03 January 2018

Week #71

The Love and Appreciation of 2017

HAPPY NEW YEAR! can you believe its 2018!!? in 2017 i spent 5 months in assin fosu, 6 month in nkanfoa, and 1 months in Tarkwa. whats crazy is just how fast all of that went!! all of those hundreds and hundreds of hours spent under this ghanian sun telling people about the greatest gift you could ever want. I am so grateful for 2017!

the lessons i have learned, the experiences i have had in this last year, a single email home each week to say the things ive learned is SOOO little on all the wonderful things im learning. I LOVE MY MISSION. its has been by far the greatest decision in my whole life to come and serve. and lucky for me i got to serve in the greatest area in the world! HAHAH

all the companions, all the members, all people ive met was for a reason. i wont know the full effects of my work but it doesnt matter cause its not about the numbers of what I did or what WE did. its all about the journey and the depth of your testimony of the savior jesus christ!

i was just informed a member i knew back in fosu that left on mission to nigeria when i was serving in fosu. the day after christmas, died in his sleep. as sad as that is to have a close friend of mine to die while serving his mission. i get great comfort knowing that his missionary work hasnt stopped. he is now on the other side of the veil continuing to help the gathering of isreal. Im gonna miss Maxwell and all of fosu will too but he did what he was asked and god has a greater purpose for him.

Once again thanks for all the support all you that read this email every week. i feel your presence through your prayers, YOU are the reason this work can be done, through your prayers, god inspires men to look for the truth, a truth that will set them free. Thank You.

love you all!

elder jeppson

1.new years parade
2. YSA activity
3. just cheesin
5. for 1 year i have crossed out day after day this calender my sister sent me. cant believe its all done!!
6. FIREWORKSSSSS !  hahaha
7. just a cat we thought about eating
8. our branch president and his wife dancing at the new years party hahahaha

9. added a picture of the article in the church news about Peyton's friend

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