08 January 2018

Week #72

more traveling

so the "cars" we use to get around ghana are called, Tro Tro's, the best way to describe them is a boiling hot tin can with a lot of duck tape to hold them together, there average money making speed is like 125 kph, moving on some of the crappiest roads in the world. not only do they take more then one passenger but on occasion you find one can take actually almost 20 people in a small van. the reason im telling you this cause i had to go to travel to cape coast AGAIN, this time  for MLC, so it included a nice 23 cedi tro ride for 5 hours there and 5 hours back, lets just say my legs lost feeling after the first 20 minutes and my butt was sore for a few days after, again you just gotta love ghana! hahahah sooo blessed to serve in such a wonderful country!

elder piutau and i met this exceptional young man on the road side named desmond, he is 13 years old, he asked us to come to his house, we said SWEET! hahah we start a lesson with him and we asked if he had read the pamphlet of the restoration before, hes like YES, joseph smith and the book of mormon are inspired from God. we were like what the heck this kid is SOOO prepared for this gospel! well as the lesson went on we found out that hes actually a member and has been coming to church every sunday for the past year............ yea i felt a little embarrased we didnt even know our own member hahah but we just continued to have lesson with him.

even after we walked away from his house we just laughed on how funny that was, we thought we had found the ONE. HAHAH but thats why god is tricky and i think he has a good sense of humor, the coolest part about this story is that the next day at church guess who walked in the chaple door? you guessed it, desmonds' mother and Aunt!!

i didnt really notice them when we were teaching desmond the day before, they were pounding the usual FuFu so we had our lesson, greeted them and left. After church they told our relief society president they loved the church and they will be coming to church from now on... like i said god works in funny ways, we had a good laugh cause we taught desmond thinking hes just a golden egg ready to hatch hahahah and now we get to teach a mom of part member family with a 13 year old aaronic priesthood holder. Missionary work is just toooo goood. 

excited to see what else god has in store for us this week. Couldnt be happier brothers and sisters.

love you all, thanks for everything!

elder jeppson

1. shadrak got his mission call!! Nigeria!! sooo proud of that guy!
2. hahahah welll lets just say i got a hair cut cause i really really needed one, hahah guess youll just have to wait to see the result of the butcher hahahahh (MTC DAYS)

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