we made it back and i paid for the entire bag of water sashes and we downed them alllll hahah we were all sooooo thirsty. told the fam thanks and i was grateful to see them allll at church the next day so it was all worth it in the end. like a wise man once said, "sacrifice brings forth blessings"

man we had the area of west africa conference broadcast so that was sweeeet! president stevenson of the quorum of the 12 apostles spoke it was truely inspired. so ill share what he said. he spoke about the Sabbath day, something the church has really focused on. he was admiring about how when he went to west africa the markets are soooo busy during the week its honestly unreal. but on sunday, the markets are abandoned to say the least. no one is there. the people that work in the markets fear god more then man. they keep the Sabbath day holy and know that sunday is the day of rest. i love what he said about fearing god. know that god if you do what he says and give him his day. the rest of the week your life will be more meaningfull and more successful. i love this talk so much. i hope you all remember to keep the sabbath day holy and remember that it is his day, our heavenly fathers day. 

have a good week!!! i love you all and dont forget to feast this thursday and always be grateful for god truley is a god of love. love you all!!!

elder jeppson

1 and 2: i love palm farms they are too cool. 
3: jokes on you guys im in mexico
4:the lonnnnnng walk deep in the BUSH
5:my egg mommi, endless eggs hahahahah(in ghana, when we address mr and mrs, we say mommi and daddi)

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