05 December 2016

Week #15

shift... not a transfer hahah

This week was filled with some great adventures! we had zone conference on tuesday so we had a great instruction given by president stevenson and the assistance's. it was about how to begin teaching, something  i needed really bad. cause sometimes i feel that the investigator just thinks were there to pass off a lesson with him. so this helped me a ton with getting to know your investagators and to be there friends and it will help the lessons go sooo much better. also elder divver and i had to do a role play infront of the whole zone so that kind of sucked but we did really good hahah

IM DONE WITH TRAINING!!! WAHOOOOO. always a good time to celbrate. so we bought another box of pizza and got it sent up from cape coast man we enjoyed!!! i was in the hospital a lot this week cause elder divver is the district leader and a few of the sisters got sick so i had to spend alll day at the hospital! wasnt the funnest but we made it somehow fun! also im getting transfered!! hahah funny thing is, imagine a road and on the right is my zone/area and on the left is another zone/area. hahahahahhaha im literately going across the street! lol everyone was dying when we got the news. it should be good! im receiving a Ghanaian named elder Adujunfi. seems like a great guy! cant wait! funny that ill still be in Assin Fosu cause ill still see my old members and stuff but it will be a good change. love elder divver, most hard working guy ive ever met. so grateful for his example to me and to help me start my missionary service.

i was asked to bear my testimony on sunday cause im leaving the ward. man im gonna miss my first ghanaian family i bore it on something i learned this week. in the pearl of great price chapter 7 verse 18 it talks about a people called Zion, and they are one heart and one mind. as missionaries between companionship and missionaries and the wards of this church. they have to work together to establish Zion. if they are not on the same page, it wont work. i love the promise god gives us all as we establish zion on this earth. its not always easy and its not always fun but its worth it. one of my investigators names sister florence is going to be baptized next sunday. even though i wont be able to see her be baptized i know that elder divver and i are the lords instruments in helping sister florence come closer towards christ. And hopefully through her the work of the lord in establishing zion will continue. shes 16 and she loves the idea of missionary work so maybe someday she will also continue help the work of the lord. kind of cool if ya think about it.

went to farm on saturday, man im so dang good at weeding its unreal. just incase anyone is curious, yes its still BLAZZIN HOT in ghana! also election are this week and so its gonna be crazyyy! haha were asked to come in way early on wednesday cause it might get a little to crazy hahah we will see. we went to adiembra with president Foku to look for a building for the new branch coming to adiembra! it was cool and everyone in fosu knows foku so people came from all over the village to see him. love that guy soooo much! XMAS IS COMING!!!

love you all have a happy filled week!

elder jeppson!!!

1. Last hair cut by elder Talaini
2 and 3. reppin that BYU-I shirt someone had haha also tryin to smoke out a grass cutter the local guy wanted to eat hahah ( its like a big rat) 
4 and 5. at the hospital just chillin
6.elder divver and i and president stevenson
7.Telecom Zone

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