27 December 2016

Week #18

A "White" Christmas

man what a dope week! hahahha this week was filled with lots of fun adventures especically during the christmas season. i have to admit i was a little sad going into the christmas season cause its about 2824728374 degrees here and everyone is telling me its DUMPING snow back home. but then this whole week i decided i was going to finish the 270 pages i had left in my book, Jesus The Christ. All week i was puttin in work reading it at every moment i could and on christmas eve i finished it! i was to simply say that that book has changed my life. so powerful and sooo spiritual fed i have been as i read the life of the savior. it really kept my focus on the savior this xmas season. hahahah i have to admit though my brain is fried!!! SOOOO MUCH READING! 

so many festive activities we attended and the way i spent money on food this week ayyyyyye its not easy oooooo. hahahahhahahah so my stake president, president foku had both zones of missionaries over to his house for dinner... now i dont know about you guys but how many stake presidents back home feed 2 zones of missionaries, almost 40 elders and sisters at his own house, 3 days before xmas and allll out of his own pocket....... i cant think of any one whos done that hahahah man i love that man soooo much and the fufu we had was tooooooo good to be true! president foku is the perfect example of a selfless person. a man who wants all to feel happy and loved. Foku has been a stake president in Assin Fosu for almost 12 years now...... hahahah WOWZERS. after the dinner we went to the stake center for the christmas carols night in which the whole stake came to. Man the Ghanaians really do love to sing there hymns!! it was a great night!

this saturday was a RM in my last areas wedding. sister lillian! man ghanain weddings to say the least are....interesting hahah but man soooo much fun. i feel bad for lilians dad, man fed about 500 people the best of the best food and had such a beautiful wedding, that mans wallet has got to be suffering hahahah. we missionaries helped pass out the drinks and mannnnnnn the way ghanians come from all over for free food, like even the less actives weve been trying to reactivate for months wont come on sunday but now that there is food. they are the first ones there! hahah ohhhhhhhh GHANA! 

Christmas day. Holy cow was it sooooooo nice to see the family! miss those squirts soooooo much but they still are the same ole jeppson family i left hahah. made sure i had a little xmas breakfast as yesterday i spend 50 cedis on a niiiice box of CHEERIOS!! lololo at church we had a white chrismas! sister elizebeth was baptized by her newly wedded husband on Christmas day. it was a tender moment as husband baptized wife. the church is too true, familys can be together forever, i know it and i will never doubt it. the rest of christmas day we was just eatin food with members and enjoying eachothers company. mission is tooooo sweet! elder jeppson has now been out 4 months... ayyye time has flown!

love you all thanks for the letters and emails! i love you alll! AFEHCIA PA!

elder jeppson

1 and 2: us as fokus party!
3. big j and I doing our wash late at night
4. Lillians wedding
5 and 6. Xmas dinner and my CHEERIOS for xmas breakfast!
7: our white xmas, sister Elizebeth

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