12 December 2016

Week #16

New area...kind of

man this week was sweet! went a lot better then i thought it would! So my new companion elder Adu-Gyamfi, a ghanaian, a sweet guy. and has taught me a lot already about the culture and his style of teaching. so ive already said my new area is across the street but man is it soooo different from my old area. so its about 2-3 square miles so very small. but a lot of population, about 60 percent are muslim and the rest less actives hahah not really. but there are sooo many less actives in this area and when we ask them why they are not coming they say they will come back when the bishop gets released..... hah...... WHAT!? i was shocked. turns out the bishop isnt the nicest guy so were working on him and trying to move the work forward. i see a lot of my old members so thats always dope! hahah so my new apartments is one of the oldest in the mission. the compound is soooo nice. but the apartment its self is like 3 of my bedrooms back home, one bathroom and a kitchen that has an ironing board in it....glad im somehow skinny. hahah 

NANA WON!!! WAHOOOOOO! the first time in the country of ghana that a president who is in power has not won his second term. man the streets this whole week have just been filled with people decked out in NPP stuff and are sooo drunk hahah. man it was hard to sleep cause they were up alll night! cool story though, during the march down the main road, thousands of people we were walking the other way to our apartment, we had a young boy about 19 come to us and say he wants to know the truth and he wants to come to our church! so for a ghana missionary...... this means they are usually not serious and just want a free panflet book hahah. so we gave him one and our number and let him continuing to march. the next morning sunday, he calls us sooooo early and asks, "has church started?!?!" i was like paul.... its 6;20 am. hahah we start at 10:00 hahah and guess what?!?! he actually came!!! man sweet guy and we cant wait to teach him this week.

so this week ive been focusing on the life of the savior (its christmas time and i thought id show a little spirit. hahah) so im reading the new testement. man Jesus was one powerful guy ha, the words he used and the way he spoke. is something i strive to be. teach with siplicity and youll be a succesfull missionary. christ was perfect yet he goes through the same temptations i go through. but as it promised in matthew chapter 21 verse 22. "and all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing , ye shall receive". temptations and obstacles can be over come simply through prayer and faith. man i love the scriptures! love my personal study time! love you all! have a great christmas season! 

elder jeppson

1-4. nothing like NPP parting allllll day and alllll night hahahahah
5-9. my new comp and the appartment haahhaha (west side cause my comp thinks im from cali)
10. nothing like living in 1920. man i miss a freaking dryer hahahah

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  1. Peyton....oh my gosh, I LOVE your letters! You crack me UP!!! Whenever I get an email saying that you posted another letter, reading it becomes the FIRST THING to do on my list! I love and miss ya! You look happy in your pictures! What a positive outlook you have on everything you experience! It makes me HAPPY!! BIG HUGS! XO Auntie Kim