14 November 2016

Week #12

challay im tired hahah

mannnn sweet week. elder divver and i were able to contact a lot more people this week and had 7 investagators at church! we have been walking a lot cause its the last week before we get to pull again so were all out of travel money haha and hamatan is kicking my butt, i thought it was hot before. forgettttt!!! its blazin now. i dont remember a time in my life i have ever felt sooo exausted. and my stomach is having problems again sooooo i pray close to 3902394829048 times durring each lesson that i dont throw up hahah ohhhhh learning to live in ghana, i love it!!

so weve been teaching the plan of salvation a lot this week and my grandma before i left made these really nice lamanated plan of salvation kits and man not only are they useful but soooo powerful when we teach. when the investagator sees what theyre learning about it clicks and the lessons become soo much more interactive! grandma i love you, thanks for the kits!

Elder divver hahahah man the guy has dealt with toooooo many taxi drivers and this week he gave a driver FIRE! i love watching him give fire. and to be honest im sure i would of been giving fire too but i was tooo tired and i just wanted to sleep on the ride to adiembra. the reason elder divver was giving fire cause new record for people in the taxi, 11...... yes 11 people in a taxi. wasnt the most comfy thats for sure i had 2 kids on my lap in a hot steamy car for about 40 minutes on the worst road in ghana hahha but like i said i was too tired to complain. 

well trump did it hahhahahah everyone is ghana is ticked about him winning and ask us about it. we just talk about ghana elections coming up december 6th and they get all happy! hahah

spiritual thought for the week: Cdogs favorite scriputure i read this week and i really liked it sooo everyone go read it and really dig into it and find its true meaning. Doctrine and Covenants 50:24, "that which is of god is light: and he that receiveth light, and continueth in god, receiveth more light, and that light growth brighter and brighter until the perfect day!" powerful scripture. now dig deep all of you and find the meaning.

have a good week!!! love 
elder jeppson

1. divv is going home in 6 months and is fat so hes trying to get in shape, as for me i like to save my energy hahahahah
2. this kid spoils every lesson with a investagator we have 
3 and 4. this guys hand is messed up hahahah not sure why though
5 and 6. showin the Ghanaians how to work hhahaha

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