18 December 2017

Week #69

well hahahhah idk actually

honestly this week was just too fast or somehow sooo long im just getting more confused as I sit here and think about it hahahah

nevertheless, I think elder piutau and I had a good week. I finished up my exchanges with the district and we said good bye to elder bills..... man that guys is a legend! (he'll be in eagle on jan 18) hahahah

really got nothing much to say. xmas season is not an easy time in Ghana to get new people to come to church cause bro............. THE PARTIES THESE CHURCHES THROW........... but we are doing our best to help people know the truth and join us for another great sacrament meeting on xmas eve instead of a free concert for like 4 hours. HAHAHA

ill write a better email next week but I just want everyone to know that Ghana has started its hammatahn and guys.................. if the sun keeps it up im gonna have to bye some new shirts from having to wash the BLACKNESS off my collars.......... those things are getting sooo weak and are hangin on by like a thread! hahahh mission is sooo fun. those little experiences are just priceless!

alright!! till next time, enjoy a wonderful Christmas holiday. nothing beats this time of the year.

love you all!!

elder jeppson

1. ohhh the stuggle of a camera man is also in Ghana! hahah
2. piutau chllin while im in my favorite room regretting my lunch, breakfast, snack, ect hahahah

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