28 November 2016

Week #14


lol man this week has been filled with me getting creative with the food. tired of the same 3 things everyday! hahahahahah good week! found some serious/hecka not serious people this week. and thats the work though! sometimes its nice and other times its litterly you and your compainion walking around in the hot sun and then in the rain storm for 7 hours a day talking to anything from a 2 year old baby to a 100 year old grandma that the only english word she knows is "yes" hahahah one of my fav quotes, "sweet is the work". 

so when elder divver and i when we first got here to telecom we were not loved by the ward cause of past missionaries but now they love us! the sister are complaining to them and they just gave them fire saying we always see the elders out walking all day! they know all the members and there names and you dont even know where i live (bishop talking)?! hahah man i felt good cause i felt appreciated as a missionary in my ward. for them just seeing us makes them happy knowing we are out all day helping there ward. back home i never really appreciated the missionaries in my ward. these people are the Christlike examples to me everyday. i love this ward sooo much!

well elder talaini went to Capecoast this week on thanksgiving so when he came back that night he had 2 BOXES OF PIZZA!!! i cant even begin to tell you how short the blessing on that food was hahahahhahah. so it was a great FIRST thanksgiving feast! heheh then the guy said he bought some nice appunciea (goat) in cape and said i could have some....... my first mistake was believing him... my second was eating it..... well i can now say ive eaten RAT!! all i can say is that it tasted like POOP! man Talaini was dying laughing! i asked, "why did you waste 10 cedis on that?!?!" he told me he just wanted to try it..... forget that guy hahah. 

today was niiiiiice!!! ate alllllllll american food to REALLY celebrate our thanksgiving! had ground beef, BBQ sauce, and most importantly CHEESE sent from takarati. man we feasted.... sooo glad no sisters were there cause we ate like straight animals who havent eaten in 2 years.... rented a nice grill, cooked some chicken, burgers and hot dogs! so it was a great day! love this time of the year to celebrate, always remember how you thank someone, its by your actions not your words. divver always tells the people to say the 3 M's to each other. Me dough (i love you), maffu (i miss you), and medacy (thank you). hahahahh loving twi love you!!!!

hope you all had a great holiday. sorry for nothing to spiritual this week. next week ill have good scripture hahahah love you all!

elder jeppson (jeppdaddy, the boy, shaka bro, the legend, freshman, ect. hehe)

1. the pizza from Capecoast
2.me getting creative with the egg sandwhich i have everyday...
3. me and my G elder divver 
4.me washing my clothes by hand every sunday night. 
5. elder talaini and i went out and did some shoping to celebrate man we are fresh
6-9. THE FEAST (so glad all Samoans can cook meat good!) 

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