20 December 2016

Week #17


(Merry Christmas)!! hahahah man i hope everyone is having a great holiday! these week has been filled with lots of contacting! so many people travel back to there home town during the holidays so we have lots to teach! We are baptizing sister Elizebeth next sunday, CHRISTMAS! elder Adu-Gyamfi and i are so stoked. have a few referals we met this week that were given by those RM's that came home for the holidays so this next week is going to be goooood!
when we had our lesson with elizebeth she wanted to know about the temple and the things we do. I had almost forgoten how much i love the temple. we had a powerful lesson. but what makes it sooo cool is all week i really missed the temple and i kept thinking about it. but this friday we went to our zone xmas party at the mission home in Cape Coast. and guess what president instructed on..... THE TEMPLES! man it was such a great discussion and i learned sooo much. even more then from working in the temple! hahah president stevenson express his understand and wishes we could as a mission go to the Accra temple but its out of the mission boundary so the area presidency wont allow. its all good but i miss that place sooo much! lovvvvvve president and his wife, they are called by God and i know they are truely inspired. we all a great dinner and then president put on a xmas tradition of theirs. we did the nativity and then watch A Christmas Carol! hahah it was great time.
went on exchange with elder Johnson the Zone Leader on saturday. man we had a good time. that guy is just about to go home so hes ready to leave yet he is finishing sooooo strong! he got pissed at some of our investagators and me cause i was speaking better twi apparently and know more twi then him and ive only been out 4 months. hahahha he wasnt too happy and didnt talk for a while. i felt bad but he says its all good its not your fault. love Big J! we taught lots and has some realllllly really goood Fufu and ground nut soup! Sunday we had an investagator show up at church 2 hours early!! who does that?!?!? isnt 3 hours enough?!?! ahhahah jk but it was a suprise for sure!
i just want to talk about the savior for this last email before xmas. ive been reading sooo much about Christ these last 4 months. i love that man sooo much. but the thing i want to talk about is something that was in this months ensign, the gift of Grace. grace is defined as somthing that allows us to do more then he or she can do and connot do on his or her own well being.  Grace is a strength that helps us get through anything and helps us accieve higher succcess. Jesus Christ gave us grace, and because he did we have potential to become great, even though we will fall short. just as peter lost his faith as he was walking on the water with Christ. Christ will always grab us a pull us our of despair, trails, tribulation, and any sorrows we may face, BUT we have to have our hand stretched out as well, reaching to our savior and our redeemer. Let us rememeber this Christmas season that through Christ anything can happen but with our Christ, we are all lost in the sins we have made. I love my savior and am sooo grateful for him. Christ lives, i know it and i feel his love everyday as i teach these wonderful people.
Merry Christmas! Elder Jeppson loves you more then you know!
elder Jeppson!
(sorry the internet and power fell yesterday hhaha)
1. my boiled plantain and cantumbra
2. Me and Elder Adu-Gyamfi
3. my homie always getting me some Coconut
4.ugliest baby in Ghana hahahah
5-8. us at zone conference looking fressshhhhhhhhh
9. Assin Fosu Zone

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